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Quebec student protests boost separatism

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An analyst says the student protests in Canada have provided opportunity for the separatist Parti Quebecois (PQ) to gain more popularity, Press TV reports.

“Raising tuition is a conservative type of thing to do. So it is a liberal cause that the students represent and the central government in Canada is a conservative government,” Paul Wolf said in an interview with Press TV on Wednesday.

He added that, this is a good issue for the people of Quebec to latch onto because “a separatist movement is also somewhat inherently a protest movement.”

Media projections suggest that PQ is well on its way to win the provincial elections in Canada’s Quebec, putting an end to nearly a decade of rule by Liberals.

The PQ will, according to the projections, win 58 of the 125 seats in the provincial legislature, just five short of the 63 required for a majority, but enough to form a minority government.

“I cannot predict the outcome of the election. The only real thing I would add to it is that even though this party is ahead in the polls, the polls also show that at least 20 percent of the voters say that they are undecided,” Wolf noted.

He also noted that, the separatist party is saying they do not intend to “actually go ahead with the referendum to separate from Canada.”

“So it is very interesting that the separatist party looks poised to come into power but not actually go ahead with the referendum to separate from Canada,” the analyst stated.

He further argued that, the separation of Quebec from Canada would not have negative effects of the economic condition of the region.

“I would not really worry that Quebec would somehow be isolated and would not be able to trade anymore, or did Canada as a nation have some type of leverage because of its power and size. I really do not see that,” Wolf concluded.


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