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China Warns World War III Being Planned To Oust Obama

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A new report prepared by the Foreign Military Intelligence Main Directorate (GRU) of the General Staff of the Armed Forces for President Putin is warning today that the mysterious 5-day visit by Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie to India this past week (the first such visit to India by a high ranking Chinese defense official in 8 years) was in preparation for a World War China says is being planned within the next few weeks in order to oust US President Barack Obama from office.

As anti-Japanese protests grow in China to levels not seen in modern times, this report says, Defense Minister Guanglie was particularly concerned over the “assassination” of Japanese Ambassador to China Shinichi Nishimiya who last week mysteriously collapsed and died in Tokyo two days after being appointed to his post.

The death of Ambassador Nishimiya, GRU analysts say in this report, was meant to cause a further escalation in tensions between Japan and China where even today important elements within the Chinese leadership are stating: “For The Respect Of The Motherland, We Must Go To War With Japan”.

China and Japan have been wary Asian neighbors since their 1962 War that saw over 10,000 killed, wounded and missing, from both sides, and with both of them being nuclear armed powers the threat of conflict is always a possibility on their volatile borders. So concerned has US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta become that he warned yesterday that war between China and Japan was, indeed possible.

Of the greatest concern, this report continues, is that the escalating of tensions between China and Japan appears to be linked to the rising tensions in the Middle East against the United States as both are being stoked by what the official Iranian news service PressTV says is a “CIA-Mormon-Zionist plot”.

The prominent American political analyst Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley, this past weekend in an interview with PressTV, claimed that several groups, including American Mormons in the CIA and Zionists, are behind the controversial recent anti-Islam film made in the US that has caused massive unrest in the Islamic world. “I would identify two or perhaps three components, the first is a Mormon mafia inside the CIA, the group of Mormon high officials of the CIA who want Romney to become president and they think that by having the kinds of events that we are seeing, they can make Obama look bad in front of the American public,” Dr. Tarpley told Press TV during an interview on Saturday.

The influential US alternative news site InfoWars.com echoed Dr. Tarpley’s warning in their article titled “October surprise to Carterize Obama” (an obvious reference to former US President Jimmy Carter’s inept handling of the Iranian Hostage Crisis that caused his defeat to then Governor Ronald Reagan in 1980) wherein, in part, it says:

“The film in question was obviously designed as a provocation and nothing else. But was this film, as the US media claim, the work of the isolated Cerrito, California resident and Egyptian-American Nakoula Bassely Nakoula. aka Abanob Bassely aka Israeli citizen Sam Bacile, an ex-convict with a drug problem, and a few actors he hired? Persuasive evidence suggests that this is not the case.

Instead, we are dealing with an ambitious international intelligence operation aimed at creating an October Surprise (a few weeks early) to shock [the]world and US public opinion for the purpose of discrediting and “Carterizing” the current tenant of the White House, and installing Netanyahu’s friend Mitt Romney in his place. Since the US public identifies Obama as the patron of the color revolutions and military interventions of the “Arab Spring,” attacks on US diplomats, assassinations, and possible hostage taking can be expected to weaken his case for reelection. If Romney prevails, control over US foreign policy would pass to the group of incorrigible warmonger neocons who are the Romney’s handlers for international affairs. The current crisis is a sign that the neocons and their friends are attempting a comeback.”

Interesting to note is the reference to what is called the Mormon Mafia whose links were long ago established with the CIA under the power wielded by the reclusive US billionaire Howard Hughes (1905-1976) who, literally, bought up the American gambling mecca Los Vegas which has enabled this intelligence agency to launder their billions in yearly drug profits for nearly 50 years.

Like the tensions being aroused between China and its Asian neighbors, the tensions erupting over this US anti-Islamic film has had catastrophic consequences, the worst being the overrunning of the American consulate in Benghazi Libya where the US Ambassador stationed there was murdered and dragged through the streets by a deranged mob.

Most dangerous for the entire world, this report concludes, is that at the same time ethnic and religious tensions are being “artificially” inflamed around the globe in a classic “divide and conquer” intelligence strategy, warships from the United States, Britain, and 25 other western nations have massed in the Persian Gulf for what is described as a prelude to an imminent attack on Iran by Israel.

Falling on deaf Western ears (as is always the case) about these grim events were the words of Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, who barely a fortnight ago said: “We warn those who are no strangers to military solutions … that this [an attack on Iran] would be harmful, literally disastrous for regional stability and would set off deep shocks in the security and economic spheres that would reverberate far beyond the boundaries of the Middle East region.”

As we had warned about in our 2 September report, “Obama Overthrow Plot Widens As US Martial Law Fears Grow”, however, the American people remain unknowing about the full horrors about to descend upon as the lust for riches and power by the elites they have allowed to rule over them remains unsated, and today now threatens us all.


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