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Togo women hold protests in attempt to oust the country's President

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A civil rights group in Africa is urging women in Togo to take part in a week-long sex strike, as a way to oust the country’s President.

­The feminist group’s suggestion follows in the footsteps of Liberian women who staged a sex strike to campaign for peace.

“It’s a good thing for us women to observe this sex strike as long as our children are in jail now. I believe that by observing this, we will get them released,” one of the women, Abla Tamekloe, said.

Although in theory the idea appealed to a number of women, many feared it would be hard to put into practice.

“I do agree that we women have to observe this sex strike but I know my husband will not let me complete it. He may agree at first, but as far as I know him, he will change overnight,” Judith Agbetoglo said.

However, the lady who masterminded the strike, Isabelle Ameganvi, believes that it could put just enough pressure on local men to take action against President Faure Gnassingbe.

Easier said than done, many disagree. A number of Togolese women say her plan is a flop.

“It is easy for her to say because she is not married herself. She does not live with a man at home,” a Togolese journalist, Ekoue Blame, was quoted as saying. “Does she think women who live with their husband will be able to observe that? By the way, who controls what couples do behind closed doors?” she wondered.

Neither the President of the West African country, nor his wife has commented on the sex strike.

Gnassingbe came to power in 2005, following the death of his father who ruled the country for almost four decades.

Earlier this month, two anti-Gnassingbe protests were dispersed by police using tear gas, with over a hundred people arrested.


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