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Mubarak never had a stroke, Egypt's chief forensic doctor says

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Ousted Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak hears his life in prison sentence on a hospital gurney in a courtroom in Cairo on June 2, 2012.

Egypt’s chief forensic doctor says former autocratic ruler Hosni Mubarak has never suffered a stroke and he is in a stable condition.

Ihsan Kameel Gorgy made the remarks in an interview with state-run newspaper the Al-Ahram daily published on Saturday.

Gorgy said that he, along with a team of forensic doctors, performed two checkups on the ousted dictator, one at the military hospital and the other at Tora prison. The doctor stated that Mubarak only had low blood pressure and dizziness from standing up too promptly.

He dismissed reports prepared by Mubarak’s private doctor which said the 84-year-old had suffered multiple strokes in the Tora prison.

According to previous reports, Mubarak has been suffering from breathing problems, high blood pressure, depression, and an irregular heartbeat since June 2, when he was sentenced to life in prison for the killing of nearly 900 pro-democracy protesters during the country’s revolution last year.

Doctors have had to use a respirator several times since he was transferred to the prison to serve his life sentence.

On June 19, Mubarak was transferred to a military hospital from the Tora prison amid reports that he had suffered a stroke and his heart had stopped beating.

A month later, Egypt’s prosecutor-general sent him back to the prison, citing an “improvement” in his health.

The Egyptians launched a revolution against the pro-Israeli regime in January 2011, which eventually brought an end to the 30-year dictatorship of Mubarak in February 2011.


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