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The Mosquito Wars: West Nile Virus Nano Vaccine Patch

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The mainstream are working overtime helping big pharma prepare the masses for a new type of product that will surely be coming to a future near you.

The West Nile Virus is currently being pushed in the public lexicon for one purpose and one purpose only “product placement”.

Problem-Reaction-Solution is a modern day interpretation of the Hegelian dialect thesis-antithesis-synthesis this is best demonstrated by government’s use of false flag attacks.

They create the problem knowing how the public will react and then offer their predetermined solution that result in the loss of freedom in exchange for security.

In this case the media are creating a sensationalized view of the West Nile Virus hoping there will be an outcry for a vaccine which the media claims doesn’t exist.

Funny thing is they have been working on a West Nile Virus Vaccine based on the Yellow Fever Vaccine called YF-17D for over 60 years inoculating over 400 million Africans.

The problem with the vaccine is that it has a tendency to give patients whom receive the injection encephalitis which is a swelling of brain tissue that can lead to death.

Big pharma has been working hard to come up with a more stable version of the toxic poisons in order to create distance from the YF-17D Vaccine. To do this they are using a technology with an equally scary name; ChimeriVax-West Nile Virus Live-Attenuated Vaccine.

To create this genetic mutation the mad scientists have inserted genes from the West Nile Virus into the YF-17D virus making the ChimeriVax a modern day abomination.

Say hello to the West Nile Virus vaccine micro patch being developed out of the U.K. it uses new technology that enable big pharma to make even bigger profits by removing the need for a doctor or nurse to administer the painful injections.

Having covered the micro patch technology in previous reports I was shocked to see I had not come across the connections to the West Nile Virus.

Instead all the research I had gathered only focused on the Influenza Virus as the primary vaccine being developed and that the post office would be shipping these patches.

I want to thank “Goodman Green” and “BrasscheckTv” for encouraging me to chase this rabbit a little further.

Since I don’t watch mainstream television I was unaware of how the media were spinning the dangers of being bitten by a mosquito infected with the West Nile Virus.

Surprisingly enough not only were they blowing the story out of proportion but they were lying about the existence of a West Nile Virus Vaccine.

They have been spraying (chemtrailing) synthetic pesticides via airplanes that contain neurotoxins that effect insects and aquatic life starting first in Texas and now moving outward to eventually spray the entire nation.

Along with this the media have been recommending the use of DEET bug repellant which the EPA have listed as a developmental neurotoxin to help minimize the risk of being bitten by an infected mosquito.

Instead of showing you the odds of being bitten the media only focus on the effects of being bitten.

The main point to recognize here is that 80% of the people bitten by an infected mosquito don’t show any signs of illness.

The other 20% get mild flu like symptoms and only 1% of those cases result in hospitalization most of which include seniors or patients with compromised immune systems.

Since the elderly have been subjected to a life of consuming poisons like; Fluoride, Aspartame, Vaccines and Medication it’s no wonder they are affected most.


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