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Chocolate may protect brain against stroke

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New study conducted by Swedish researchers suggests eating chocolate can improve the health of brain and protect the organ against stroke.

The researchers from the Karolinska Institute studied the chocolate eating habits of 37,000 Swedish men while observing their health status of for a decade.

The participants were divided into four groups based on the amount of chocolate they consumed, with the bottom group eating, on average, no chocolate per week and the top group having 63g/week, considered slightly more than an average bar.

After comparing the top and bottom groups, the findings demonstrated those eating the most chocolate were 17% less likely to have a stroke during the study period.

“The beneficial effect of chocolate consumption on stroke may be related to the flavonoids in chocolate,” said Professor Susanna Larsson from the Karolinska Institute.

Flavonoids because of their approved antioxidant, anti-clotting and anti-inflammatory properties have protective effects against cardiovascular disease, Larsson explained.

He went on to say that the flavonoids found in chocolate may also reduce blood concentrations of bad cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

Published in the journal Neurology, the study also indicates that while dark chocolate has been considered as heart tonic, the use of milk chocolate is more recommended.

The authors of the study also warned about the high sugar and fat content of chocolate, stressing that it should be consumed in moderation.


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