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Britain now producing More cars than Germany

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Car making capital of the world: As well as British brands, many foreign car companies are also based in Britain

Britain has become the car capital of the world as experts predict we will be making 2.2million vehicles a year by 2016.

Despite the British car-making industry reaching the brink of collapse just a few years ago, the automobile industry has made a startling come back.

Mini, Jaguar and Range Rover are all on the rise after £6billion of mostly private funds have been ploughed into improving factories and research into new models.

A report published this week revealed that rising exports to new markets such as Russia and China will boost the number of cars built in British factories this year by around nine per cent.

The report for the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) predicts that UK car manufacturing will continue to rise at the same rate for at least the next four years – meaning that Britain may almost double its production to 2.2 million vehicles by 2016 and plough an extra £3billion into the economy.

Eight out of 10 cars currently built in the Britain end up on foreign roads as British-made cars are now sold in more than 170 countries.

And for the first time the UK is making more money from exporting cars than it spends on importing them.

Jaguar Land Rover has recorded its highest ever annual sales last year with a 76 per cent growth in China.

Dr Peter Wells, of the Centre For Automotive Industry Research at Cardiff University, told the Daily Express: Overall, we’re doing fantastically well at a bleak time for car manufacturing around the world.

‘Prestige brands such as Jaguar seem to have come through better than we expected, while other companies have sought out new markets. In these, including the Middle East and Africa, there’s an appreciation of British culture and heritage.

‘On its own, British-ness is not enough to sell cars but underpinned by quality and performance it gives us an edge. In China and Russia there are individuals with significant wealth who want British-made cars.’


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