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Norwegian Lawyers Protecting Pedophiles?

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A Norwegian lawyer criticized the local judicial system that, in her opinion, protects pedophiles. As a result, in many families children are forced to live with parents who subject them to sexual abuse. All attempts to appeal to the court are unsuccessful because the testimony of the children simply is not trusted.

Norwegian lawyer Thea Totland shared her fears with a reporter of local newspaper Vartoland. The article has a distinctive title: “Predators win the war on children.” It describes a recent case when a mother of a boy appealed to the court.At the hearing the child confirmed that he was subjected to sexual abuse by his father. However, since no other evidence was found and the father denied the boy’s testimony, the court found the mother mentally unbalanced. As a result, the custody of her son was handed over to the father and the mother was allowed to see the child twice a month under supervision.

As stated by Thea Totland, this case is not isolated and is no exception. From her own legal practice she knows of at least 20 cases when the testimony of a child is not considered, and the same parent who was suspected of abuse gets custody of the child. The experts tend to blame mothers, accusing them of an unhealthy imagination.
The journalist noted that the experts, too, can have different opinions. The trial of the Norwegian terrorist Andris Breivik confirms it. The majority of the experts declared him insane, while others thought he was a mentally healthy person who shall be responsible for his actions.

Somehow, in the case of abuse against children the court is inclined to rely on one point of view. According to Thea Totland, today Norwegian courts are dominated by the opinion that children should not be trusted in such complex issues as pedophilia. In her opinion, this approach at the time was influenced by the “Byugn legacy.”
This refers to a high-profile case of the rape of children in a kindergarten in Norway in the 1990s. Then the assistant teacher was charged with sexual assault of a hundred children. Later the man was acquitted, and the children’s testimony was called “childish fantasies”.

Indeed, the Norwegian Justice shows a surprising softness towards parents suspected and even accused of sexual offenses against children. For some time the court allowed the father accused of abusing his daughter unsupervised dates. The man was imprisoned for one year for sexual activity with his 11-year-old daughter. Even this extremely lenient sentence is surprising, and its consequences – even more so.

The girl’s mother said to local television station TV2 in a shock that she had never thought that such a judgment was possible in Norway. “I believe that the court puts my daughter in the risk of further abuse,” she said.

The situation is similar in the case of a Russian citizen Irina Bergset. Norwegian court has decided to transfer custody of her five year old son to his father, who is suspected of sexually abusing the child. The court had heard a testimony by the investigator for especially important cases of the Investigative Committee of Russia who presented evidence against the man (material containing child pornography found on his computer). Not only the court did not take this fact into account, but it even did not mention it when making a decision.
The mother was allowed only one visit with her son per year. Recently even the right for one visit was revoked because of a threat of the child being taken to Russia. From the point of view of Norwegian justice, it is much more dangerous than pedophile fathers.


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5 Responses to " Norwegian Lawyers Protecting Pedophiles? "

  1. Jeri Lynn says:

    The testimony of children should not be trusted. They are too open to suggestion. There have been plenty of cases where RADICAL DYKE-FEM BOLSHEVIKS (an accurate description) have planted suggestions and used leading questions – all just to get back at some man; ANY man, they do not know.

    Many of the perverts in Child Protective Services are on a power trip. I have not seen one, and I had to work with them, who was actually concerned for the welfare of children.

    It was numbers, money, promotions and the ability to treat other people in ways that would land them in a hospital in the real world.

    Then there are the assorted MAN-HATING females and faggy males counterparts who simply want revenge for a perceived injustice in their spoiled brat childhood.

    These are the eternal “victim” class. They are unstable.

    To say that they are “damaged goods” would be putting it too mildly.

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  2. ron says:

    The articel is missguiding, it was a big case here, leading question vas given to the children, and we learn that children was guided to ansvers that was not the trouth, sorry my english is not perfekt!

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  3. Юрий says:

    Привет нормальные европейцы!!! Я не обращаюсь к голубым, лизбеянкам, пидерастам и прочей гомосятины.
    Ваши правители насаждают в школах сексуроки, чтобы превратить ваших детей в товар для педофилов. Это в Голландии скоро будут насиловать детей в шестимесячном возрасте. Вы этого хотите? Из за санкций, введённых против России, Вы будете расплачиваться со своего кармана. У вас сейчас самое популярное имя, Мухамед. Скоро ваши эмигранты вытеснят Вас. Особенно мне жалко немцев, которые тащат Западную Европу на своих плечах. Меркель продала Вас американцам и ваш золотой запас находится там. Берите своих друзей и близких и приезжайте к нам в Россию. Места хватит всем. У нас уже много живёт ваших соотечественников и ни кто не жалуется. Приезжайте, и Вы из далека будете наблюдать, как гомосятина из Голландии поглащает Западную Европу, Вместе с многовековой культурой и традицией. А ваши эмигранты, которые живут за счёт вашего бюджета и вас, будут всё разваливать. США не нужна сильная Германия или Европа. Поэтому США развязала гражданскую войну на Украине. Украина не хочет платить за газ, поэтому при транзите, она будет воровать газ. В Европе газа не хватит, а США и ваши продажные правители будут говорить Вам, что виновата Россия. Ладно американцы, но Вы то европейцы, старая мудрая расса, должны это понимать. Приезжайте, всё идёт так, как должно идти, и Вы ни чем не сможете помочь старой Европе.
    Яценюк уже заявил, что с поставками российского газа в Европу, могут возникнуть проблемы. Проще говоря, они будут воровать ваш газ, а ваши правители Вам скажут, что виновата Россия. Деньги, которые даёт США Украине, идут на вооружение. США нужна война, так как доллар пустышка, воздушный шарик, ни чем не обеспечен. Им на всех на плевать. Я пишу Вам не от Путина. Я пишу Вам от себя, от чистого сердца. А если Вы не хотите слышать меня сейчас, то не говорите потом, когда придёт беда к вашему дому, что Вас никто не предупреждал.
    И почему я, простой российский пенсионер, должен доказывать такие простые истины. Вы сами прекрасно знаете, что я прав, но Вы упорно отгоняете от себя мысли о том, что может случится что то страшное. Кто хочет, ждите, а кто не хочет, приезжайте. :((

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    • F-EW says:

      Наш общий враг это Соединенные Штаты. Это ваш враг. Это наш враг. Это враг Украины. Это враг Африке. Это враг Азии. Это враг Латинской Америке. Это враг мусульман. Это враг мира. Это враг процветания. Это враг человечества. Враг не Капитализм …. враг американского капитализма.

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  4. F-EW says:

    We are on a collision course with the biggest problem yet to surface. When we changed our laws on homosexuality and same-sex marriage, we did so with the clear understanding that being gay IS NOT A CHIOCE. So we did the right thing and accepted them into the main-stream community. But now what? Paedophilia is no more of a choice than homosexuality. What are we going to do with that dilemma?

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