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Gunman, six hostages dead after Wisconsin Sikh temple siege

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At least seven people have been killed and twenty injured as a gunman took over a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. The number includes the gunman, who was killed by police. Officials are treating it as a “domestic terrorist-type incident.”

Four of those shot died inside the temple, while the three others (two victims and the gunman) were killed outside. Tactical units scoured the temple and concluded there was no second gunman, a claim police say was based on the fact that they had received several radio calls about the shooter.

Three adults have been hospitalized with gun wounds into their faces, police report. They are all in critical condition.

The first police officer to arrive tried to help a wounded victim outside the temple, but was “ambushed” by the gunman, Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards said. A second policeman then shot the gunman, killing him. The wounded policeman was taken to hospital and is expected to survive.

Edwards said the incident was being treated as a case of domestic terrorism, with the FBI conducting an investigation. He noted that authorities would not say anything more about the investigation, including the names of the victims, until Monday.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Teresa Carlson said the investigation was in its early stages and that the gunman’s motive hasn’t been determined.

Several hours after the shooting, Wisconsin police evacuated homes in the Milwaukee suburb of Cudahy, located about six miles (or ten kilometers) from the temple in Oak Creek. Four blocks were roped off, and officers searched one house in the area. A Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) spokesperson said warrants were being served at the shooter’s home.

A duplex owner was questioned by the police. He said he had rented the building’s upper unit to a man, but did not give any details.

The area was swarming with police, FBI agents, the county sheriff’s bomb squad and ambulances. A group of heavily armed officers were reportedly looking into the windows of an apartment from a bucket truck.

‘We never expected this to happen to us’

As many as a hundred people were gathered at the Brookfield Temple for a morning service. The temple was holding a special children’s service today, with a featured guest from India. Many potential victims were spared, as the temple was only partially full when the attack began, an hour before a big Sunday service was scheduled to start.

A man opened fire in the temple’s parking lot at around 10:30 am, according to witness reports. He then entered the building and continued his rampage.

The first information from the scene came from the temple’s head priest, who was reportedly locked in a restroom with a cell phone. The gunman was described as a white male, bald, with a stocky build.

Some attendees were reportedly able to escape from the temple, though many remained inside. A number of congregants hid in closets, while others texted their friends and relatives outside for help.

Energy officials shut down the building’s gas supply as a precautionary measure, witnesses told local news, while police cordoned off the street where the temple is located.

Harinda Kaur, a 22-year old student, was on her way to the temple with her mother when she heard the news. Upon arrival they were sent by police to wait at a nearby parking lot.

“Our priest, he’s dead. One of my friends’ grandfathers, he’s dead,” Kaur bemoaned. “We would never have expected it would have happened to us. It’s a very close-knit community. No matter who’s hurt, we’re all family.”

Journalists were told to keep a safe distance from the area so as to not compromise the rescue operation.

“We would plead with the media at the scene to not broadcast any photo, video of tactical units, officer movement, and particularly no aerial footage of the event as it’s ongoing,” Greenfield Police Chief Wentlandt said.

Presidential contenders react dolefully

Homeland Security advisor John Brennan informed the president of the incident, who then issued a statement.

“Michelle and I were deeply saddened to learn of the shooting that tragically took so many lives in Wisconsin,” Obama stated. “At this difficult time, the people of Oak Creek must know that the American people have them in our thoughts and prayers, and our hearts go out to the families and friends of those who were killed and wounded.”

President Obama also said his administration would provide support to the officials investigating the shooting, and said the tragedy reminded America of how much the country “has been enriched by Sikhs, who are a part of our broader American family.”

Mitt Romney, Obama’s presumptive Republican rival for the presidency, issued a similar condolence statement.

“Ann and I extend our thoughts and prayers to the victims of today’s shooting in Wisconsin,” the former Massachusetts Governor said. “This was a senseless act of violence and a tragedy that should never befall any house of worship. Our hearts are with the victims, their families, and the entire Oak Creek Sikh community.”The temple draws worshippers from as far as Chicago, St. Louis, Missouri, and Cincinnati, Ohio.

New York police said they were increasing security presence around Sikh temples throughout the city as a precautionary measure.

The deadly incident comes just weeks after another fatal shooting in Colorado. Twelve people were killed and 58 were wounded by a lone shooter at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, the latest Batman flick, in the city of Aurora.

Hate-crime type attacks on Sikhs have been on the rise in the United States since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, rights groups say. The Washington-based Sikh Coalition has reported over 700 such incidents since 9/11. Advocates say the prejudice is largely fueled by the appearance of observant Sikhs. Devout followers do not cut their hair, and males refrain from shaving and wear turbans, leading some to confuse them with Muslims.


