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Israeli Radar Technology to be Used at U.S.-Mexico Border

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An Israeli company, Elta, will install a radar system to monitor the U.S.-Mexico border for illegal immigration and drug smuggling.

Elta’s technology can identify potential human infiltrators from as far as 13 miles away and vehicles from 26 miles out. The U.S.-Israel agreement opens up a potential market “worth hundreds of millions of dollars” to Elta, according to IsraelDefense.com.

India has expressed interest in similarly using Israeli border-protection technology.


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  • joe

    I hope that this technology works better than everything else that has been used.

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  • James

    Jews…always out to make a shekel from that problems they create.

    You would think that a civilized race would GIVE the technology to the US for their BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of money and aid we have sent…

    But as we all know…the children of the devil missed ALL of the Humanity courses. Civilized to them means “Do as thou wilt” and if they’re feeling a bit farklempt that day, then count your blessings. They won’t creep you out too much.

    One EDOMITE/KHAZARIAN jew “comedian” once said:

    “Yes we killed your Jesus Christ. Yes we did. And we’d fucking do it again. Yeah!”

    To the CHEERS of her jew audience.

    Typical of the jew.

    And all the JEWdeo ANTI-CHRISTians said AMEN! and amen…REPENT NOW. TIME IS SHORT!

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