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Belgian priests to hold "anti-pedophile training"

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Psychiatrists will be helping trainee priests in Belgium to avoid potentially dangerous situations at work. Special “anti-pedophile” training is the new measure to help prevent child abuse by priests.

­According to Belgium’s RTL online, psychiatrists will teach aspiring priests “the correct attitude in the presence of a child”.

“The goal of the training? Not to repeat the errors of the past,” Guy Harpigny, Bishop of Tournai told Belgium’s SudInfo daily.

“The challenge is simple: prevention and protection of our young ones,” he added.

Several years ago Belgium was shocked after it turned out the Bishop of Bruges had sexually abused one of his nephews for over a decade.

“What can be done with a child, what cannot be done? When you are alone with a child, there are, for instance, certain places to avoid, like shower rooms or lavatories,” Guy Harpigny was quoted as saying.


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One Response to " Belgian priests to hold "anti-pedophile training" "

  1. Jack Longchamp says:

    Pedophilia has become a popular psychosis by media coverage and
    enforcement by governments who want to keep people´s thoughts
    away from real problems. My impression is that it is a normal thing
    as so many people are obviously engaging in it, men and women alike.
    Just why can´t we ever come clean ?

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