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Man ruled innocent by US judge still in prison

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A young American man who has wrongly spent 13 years in a US prison is still incarcerated despite being declared innocent by a federal judge two years ago.

Daniel Larsen was sent to prison for 27 years to life under California’s controversial three strikes law, after he was found guilty of possessing a concealed weapon in 1999.

However, a federal judge overturned the ruling and declared that the Larsen’s constitutional rights had been violated because his attorney was incompetent.

The California Attorney General’s office has appealed the federal judge’s ruling saying Larsen never deserved a reversal in federal court because he missed his deadline for filing a writ of habeas corpus.

“And meanwhile Danny is rotting in prison,” co-director of the California Innocence Project, Jan Stiglitz said.

In 1998, police officers responded to a call that an assault with a deadly weapon was in progress outside a bar in Los Angeles.

Officers reported that they saw Larsen toss a knife underneath a nearby car. A subsequent search turned up a six-inch double-edged knife.

The California Innocence Project, which maintain Larsen’s innocence says his attorney, Edward Consiglio, did not present a single witness to the court despite nine being on the scene.

Witnesses later said they never saw Larsen with a knife and that a man who was with Larsen, threw the knife under the car, however the deadline for filing the writ of habeas corpus was passed by then.

In 2010, a Magistrate Judge reversed Larsen’s conviction, saying “no reasonable juror would have found [Larsen] guilty beyond a reasonable doubt,” if they had the chance to consider witnesses testimonies.


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  • Byron

    Too bad he’s White…..if he was colored he could scream, “racism!”

  • James


  • Luke

    How FUCKING pathetic!! So because he missed a fucking DEADLINE to file some bullshit paperwork, he has to stay in jail and rot away even though his rights were totally violated in numerous ways.. fucking SICK!

    This is what happens when you have people in government and law with NO BRAINS, where the STRICT LETTER of the LAW becomes their GOD instead of using their brains and COMMON SENSE to be a check against exactly that kind of sick asinine corrupted mindset. This is what happens when real laws are replaced with contract rules and contract law, for that is ALL stupid kind of thinking like “well he missed a deadline, so even though he’s innocent, he violated a “Corporate POLICY/RULE”, which is our god, so he stays in jail. SICK, TWISTED, PERVERTED DEMONIC thinking like that is why this country is going down at warp speed!

  • Jim

    Thought police are out there!

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