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Commonwealth nations oppose UK monarchy

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There is a high level of public support for abandoning the monarchy in some of the nations of the Commonwealth.

Along with Britain’s anti-monarchy campaign group Republic that campaigns for a democratic country consisting of an elected head of state, there seems to be a high level of public support for abandoning the monarchy in some of the nations of the Commonwealth.

In 16 of the total of 54 Commonwealth countries, in which the Queen Elizabeth II is currently considered as head of state, there is a strong sentiment that having an unelected foreign monarch runs counter to the spirit of egalitarianism and fairness.

According to the London Declaration of 1949, the British Queen acts as the symbolic head of the Commonwealth, whose most of its members are former British colonies.

An Angus Reid poll completed in December 2010, found that only 21 percent of Canadians would like Canada to remain a monarchy, while 32 percent preferred an elected head of state, who would serve as a true representative of the Canadian people.

Furthermore, in December 2008, Tom Freda, national director for Citizens for a Canadian Republic (CCR), criticized a Canadian governor general acting as deputy for the foreign monarch as head of state, saying, “The position has often been described as a constitutional referee whose job it is to ensure that parliament behaves.”

The CCR is a Canadian corporation, which believes it is time for Canada to become a parliamentary republic with a resident, democratically selected Canadian as head of state.

In April 2008, former Australian Labour Prime Ministers Kevin Rudd reaffirmed his commitment to an Australian republic, saying, “Our position as a party is quite clear – we are committed to an Australian republic.” In August 2010, his successor Julia Gillard also stressed that Australia should cut its ties with Britain and become a republic when the UK Queen dies or abdicates.

Moreover, an organization called the Australian Republican Movement, advocates for an Australian republic and a head of state coming from Australia.

Furthermore, in New Zealand, the Republican Movement is a campaign group for a republic with a New Zealander as head of State.


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  • Bonsai Guy

    I’d rather have an heredity Britannic Majesty than some Jew or Catholic wangling themselves sinecure to our detriment.

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  • Jim

    Not everyone in canada hates the Queen! Most don’t care, and many many LOVE the Queen.

    It’s a mix. You can’t just make a statement “Commonwealth nations oppose UK monarchy,” as if it is the general public of Canada who “OPPOSES” it (generally they are indifferent).

    I am a Canadian, but whoever wrote this article, I am sure is not one! WHO THE HELL thinks the “CCR” (Canadian Credit Reporting) is the only and best source for this information. Bloody fat-asses in a corporate chair telling people what Canada thinks [sigh].

    And another thing, where the hell are the pro-monarchy supporters views? I want to read them! For one I like how we (in Canada) are unique in keeping a tie(connected) to Britain. I love my history in that Canada did not attack Britain, but made resolutions with the British(Now Canadian) provinces – leading up to what we have now.

    P.S. I also like the war of 1812 – where we (Canadian-British) stopped the invading Americans; and to make our stance clear – we burnt their soon to be named “white-house” (President’s Palace), as payback …^_^ …Canada wasn’t aggressive at the time – for Canada was not involved(nor wanting to be) so much with the British war efforts against the United States.

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