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Hunger Chaos Nears As World Suffers From Historic Drought

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A new shocking report reveals that the world could soon experience a severe food crisis as historic drought affects almost the entire world. US experts have warned that America’s 2012 drought may have devastating consequences, worse than the 2008 global food crisis when the prices soared so high that they triggered riots and unrest to parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

The US 2012 drought has reached a critical level, which even US insurance firms will not be able to cover as home damages reach catastrophic proportions which exceed $1 billion in US record breaking drought.

The $1 billion damage to American homeowners is adding to the already-costly effects of this summer’s drought. Farmers are suffering $18 billion in losses from destroyed crops, and taxpayers may have to pay $10 billion to help with the recovery. Additionally, the US government has already paid farmers $9 billion so that they’re able to afford crop insurance premiums. These measures are already causing harm to the American economy.

Food prices in the United States have risen steadily for months now, but because of the drought, food costs are set to skyrocket around the world as well, say experts.

Europe is going through a desertification process because of the drought that has been affecting the world

The UN has recently urged action to avert global food crisis, calling on world leaders to act quickly to prevent a catastrophe which would affect tens of millions of people. The article goes on warning:

“There are fears that the drought in the United States, which has pushed grain prices to record highs, could spark another crisis like the one seen in 2007-2008, which pushed the total number of hungry people to over a billion.”

Following the UN, the World Bank has also issued a global hunger warning after the severe droughts in US and Europe which sent food prices to a record high.

It’s not just the U.S., food inflation will affect entire globe in 2013. Drought conditions have also hit parts of Africa’s Sahel region, causing food shortages. In fact, the relief agency World Vision Australia said 18 million people need food assistance in Niger, Mali, Chad, Mauritania and Senegal.

If conditions don’t change, it “could affect the crop prospects and may have an impact on prices of essential commodities,” Kuruppasserry Varkey Thomas, India’s agriculture minister, told the Bangkok Times. The drought in India has devastated crops and farmers, and because of that, farmers near Mumbai are on the brink of disaster.

Wheat production in Australia, the world’s second-biggest shipper, may be less than a government forecast after dry weather curbed yield prospects just as drought from the U.S. to Russia threatens crops.

Russia, the world’s third biggest wheat shipper last season, will run out of its 2012-13 exportable grain surplus of 10 million to 14 million metric tons in November because of the drought that ruined wheat harvest in Russia, a survey of 10 exporters and market analysts showed.

In the statement, released by the Rome-based Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), the agencies said leaders must tackle both the issue of high food prices as well as the question of how food is produced and consumed.

South American corn and soybean crop production in 2011-12 was also reduced because of drought. FAO director general Jose Graziano da Silva of Brazil suggested to the US to suspend its corn-ethanol mandate and use the corn as food instead.

A Reuters report also states that even Cuba is growing less food than 5 years ago despite agriculture reforms, the Cuban government has reported.

AccuWeather concerned about the drought in Europe

Europe isn’t doing too good with its agriculture either, the 2012 world drought has highly affected the Balkan region of Europe which for years it has failed to upgrade its irrigation networks and still relies on rainwater for its crops. So, a large part of the European continent is still depending on rainfalls and as the drought severed in Europe, it’s virtually: no rain, no food. Energy prices are also expected to rise in the Balkan region. A second straight winter of blackouts and escalating energy prices is hanging over the Balkans as the driest weather in 40 years has depleted water levels and shows no signs of easing.

According to European Union’s Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES), the drought in Europe is now so critical that the continent is in a process of land degradation and desertification. Early warnings about the desertification of Europe date back to 2009 when European Water Partnership warned of $6 billion Euros loses pear year caused by water scarcity and droughts in EU countries.

American weather forecasting service AccuWeather is also concerned about the drought in Europe.

Despite all of this, mainstream American media lies its people that even though the world is experiencing the worst drought in 50 years, nothing bad will come out of it and that Americans need to “relax”.

To make matters worse, unemployment levels in Europe and in the US have also reached record high levels of 11.2% in June and 11.3% in July. Poverty and unemployment rate (32%) has gotten so bad in Spain, that people are now searching for food in garbage cans and 3 tons of food have been stolen from grocery stores as millions struggle. To turn the situation into a real living hell, the Spanish government of Mariano Rajoy implemented a new law which allows the Spanish authorities to fine people with up to 750 Euros if they collect food waste.

In Canada’s Quebec state, people have had it relatively good since recently when taxes have significantly been increased, triggering tens of thousands to protest in Montreal and demand secession from Canada. The cost of living has also been affecting the state of Israel, also triggering mass protests in Tel Aviv, with four people setting themselves on fire during the protests.

High unemployment rates, rising prices and taxes and the severe world drought could very well result in catastrophic riots, civil unrest, public disobedience, diseases and maybe even wars.

While some blame man-made Global Warming for the strange weather, others blame the unusual Solar activity in recent years and others blame weather manipulation programs such as HAARP in a bizarre global conspiracy to diminish the world population which the ruling class considers to be too high.

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4 Responses to " Hunger Chaos Nears As World Suffers From Historic Drought "

  1. Andrei Vlad says:

    It is strange how the severe drought affected exactly the regions in Romania, Ukraine, Russia and in the U.S.(MId West) as well, where the most fertile soil in the world exists(cernoziom, black earth).

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  2. Jim says:

    “Natural” maybe (could be the high-tech playing around with weather/atmosphere).

    This world needs a God, but the “god” of this age is Satan. laugh…Have fun in hell on earth everybody! [reference: 2 Corinthians 4:4]

    P.S. idilly-didily [reference: Ned Flanders from the Simpsons]

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  3. europeanwoman says:

    Natural culling reaps the ones who won’t make it. 8)

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  4. usgr8st says:

    Changes in Meridional Overturning Circulation and Thermohaline Circulation will leads to changes in Global Climate Feedback Mechanisms.

    Predicting the weather a week from now is difficult, even with high resolution models and an extensive grid of observations around the globe; predicting the climate in one hundred or even one thousand years gets increasingly complicated. As we enter an era where causes of climate change are better understood, we also understand its complexity. Extrapolating the state of deciduous forest cover thousands of years from now is challenging enough, let alone finding the same fate of all other biome environments, ice cover and cloudiness. Only when these feedback mechanisms become better understood, and technology advances to the point where more factors may be considered in numerical prediction, will there be a more definitive grasp on long-term effects of internal planetary interactions.




    No doubt elites wants to make money on it. But we must consider that The Earth’s rotation is slowing and must adjust itself from time to time. Meridional Overturning is caused by rotation of Earth=gravity. If Earth stop rotating will not be here. Other thing is as we fly up and down galactic plane what forces we meet? Does The Sun goes away? What caused Ice age?

    EU will lead us here: http://www.israelversusjudaism.org/holocaust/chapter-2.cfm
    No doubt about it. As was first reported here in April of last year, according to International Monetary Fund calculations, the U.S. is on track to lose its status as the world’s biggest economy—when measured in real, purchasing-power terms—to China by 2017.

    We will soon be the first people in two hundred years to live in a world not dominated by either Pax Americana or Pax Britannica. This sort of changing of the guard has never been peaceful. The declines of the Spanish, French and British empires were all accompanied by conflict. The decline of British hegemony was a leading cause of the First and Second World Wars. Thanks Brits for bolsheviks and holocaust.

    Depopulation on its way. For collecting rainwater is prison time in the USA. Good news is that they are gonna be mercifull. Instead gas chambers they ‘ll shoot retires right away.

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