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Geert Wilders under pressure for trying to ban Halal ritual

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Maverick Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who has described himself as “Israel’s greatest friend” has found out the hard way that his “Jewish friends” are not in the slightest way loyal to any Gentile, even those who genuflect before their Zionist paymasters.

Wilders, who is best known for his anti-Islamist campaigns, has made a critical error by deciding to support a bill in the Dutch parliament calling for a ban on animal ritual slaughter.

Wilders’s motivation is to outlaw halal ritual slaughter, and thereby try and force Muslims to either “become Western” or leave.

However, the bill, proposed by a smaller animal rights party, will also outlaw Jewish ritual slaughter, called shechita, which is identical to the Islamic method of slaughter.

Both halal and shechita require that the animal be bled to death while alive by having its throat cut. Proponents of the method of slaughter claim that it is painless, but videos and eye-witnesses of the process reveal otherwise.

Wilders, who is so slavishly pro-Israel that he has proposed creating a national Dutch holiday to commemorate Auschwitz, has found his Jewish support dissipating because of his opposition to ritual slaughter.

However, Israel’s chief rabbi, Yona Metzger, has written a letter to Wilders which has now been leaked to Reuters.

In the letter, the top Israeli rabbi told Wilders that he was “shocked and upset to learn that your party once again has adopted a total ban on ritual slaughter in its platform for the September 12 upcoming general elections.

“It is obvious that one cannot be at the same time a friend of Israel and the Jewish people and on the other hand support an anti-Jewish law,” Metzger wrote.

“By denying Jews to live according to the Torah you will eventually force them to leave the Netherlands where they enjoyed religious freedom for centuries.”

“This is the classical anti-Semitic way our rites have been targeted and demonized throughout history,” he wrote.

It is the strongest public condemnation yet of Wilders’ position on the policy and comes two weeks before the Netherlands holds a general election September 12 in which he is expected to take a sizeable portion of the vote.

Both Muslim halal and Jewish kosher laws require animals to be conscious when they are slaughtered, The proposed bill supported by Wilders merely asks that the animals be stunned first so that they do not suffer.

Shechita is already banned in Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Iceland. Countries that impose “post-cut stunning” include Estonia, Finland, Denmark and Austria. This procedure—which is exactly what it says it is, stunning after the throat cutting—is not permitted by all rabbis.

Estonia has already announced that it will soon change its law on the issue because religious slaughter “does not take new scientific knowledge into account,” the head of Estonia’s Animal Welfare Bureau, Sirje Jalakas, recently told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

The change is being determined based on the 2010 DialRel report, Jalakas said. The report says shechita, causes higher risk, pain and suffering in animals than methods that involve stunning. The DialRel document served as the scientific basis for the Dutch bill which Wilders has supported.

The DialRel report states post-cut stunning results as “intermediate” for pain and suffering during the post-cut period. In methods involving previous stunning, pain and suffering are “low,” the report said.

Moshe Kantor, president of the European Jewish Congress, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that his organization “calls on all nations to show the utmost restraint when attempting to change the status quo regarding Jewish traditions and practices.” He added: “Proscribing or limiting Jewish practices sends entirely the wrong message to the Jewish community.”

The video below was taken at the Jewish-run Agricprocessor plant in Iowa, showing kosher ritual slaughter. The video is not for the faint-hearted, so those with a soft spot for animal rights need to be aware that the video might cause them distress.


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One Response to " Geert Wilders under pressure for trying to ban Halal ritual "

  1. Equalitor says:

    Finally. Ancient mistreatment must come to an end, with religions as well. Living from the heart and soul will awaken people to what has been done, by themselves…

    Geert must learn to know his “companions”, fundamentalists, just as the ones he are fighting.
    Destroying our cultures is in the plan of the hidden hands in this world! How else to create one world order? Record and remember history [and keep up the good stuff] or it WILL be repeated with tragic outcome.
    Love and growth

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