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11 Responses to " Gunman, six hostages dead after Wisconsin Sikh temple siege "

  1. James says:

    See boys and girls? This is how it is…

    The the Evil VEIL and DISGUSTING Zio-Bolsheviks in the ZOG of the USA decide that it is AOK to murder muslims, but if a citizen decides to murder muslims, then its a “terrorist act”.

    Because only the Bolshevik jews and their paid JEWdeo ANTI-CHRISTians have the right to murder.

    No really, their jew g-d told them so. And all the Satainists said, Amen….and amen.

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  2. Abe says:

    This was not an act of terrorism like the presstitutes are saying! This was an assassination!
    Google: Arm Kaleka, Dr. David Greer, Disclosure Project, Sirius!
    Just like Aurora! James Holmes dad Dr. Robert Holmes was to testify about the LIBOR Scandal!

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  3. jon says:

    American people: stop sleeping and dreaming and start to think logicaly. This is a set up! It will continue, more and more shootings… The purpose is to find a reason to disarm American people! Can you see it or not???

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  4. James says:


    There are enough arms in the private hands of Americans to equip several militaries of various nations.

    The jewish Bolshevik will NOT be able to engage in a frontal assault in America, like they did is Russia. And all their attempts to demonize gun ownership has actually INCREASED private gun sales!

    The only option they have left is foreign intervention (they are getting them into the country even now) or reliance on the American Military, too risky (that’s why they keep so many of them overseas).

    Once the foreign BOLSHEVIK infiltration is complete, they will unleash them and the FIT men of our military, who could play a decisive role in the outcome, will be stuck, mired in wars overseas.

    There’s enough jew-aware Americans now that if the jews tries another stunt like they did 911, NO MERCY! Kill them all and let their fairytale jew-g-d sort it all out.

    Any WHITE American, who is not well armed by now, needs to be…ASAP!

    I look at it this way; I have to die. Everyone has an appointed time. I would rather go out fighting for my race (which is my nation) from the onslaught of sub-human hordes, than to grow old, regretting; living as a slave to the international jew.

    Sound the warning of Takoa!

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  5. Jack Longchamp says:

    Whatever. Dinna know that Sikhs are Muslims but then again
    I also dinna know theys hadda temples in Wis-whatsitsname.

    Guns are cool, but there is no real difference I can see
    between Judaism and Christendamn – they are both worstshipping
    the same old Buddha, arent they now – its just that the Jews
    are making more money.

    All things considered, Death to all Primates !

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  6. James says:


    Your ignorance (I use it politely) is understandable concerning the practice of Judaism and Christianity.

    This is not surprising considering that most people are NOT Christians. They claim to be Judeo-Christians, which is simply a house divided against itself – they worship a JEW g-d who was never jewish, but then WHO needs to study if you FEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLL good about yourself, right?

    Yahshua condemned the EDOMITES who had converted to “The Law of Moses” and taken the temple by force, but they were not pure Israelites.

    They were of Edom. They were of Esau, who married Hittite, Hivitte and Ishmaelite women AGAINST THE COMMAND OF YAH.

    For this reason, YAH said that HE hates Esau with a PERFECT hate. HE hates the jews, for these same creatures of the abyss, who come from Canaanite Tribes, ALSO TRACE THE LINEAGE BACK TO CAIN.

    Now Cain is an interesting character for when he was born, Eve proclaimed that she had begotten an angel against the LORD (Nag Hammadi – KJV Masoretic Text a gloss). She was not happy, but the the entire reason why she was cast out of paradise is because she allowed a “Smooth talking snake in the grass” to “eat” of her family “tree” and cast in her womb the “fruit” of his loins.

    And so began the sowing of the tares in among the Wheat, when the Master (YHWH) was in HIS rest after completing HIS creation.

    And thus Yahshua was correct in saying to those EDOMITES (who now call themselves jews) that they are “of your FATHER THE DEVIL. He was a liar from the beginning and the inventor of lies (surely, you shall not die…) He was a murderer from the beginning. You have murdered every righteous prophet from ABEL to Zacharias.

    Zacharias was the last true Israelite High Priest of the Temple. He was also John the Baptist’s earthly father.

    Now…ONLY CAIN murdered Abel. So it is NOT possible that these EDOMITES, to whom Yahshua was speaking, COULD BE TRUE ISRAELITES, but they HAD TO BE descendents of Cain (whose LITERAL father was the devil)

    They further confirm this in other recordings, such as, when they claim to be of Abraham (true, Esau was of Abraham) but they had never been in bondage. (True Israelites had been in bondage.)


    The parable of the Wheat and the Tares is a dead give away, but JEWdeo-ANTI-CHRISTians would rather worship the literal children of the devil and create jew g-ds of their own vein imagination than to worship in spirit and in truth.

