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3 Tons of Food Looted From Grocery Stores In Spain As Millions Struggle

As the economic and financial systems of the world rapidly approach the real possibility of total collapse, signs of what we can expect on a mass scale in the near future are beginning to appear throughout Europe.

In Spain, a country that just a few years ago was heralded as a shining example of real estate entrepreneurship, international tourism and a rising middle class, the situation is so bad that many are unable to meet the most basic necessities for life.

Social safety nets across the continent are visibly under stress and breaking down, so much so that unemployed Spaniards have begun raiding supermarkets in order to put food on the table. As recently as last month the people of Cadiz and Sevilla, which have a reported unemployment rate of 32%, joined together to loot local grocery stores of three tons of food – some of which was distributed to local food banks.

To make matters worse, the Spanish are now facing new regulations implemented by the government of Mariano Rajoy which is that authorities may fine up to 750 Euros for those who collect food waste.

Fernando Ferfal Aguirre, author of Surviving the Economic Collapse, was in Argentina in the early 2000′s when the country underwent a hyperinflationary currency meltdown, and says that these acts of desperation are a carbon copy of what he witnessed in his own country and should be expected as the economic crisis accelerates:

To be fair they aren’t taking booze and big screen TVs, but taking what isn’t yours is still under the same principle. Would you do any different if you couldn’t put food on the table and spent months unemployed?

Just a few years ago many Spaniards would joke saying that thanks to the new immigration wave everyone in Spain could afford to have a Sudaca as a maid. Sudaca is a Spanish term which refers to South Americans of Mestizo descent. Now, its obvious that they are suffering many of the miseries the Sudaca went through in the past and no Spanish will afford a maid anymore.

Spaniards eating out of garbage bins, many of them senior citizens, have become a common sight in Spain and in other European countries where they have emigrated to looking for work themselves.

In the following videos via The Modern Survivalist and Prepper Website, we can see what happens to civilized societies when there is no food on grocery store shelves or it’s so expensive that it becomes unaffordable for the majority of the population:

This morning we learned that 46.7 million Americans – a new record – are receiving government nutritional food assistance benefits, so the troubles we’re seeing in Spain, Greece and other European countries are not just limited to the other side of the ocean. They are happening right here at home.

The only reason stores in the United States are not yet being looted like those in Spain is that our social safety nets are still able to support the basic needs of most of the population. But as prices continue to rise, more jobs are lost, and record numbers of people join the ranks of the already 100 million receiving some form of government welfare, the breaking point is quickly approaching.

In Spain, just a few short years ago people were living the high life. Expensive homes, expensive cars, luxury vacations and dining, ever-expanding credit limits, and not a worry in the world. Does that sound familiar?

Those same people who would have laughed in your face five years ago had you told them the economy was going to collapse and their country would be facing a massive debt default that would leave the majority of their population in poverty – those same people are rumaging through garbage cans in the hopes they can find some bread, rice and vegetables to put on their dinner tables.

This is reality.


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6 Responses to " 3 Tons of Food Looted From Grocery Stores In Spain As Millions Struggle "

  1. joe United States says:

    I hope that this uncivilized life style in this Spanish video doesn’t happen in America.I don’t want the supermarkets to be looted because I will go hungray!When humans go hungray,their stomachs make that growling noise and like a hungray animal in the wild,us humans can become extremeley agressive and could kill another human for any food that is within eye sight.I blame the greedy Spanish public sector unions and the social-Marxist-politicians for the economic problems in Spain and the same thing with Greece and a few other European countries.

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  2. Ricardo Spain says:

    The article is full of cynical inacuracies. The most despicable of all is the claim that South American immigrants are children or grandchildren of Spaniards when most of them could not claim a single Spanish ancestor in the past four hundred years.

    As for “the people of Cádiz and Sevilla” who raided the supermarkets, they were a bunch of serviles from some leftist trade union, who were organised and led by the communist mayor of Marinaleda, Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo, a man who gets more than 70,000 € per year as a mayor, plus more than 43,000 € as a representative in the Andalusian parliament. To sum up: populism at its best… and indecent journalism.

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  3. Ricardo Spain says:

    I forgot to mention that the Andalusian food bank rejected the goods when they knew of their origin.

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  4. Jim Canada says:

    It is pretty pathetic that most countries in this world, are not self-sustainable. All you really need is food, and countries don’t make enough farm lands.

    P.S. those in spain that are looting are better off dead, if they have not even considered growing/hunting their own food.

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  5. Jim Canada says:

    Wait a minute… “authorities may fine up to 750 Euros for those who collect food from waste”

    Ok that’s it, KILL the government!

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  6. Jack Longchamp Portugal says:

    Ricardo is right, I haven´t seen anything like this and I live 40 miles from Cádiz when I am in Spain.

    Jim is also right – where I live in Portugal, there´s lots of small farmers
    with a couple of acres, even less – they grow food for the family,
    olives and wine to sell. Killing governments (and maybe bankers) would
    probably be the only way to effect some real changes for the better,
    though only for awhile : they might start realizing that there is real
    danger to their voting cattle, and that the cattle is able to think.
    Because modern politicians do not accept this as a rule…

    The article is also right though only on the grand scale – the situation
    will definitely get worse, it is already getting worse in Germany.
    The US aren´t really so much better off either – they have lots more
    and more efficient agriculture but Obama is certainly not doing a great deal to better the situation.
    Makes me think he is probably unable to, getting buggered by the lobbies,
    the unlucky man.

    Ah, Wall Street, oh – Monsanto – deeper, harder !
    Seems being prez doesn´t really cut any grass anymore.

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