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French police dismantle Roma camp

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People from the Roma community walk outside their camp in Evry, near Paris, with their belongings after being expelled by French police on August 27, 2012.

Police in France have dismantled a Roma camp near the capital, Paris, expelling 70 people, including 19 children, from their shelter.

Local police moved in the encampment in the suburb of Evry early Monday in a bid to remove the people from the camp, following local mayor Francis Chouat’s expulsion order over concerns about ‘safety and public health.’

The move is expected to reignite criticism over handling of the ethnic minority by the French socialist government.

French police have recently evacuated hundreds of Roma from makeshift camps and repatriated dozens to Romania.

On August 9, French authorities dismantled two makeshift camps housing 200 people near Lille and flew 240 Roma gypsies from Lyon to Romania. The eviction is regarded as the biggest repatriation of its kind since President François Hollande took office.

Interior Minister Manuel Valls, however, defended the recent camp evacuation in Evry, claiming that sanitary conditions in the settlement were unbearable.

Some 15,000 Roma community members currently live in camps across France.

Human rights groups have called on the French government to stop the dismantling of the Roma camps unless alternative accommodation is arranged.

The French government said last week that it would ease restrictions on the Roma migrants’ access to the jobs market, but added that it would continue with the evacuations.


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  • Jim

    I heard some Gypsies are a nuisance (i.e. thievery).

    Anyways, I pray for the best.

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    • Jack Longchamp

      You heard right – only it is not really a minority, maybe a bit
      less than half ? That is my general experience, and they stole
      two generators from my portuguese farmlet – 2.5 years ago they
      tried again but I was there and fired a shot in the air, so they scrammed, I found their hidden van and punctured the tyres.

      1.5 years ago they tried the same thing at a portuguese neighbor´s
      who was also present (not to be expected in winter nights),
      a guy 77 years of age.

      He killed one with his shotgun and since then it has gotten quiet.
      To be sure, this was a *gang* of Gypsies and most just beg or trade
      with cheap goods or try to hike a false iphone at a supermarket
      parking or a highway gasolinera… some also work the fields.

      My portuguese neighbors all say that shooting them is the only remedy
      as the cops what with the lenient laws and gypsies having more
      people to testify, just don´t care. Fascist Ports ?
      Sure they are but they are also rather civilized.

      Nothing romantic about gypsy life for sure.
      Problem is they are rascist, too, see us as their sheep
      and themselves as a master race – hunters and gatherers,
      there we go again ;)

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