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France prepares for evacuation of its nationals living In Israel

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A curious move by France, it is possible that Israel may strike Iran by November or that their intelligence network has seen movements by Hezbollah or Iran that indicates that Israel will soon be a target. Militants in Egypt could also be a problem and Israel has so many enemies that their fears could lead to actions that would lead to Israel being completely surrounded in a hostile environment. – Michael Vail

An evacuation plan of 200,000 French citizens living in Israel has been developed to cope with the rising dangers, reported the French newspaper La Tribune. Objective: Do not be caught off guard should a barrage of missiles equipped with conventional weapons or unconventional fired by Iran or Hezbollah was abatteraient on Israeli territory. Among the rescue scenario envisioned by diplomats face a departure of French nationals aboard small boats then joining the French warships cruising off the port of Jaffa, near Tel Aviv. To complete the device, several dozen French were appointed to serve as coordinators to relay instructions to organize the evacuation, assembly points and procedures and contact details of contact persons.

Officials in charge of an area

These officials, under the responsibility of a “crisis” at the embassy in Tel Aviv, will be responsible for a particular area determined by the number of Francophones. Among the priority localities include Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ashdod Port in southern Netanya and a seaside resort north of Tel Aviv popular with French. Dramatize history, French diplomats say that all these preparations did not outstanding and is part of the rescue packages of French nationals abroad “regularly updated”.

Threats of war

The only certainty in all cases: these precautions were taken following threats of war. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ehud Barak continue to use the threat of an attack against the facilities Iran’s nuclear accused of trying to destroy the Jewish state. If this scenario became reality, there is no doubt that Iran with long-range missiles, attack-cons. The Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah, armed largely by Iran, could also participate in retaliation by firing thousands of rockets and missiles on the Galilee in northern Israel. Experts from the Ministry of Defence valued at “200 to 300″ the number of civilian deaths that such missile attacks could cause. In 1991, during the first Gulf War, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq fired 39 Scud missiles to Tel Aviv where such are installed the Defense Ministry and the headquarters of the General Staff of the army. These attacks, which had forced the Israelis to caulk their homes or seek refuge in shelters, had caused extensive damage, partial paralysis of economic activity for several weeks, but without making direct victims.


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