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French mayor Jean-Francois Cope condemns 'anti-white racism'

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“Anti-white racism is growing in our cities.” It’s a statement that the French have heard several times over the past few years, during TV and radio interviews; debates; perhaps from their neighbor. But never before has it been heard publicly by a politician who isn’t affiliated with the far-right National Front (FN) party.

So when Jean-François Copé, secretary general of France’s center-right UMP party, came out with the disquieting assertion on Wednesday, the reaction was one of disbelief. Admittedly, Copé, was trying to get attention. He’s runnig for UMP party president, with elections just two months away. He’s also about to publish a new book, extracts of which had been sent to conservative daily Le Figaro for some favorable airing…

“There are certain districts in our towns, where individuals – some of which hold French nationality – despise French people who qualify as Gallic, under the pretext that they don’t share the same religion, don’t have the same skin color, or the same origins.”

Entitled “Manifeste pour une droite decomplexée” (loosely translatable as ‘manifesto for a unabashed rightwing’), the book looks like a self-help manuscript meant to aid closet right-wingers with “coming out”. Copé’s message is one of reassurance – while “non-French” people have been painted as victims of racism for all this time, it’s the truly Gallic, truly white, truly Catholic people who are actually suffering.

Copé feeds insecurities by calling “anti-white racism” a “taboo” that nobody dares talk about. He pledges to break the taboo in order to stop the silence that “aggravates the trauma” of the white victims. But who are these white victims?

Slippery slope

Well… Considering that Copé chooses to reside in one of the whitest, richest areas of central Paris despite his function as mayor of the multicultural constituency of Meaux, then I guess it’s hard for him to keep up with what’s going on in the impoverished neighborhoods that he talks so confidently about. Even he admits that “the phenomenon is almost impossible to imagine from Paris”.

That’s not to say that racial tensions – of all kinds – don’t exist in these districts. Quite the contrary! Something else we know for sure, is that people from the suburbs of Paris and Marseille – including Meaux – whether they are black, white, ‘truly French’, bullies or bullied, are some of the poorest in the country. Perhaps Mr Copé could think of a way to address that issue before he sets about stirring up even more racial hatred in neighborhoods that suffer enough tension already.

The ‘anti-white racism’ is an issue that sells better among Copé’s target audience. Another candidate hoping to become party president did not dismiss his rival’s chat as a publicity stunt on Wednesday, instead backed him up. Asked by journalists what he thought of Copé’s claims, François Fillon said that he was “not shocked at all”.

As for the FN, secretary general Steeve Briois told reporters that Copé had been “forced to adopt FN principles” in the hope of tempting his own party’s supporters to switch camps. “This proves that [UMP candidates] will do anything to win the presidency.”

Meaux as an example

Le Figaro, a leading French newspaper associated with the right, has published some abstracts.

If I have inherited a love for France and a desire to serve her, it is at Meaux where this love came about, developed in the complexity of life, because the France of which I have been talking about across these pages is not a France which is abstract, conceptual or romantic.

It is also not the France of the beautiful neighborhoods and the elite.

The ‘reality shock’ is also this mother who came to see me recently. She lives alone with her son in a flat in the Beauval district where she feels threatened after she stood up against aggression.

Her son was playing his portable video game in front of the building, when it was stolen from him by a youngster. The mother knew the youngster and the mother went to see the parents and the neighbors to claim back the object, which she had bought after months of saving money.

She was told: “If you are not satisfied here, move away, Gaul…” Thereafter, this woman felt being watched, she feels like a stranger in the neighborhood where she has lived for many years.

An ‘anti-White racism’ is developing in the districts of our towns where individuals, some of them have French citizenship, have contempt for Frenchmen, which they call ‘Gauls’, under the pretext of not having the same religion, the same skin color the same origin as them.

I am hearing more and more residents of Meaux complaining and that particular racism is also unacceptable like all other forms or racism: we have to denounce it, like we condemn all other discriminations.

I know that I am breaking a taboo by using the term ‘anti-White racism’ but I do it with a purpose, because it is the truth is in which some of our citizens live and the silence is just making the trauma worse.

These phenomena are impossible to see from ‘Paris’, in the media and political circles where the overwhelming majority of the leading people are White Frenchmen born from French parents.

In these microcosms, the lack of diversity limits the presence of people of color or foreign origin. But let’s face reality: the situation in completely inverse in a lot of neighborhoods of our suburbs.”

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4 Responses to " French mayor Jean-Francois Cope condemns 'anti-white racism' "

  1. Joe says:

    France should have only affluent non-white immigrants as citizens and keep the unskilled non-white immigrants in their homeland.By having this type of restrictive immigration policy,France and other European countries will not have the social problems from racial and ethnic and religious diversity.

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  2. Begin shipping all non-White racists back to their land of origin. Problem solved. No more anti-White racism.

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    • Jim says:

      :o HOW DARE YOU suggest taking them back to their corrupt countries in which they keep blaming the west for making it so! [Sarcastic on the: “how dare you]

      Honestly though, I have had enough with especially “islamic” countries, in which they keep blaming “the west” for their problems in government/life. And what if it is people in “the west” why do they claw and scratch like a wild animal, when” the west” and the rest of the world is watching (it makes them look bad to any commoner).

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  3. any says:

    This is Jean Francois Copé’s opinion. He was in a French channel recently and according to the journalists who were debating with him; the what he called “anti white racism” is a number of few cases that happened in France but not statistically growing, his approach, they said, is a way to get him through the elections, he wants the sympathy of the French using immigrants as a tool, and to get a bigger audience, he wrote a book about the subject. One French journalist who has done his homework asked him; You talk about immigrants in France but you came from an Immigrant Romanian (Jewish) family, and this is how is France today a metropolitan example of diversity. Not expecting this coming, Copé’s reaction was very unprofessional, he got upset and reacted with a higher tone and I could feel his discomfort and struggled to answer promptly, even though he is always “good” at talking!

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