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United Church of Canada defends decision to boycott Israeli products

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Canada’s largest Protestant church has defended it decision to boycott goods produced in the Israeli settlements located within the occupied Palestinian territories, Press TV reports.

“The majority of people clearly wanted to send some kind of message that the increased settlements on the (Palestinian) occupied territories are a serious impediment to the peace process. And, part of it is because our partner churches there have been asking us for that kind of solidarity and that kind of action to see if it can move things at all,” Bill Phipps, a member of the United Church of Canada, told Press TV.

The United Church of Canada made the decision on August 15 and approved a policy paper two days later at its 41st general council meeting in Ottawa.

The church maintains that its decision to boycott Israeli products is guided by the international legal opinion, and the staunch anti-racist belief in the equality of human beings.

This is while Canada’s influential Zionist lobby groups and pro-Israel pundits have insinuated that the United Church of Canada has declared itself to be anti-Semitic.

The Canadian government has also voiced opposition to the settlements products boycott.

The church, in return, maintains that its decision to boycott Israeli products is guided by the international legal opinion, and the staunch anti-racist belief in the equality of human beings.

Moreover, pro-Palestinian activists in the United Church of Canada argue that the injustice against Palestinians is so egregious that strong economic action against Israel is needed.

“These people who are Palestinians trying to travel and do their work are constantly stifled. They are going through checkpoints and all the rest of these things. They are under a police state. And, this is not freedom. This is a prison. When your home becomes a prison, we need to recognize these things,” Michelle Robinson, a pro-Palestinian activist, said.

The activist also criticized the Canadian government’s approach towards the Israel/Palestine conflict, and the close alliance it has forged with Israel.

“I think we have to remember that we have a very conservative government. This government is so pro-Israel that anything that isn’t exactly following their stance and Israel’s stance is demonized,” Robinson said.

She asserted that Canadian officials do not allow in-depth and detailed stories on the Israel/Palestine issue to be made known to the public.

“When we are seeing things in the media, papers and videos we have to remember that we are just not getting the full y because our conservative government does not want to allow that,” Robinson commented.

The United Church of Canada is only the latest in a growing list of organizations around the world to have adopted a boycott of Israeli products made on the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Israeli settlements are considered illegal by the UN and most countries because those territories were captured by Israel in a war in 1967, and are hence seen as being subject to the Geneva Conventions, which forbids construction on occupied lands.

Not only has the presence and continued expansion of these settlements been a major source of international criticism against Israel, but they are also considered one of the main obstacles to Middle East peace.


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5 Responses to " United Church of Canada defends decision to boycott Israeli products "

  1. Damien says:

    “The church, in return, maintains that its decision to boycott Israeli products is guided by the international legal opinion, and the staunch anti-racist belief in the equality of human beings.”

    This brings tears in my eyes. Thank you for siding with humanity.

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  2. Jamudian says:

    Thank you.
    More of this is needed. Time for the MADNESS to END!!!
    Everything that goes against their wrong is termed Anti-Semetic.
    There is a saying… Nothing is worst than when good men(people) satndby and do nothing is the face of injustice.
    Doing nothing against injustice is just as bad as commiting the injustice.

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  3. Ted says:

    Everyone watch as this Canadian church slowly changes and becomes peo-judaism. In the US the protestant churches have all changed from the Martin Luther concept that created Lutheranism in the first place. The cheif cause for ML to create his protestant church was his hatred of the jews and their church, catholicism. He even wrote a thesis titled “The jews and Their lies”. Luther realized they were taking over all the rural lands, foreclosing on his countrymen’s farms and supplanting the rural populations with their own. The jew church historically allowed only jews to participate in the banking and finance industry. Yet they charged only our ancestors, the Gentiles, interest on loans, but not the priveleged jew. And everyone was taught to believe the church and the jews were at odds with each other. You see how they operate? First they conived their way into the Roman Empire with their jew religion. Then they turned the legions of soldiers against Europe and transformed them into christians using any bloody tactic that terrorized everyone into accepting their bible as their own heritage while, for over one-thousend years of living with this constant church terror, they raised their young with this lie, abandoning their own true heritage – even to this day.
    That’s what most people fail to realize. And since ML created his break-away religion the jew has cleverly infiltrated his churches and converted them to pro-jew. Today the Lutherans have been taught that ML was senile in his later years when he went anti-jew. Fact is he was perfectly in his right mind to the end.
    I consider the Palestinians to be FREEDOM-FIGHTERS. Just like the so-called “Barbarians” that tried to band together and fight them throughout history. Look up Charlemagne and the Saxons to see what happened to those who took on the Roman Empire, aka ‘the church’.
    It shouldn’t be too long now – the jews are scramblimg to quash the Canadian Church as we speak. Er can already see the Canadian government is pro-zionist . . . just like most of the world’s governments. How could that be? Well, they’ve only been working on that since abraham sent them into this world to become “kings of all lands” over 5-thousand years ago. And if they are anything at all they are traditionalists. It’s why they are the most hated of all peoples on Earth!

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  4. Erwin Black says:

    The first drama of Protestantism was acted and over in Bohemia before it had begun in Germany. So prolific in tragic incident and heroic character was this second drama, that it is deserving of more attention than it has yet received. It did not last long, but during its career it shed a resplendent luster upon the little Bohemia. It transformed its people into a nation of heroes. It made their wisdom in council the admiration of Europe, and their prowess on the field the terror of all the neighboring States. It gave, moreover, a presage of the elevation to which human character should attain, and the splendor that would gather round history, what time Protestantism should begin to display its regenerating influence on a wider area than that to which until now it had been restricted.


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  5. Richard says:


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