    YHWH is the Spirit of Truth and jews and JEWdeo-ANTI-CHRISTians flee from the truth.

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  7. Jack Longchamp says:

    Hey James,

    it may surprise you but I do agree to your conclusions
    (I was never interested in the biblical details, boring stories),
    also it is pretty clear that the Jews did not invent the one-deity idea,
    Persians and Egyptians were way ahead of them.

    It is just that generally, the idea of praying to on big dictator in the sky
    and squirming at his feat while preaching love and democracy
    to the Heathen is more ridiculous than worshiping idols.

    I mean, isnt it ? The almighty primate in the sky who is so interested
    in control-freaking-out the bloody human race on this tiny effing planet ?
    Adult “humans” believing in talking snakes and all that…

    About the rest, no doubt you are right, and sure as heaven or hell
    we are great susceptible pretenders who fear

    It would end all illusions, and honestly – as a half intelligent
    human animal it is pretty hard to live a life that makes

    This is where all the illusionary stuff comes in and does its evil work.

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    • James says:

      Thanks Jack. I think we agree on many things. I wish you wouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water though.

      Our Christian heritage (not to be confused with the RECENT SATANIC CULT OF JEWdeo ANTI-CHRISTianity) is worth saving. The memories of our forefathers and their sacrifices for our race, are worth remembering.

      You can’t take true Christianity out of the mix, without removing our heritage almost completely. (Whether good or bad).

      Our people were mercilessly slaughtered at the hands of the JEW-CONTROLLED Catholic church – but most of our people do not even know that the Catholic Church, almost from conception, was controlled by the jews.

      Our people are special. THE BIBLE IS OUR HISTORY BOOK. And we are the people of the promise.

      Read Obediah. Just try it. It is very short. It is a prophecy yet unfulfilled. When you read it, grab a ONE DOLLAR BILL and look at the symbology. Then think JEWS!

      Let me know what you think, OK?

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  8. Rory says:

    Sikhs are NOT Muslims. They are different religions with completely different customs and beliefs. Sikhism is from India. Islam is from Saudi Arabia. Get that into your head please – Sikhs are NOT Muslims.

    If you do even a tiny bit of research, you will find the immense differences between the two religions. Sikhs do not worship Allah, they have no such thing as jihad, they believe in complete equality between men and women, they don’t bow in prayer, they don’t fast for any ramadan, they DON’T follow Muhammad..

    The differences are huge.. but trust some fucktard inbred American pig to completely ignore that, and assume they are Muslims just because they have turbans on!
    And then trust the inbred Americans on this site’s comment section to know no better, as well.


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  9. James says:

    Actually Rory,

    I do know the difference, but I also make mistakes. So sue me, if I’m a fucktard…and sue America (cause as YOU say, we’re ALL fucktards.

    We’ll just deduct from the cost of maintaining your military security. Then you’ll only own us a couple of billion, OK?

    NOW I AM GOING TO TALK TO YOU AS A MAN (MAN TO MAN SO TO SPEAK) because if you are an Irishman (not to be confused with the various mud races infesting the West today) then you are my brother, OK?

    As a brother and as a man, you should know by now that the GOG jews and their Magog hordes would love nothing better than to kill us all.

    Now, I don’t know about YOU, but I LOVE MY RACE and that includes the Tuatha de Danaan (Irish). MY RACE IS MY NATION. I do not regard lines, drawn in the dirt by power hungry traitors to be a valid measure of a nations worth. Rather the percentage of WHITE people within an area determines it worth. The more WHITES the more it is worth.

    Even so, if there is only ONE WHITE in an area, that area is worth saving ONLY as long as that one White lives there. Remove the Whites and the area is good for DESTRUCTION!

    I would think very carefully before you start calling your kinsmen and family names. We are going to have to pull together NOW rather than later, but I fear that most of our people will not wake up until a nigger (led by the jew) stand over them with machetes and knives to cut them up.

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  10. Robert S... says:

    Who cares whether Sikh Buddhist Jew Christian or even Muslim… Nothing justifies the killing of a human being. So far what I read is that Oh, he mistook them for Muslim, but if they were Muslims it would be OK? People need realize that it is not religion that defines defines people its culture… Think about it. You get some uneducated illiterate sheep farmer from Afghanistan who just has happens to be a Muslim, if he had knowledge and education how would he behave? So if all Muslims are terrorists we would be in deep shit because 1/3 of world population is Muslim and the fastest GROWING religion, that means out of nearly 7 Billion over 2 Billion are Muslims .. Funny why dont we refer to Timothy McVey as that “christian terrorist” well he was Christian…

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