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Texas: Foreign Troops Spotted at Wal-Mart Masking for Supplies, Using Government Vans

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On August 1, 2012 a group of foreign troops was spotted and filmed by a patriot You-tuber at a local Wal-Mart store.

What is most disturbing about the video footage is the fact that the foreign troops are piling into large government vans upon departure from the store.

These type of vans were detailed previously at several locations by theintelhub.com and sources.

A June 2012 article I did contained tips from Arkansas City and other areas pertaining to suspicious white vans and troop movements throughout the CONUS (Continental United States).

An intelhub.com excerpt from June of 2011 reads;

In reference to the following story – link attached below. We saw this same damn thing yesterday Friday June 17th at around 3:30 pm at the Walmart in Franklin, IN. Military personnel, fatigue uniforms, white vans.

They were loading up food/water in those vans. We didn’t think much of it then BUT NOW I am reading this on the Intel Hub. Now my suspicions are up. Thought I’d pass it along.

Update from first tipster – June 17th, 12:30pm PST:We drove out west of town this morning looking for any signs and found none. We and a few others living here have seen drone activity in recent days also. I just want to reiterate that there were 10 vans each holding 12 troops per van for a total of 120 troops approximately. My witness also said they were in camo fatigues.

This is a small town and 120 troops would be more than enough to close the main arteries to this city in a heartbeat. I also know a gentleman who lives in Oklahoma City who has told me there has been a lot of black helicopter movement and that they actually saw a large one hovering close to their construction site some months ago.

Note: The following report fits suspicious activity that was also reported in New Hampshire.

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6 Responses to " Texas: Foreign Troops Spotted at Wal-Mart Masking for Supplies, Using Government Vans "

  1. Jame says:

    When I went to Technical School, more than half the base was Muslim. Now we’re trying to kill them, right? Or is that allow them in and let them take over?

    One thing is certain. THEY ARE NOT TOURIST AND CAN POTENTIALLY BECOME TRAINED ENEMIES (Some of the nations the Zio-Bolsheviks are letting in ARE CURRENT ENEMIES!)

    You simply cannot trust this Zio-BOLSHEVIK murdering, jew-loving, demon worshiping government nor any treasonous JEWdeo ANTI-CHRISTian. We will have to take these traitors out soon if we hope to preserve this nation.

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  2. Interesting. Unfortunately foreign troops train all over our country. They even sent Prince Harry to B.F.E. Arizona. To enhance intel value, (next time) try to get shoulder patches, insignia, etc. to get a better grip on what we have going on.

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  3. Paul says:

    Stop being such a xenophobe and be thankful the ‘tourists’ are spending money in your community. Be nice to tourists, they’re people too. If you traveled more then just maybe people wouldn’t be so scary.

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    • James says:

      Wow Paul,

      Are you jewish?

      xenophobes and all! Truly spoken like Satan’s own.

      The rabid rabbi would be impressed!

      Reminds me of a video of some jew bitch telling the Swedes that they are GOING TO ALLOW THE DARK RACES INTO SWEDEN WHETHER THEY LIKED IT OR NOT!

      Yeah, the jew cunt actually said that.

      I was once in a crowd of JEWdeo ANTI-CHRISTian Evil-genitals and this whoring BITCH who couldn’t keep her feted mouth SHUT (as is COMMANDED IN SCRIPTURE) stood up at the podium and proudly stated that “If is comes to a choice between The United States and Israel, I will choose Israel every time.”

      The Anti-Christ CUNT said this to the applause of all the JEWdeo ANTI-CHRISTian Evil-genitals there. Many were in Navy uniforms and many others were also military.

      I can now confirm that there are TRAITORS (posing as Christians) within the JEWdeo ANTI-CHRISTian Evil-genital movement. we must remember to SLAUGHTER them as well.

      IT IS TIME TO KILL EVERY JEW WITHOUT REMORSE, WITHOUT REGRET AND WITHOUT MERCY. From the newborn fresh out of ITS MONSTERS disease infested womb, to the eldest among their putrid tribe.

      The only good jew is a dead jew. Ditto for the JEWdeo ANTI-CHRISTIans who HIDE behind freedom of religion whilst plotting and cheering the destruction of the United States.

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      • Paul says:

        I’m human and people are people. Especially today in a global economy where our lifestyle is made everywhere and shipped to us, you shouldn’t be dumping on x.

        Get help, you will be and feel much better.

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        • James says:


          YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

          Our lifestyle did just fine before all our industry was shipped OVERSEAS.

          You IDIOTS who actively seek to destroy the nations of the West while talking about your “global JEW economy” will also have to be put down like the DOGS you really are.


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