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Japanese stage protest near China embassy over islands

Right wing acrivists hold national flags and placards to protest against China in Tokyo on September 22, 2012.

Anti-China protesters have taken to the streets in the Japanese capital of Tokyo amid an ongoing territorial dispute between the two countries.

Demonstrators marched outside China’s Embassy in Tokyo on Saturday, in protest against the presence of Chinese ships near a group of disputed islands also claimed by China and Taiwan.

The Japanese protesters staged the rally to show their anger at both Beijing’s claim over the East China Sea islands as well as its naval drills in the body of water.

According to the Chinese media, the war games were conducted some time after September 16 when anti-Japan protests broke out across China.

Tensions have heightened between Tokyo and Beijing after Japan signed a deal on September 11 to buy three of the islands, known as Diaoyu by Beijing and Senkaku by Tokyo, from their private Japanese owner in line with plans to nationalize the archipelago.

The move has also drawn several anti-Japan demonstrations across China, with protesters chanting anti-Tokyo slogans.

Some Japanese companies, including Toyota, Honda, Panasonic and Canon, shut their businesses in China on Monday, after some of their factories were attacked by Chinese protesters across the country.

Several Japanese schools also cancelled classes following the fresh wave of demonstrations in China over Japan’s plan to nationalize the purchased islands.

Japan and China have long been competing over the sovereignty of the uninhabited islands, which are located near a crucial shipping lane and would give the owner exclusive oil, mineral and fishing rights in the surrounding waters.


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