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61 Year Old Man Fatally Shot in Police Raid on Wrong House

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Wednesday night an innocent 61 year old man was shot and killed by police during a raid on the wrong house in Tennessee. The police department admitted that a faulty tip led to the mistakes raid, apparently it was the house next door that the raid was intended for, but so far there has been no word on what has happened with that house. This is not an unusual problem, there are different cases every week where a raid on a wrong house leads to someone being killed, injured or imprisoned. Earlier this year, the state of Indiana even legalized shooting cops in self defense to give people some sort of legal protection in these situations.

Lebanon Police Chief Billy Weeks told ABC news “We did the best surveillance we could do, and a mistake was made. It’s a very severe mistake, a costly mistake. It makes us look at our own policies and procedures to make sure this never occurs again.”

In the dark of night a raid team busted into the house of John and Loraine Adams and in a very short amount of time John Adams was shot and killed by two police officers, 25-year-old Kyle Shedran and 24-year-old Greg Day. What actually took place in these few minutes is still up for debate, with conflicting stories coming from the victims widow and the police department. According to the victims wife, 70-year-old Loraine Adams, the shooting occurred while she was handcuffed and thrown to her knees in another room, but the police say that it occurred immediately upon entry with the resident firing the first shot.

The victims wife admitted that he did have a gun, and planned to use it to defend his life, because they were both under the impression that a home invasion was taking place. This is another point that the police contest, because of course they insist that they identified themselves, as if that is any consolation after rushing into someones home with guns drawn by accident and killing one of the residents. It is highly possible that they didn’t even identify themselves or if so not properly. What actually happened that night may never be revealed to the public, as of now a mock investigation is being carried out by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and various authorities within the police force, and both officers in question have received a paid vacation.


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  • Javier Maggio

    This kind of situation is completely avoidable. The “raid” that was intended for next door is not reported huh? If I was a Chief of Police and some of my little piglets shot an innocent person next door to a intended raid target, I would make sure everyone knew who the intended target was. For example, if the target was a suspected terrorist who could have committed another mass bombing, or someone who was actively violent or dealing hard-core drugs, I would of explained to the press that my officers’ lives would have been endangered if they hadn’t been prepared for “deadly force”. Instead we hear nothing, most likely because the target house’s offenses would not over-shadow an innocent man getting shot. It might even be something so little, it will only make things worse. I wouldn’t be surprised if the target house had marijuana being grown or sold there. If all the raid team was trying to do was bust a pot-head in one state while it’s legalized for recreational/medical use in another, it’s just another reason the Drug War has to end and why the cops’ roles in society needs to be re-thought.

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