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Over 46 million US citizens live in poverty

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People wait in line with boxes to carry food from a food bank in northern New York in June.

New official data show that the US government has failed to reduce the level of poverty in the country amid weak economic growth.

The US Census Bureau said in an annual report on Wednesday that 46.2 million Americans are still living below the poverty line.

The overall poverty rate stood at 15 percent in 2011, statistically unchanged from the 15.1 percent in the previous year.

According to the report, median US income declined 1.5 percent in 2011 compared to 2010.

Last year, the poverty threshold for a household of two adults and two children was $22,811.

The report also said the gap between rich and poor increased last year with joblessness persistently high.

Bruce Meyer, an economist at the University of Chicago, said it was disappointing that poverty levels did not improve.

Meyer described it as a sign of lingering problems in the labor market even with recent declines in unemployment.

“The drop in the unemployment rate has been due in significant part to workers leaving the labor force, because they are discouraged, back in school, taking care of family or other reasons,” he said.

The poverty level is based on a government calculation that includes only income before tax deductions.


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4 Responses to " Over 46 million US citizens live in poverty "

  1. Wayne M says:

    :( Free trade, is not fair trade and is killing North America.

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  2. joe says:

    I can’t understand why my government doesn’t place a moratorium on third world immigration to America for at least ten years.Speaking of U.S. citizens living in poverty,when I ride the city buses once in awhile,I’ll see so many third world immigrants/refugees on some of the city buses in Louisville.KY and there are mostly mothers with some of their young children and some of them have one in the belly.I feel like my fellow lower income U.S. citizens and I are becomming poor like these third world immigrants.Today when I was waiting for a city bus,I was looking at some third world immigant mothers with their very young children.I ask some two black women what countries they came from,the first women I ask told me she came from the republic of Congo and the second women came from Tanzania.Then I ask some Asian looking women where they came from and they told me they were from Nepal.All these women had a few children and when we all got on the bus,it was crowded when the bus picked up some more passengers.These passengers were also third worldimmigrants/refugee from Asian countries.There is a growing number of these third world immigrants/refugees arriving to the Loisvile.KY area.

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  3. Jack Longchamp says:

    Joe – okay but this is the result of Wall street (your government bailing it out) and the redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the upper echelons of the ruling plutocrazy, a planned act executed since the Reagan days and now coming to fruition – Greenspan, Sumner, Blankfein and Bernanke were/are the executors. They see how overpopulation is changing the rules worldwide and they are clearing the influence spheres…
    oh yes you guys can go on voting, whoever cared about that.

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  4. Jack Longchamp says:

    Oh, and they don´t care who´s voting – might as well be from Nepal,
    forgot the US (and everyone else) is an immigration country ?
    The immigrants are the only ones who have anything to be thankful for…
    after the plutocrats have removed industrial lout from the US completely.
    What´s left ? The US are still ruling Internet and Hollywood and they have
    the mostest nukes, the military industry is the only hardware industry
    that can still impress China. However you regular Yanks are still too
    rich to stem the influx of even poorer people…
    same thing in Europe. We´re all going down the drain, we will be a mass
    of mixed-looking, vaguely brownish people soon.
    The only distinguishing mark will be money.
    Every rich (=connected) man for himself and fuck the rest.
    Private armies recruited from the idiots keep the idiots from rebelling.
    Google rulez what free opinion is or isn´t.

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