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US Military Reveals Coup Plan To Topple Obama

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A shocking Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (MTC) report red-lined to President Putin this morning warns that “various elements” within the US Military establishment are “actively planning” for the overthrow of President Barack Obama prior to the November elections.

According to this report, Russian Naval Infantry Forces commanders participating in Rim of the Pacific-2012 (RIMPAC) international naval war games off Hawaii (the world’s largest multi-national maritime exercise) this week were told by their US counterparts aboard the USS Port Royal (CG-73) that Obama had to be overthrown as he posed the most dangerous threat to the United States since the founding of their nation.

US Military commanders, this report continues, stated that American officers and soldiers, along with elected and appointed Federal government officials, all take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, of which they claim Obama is one due to his overturning of established law and constitutional precedents bringing their country to the brink of all-out civil war.

Of particular concern to US Military leaders, this report says, is the unprecedented level of debt Obama has added since taking office that threatens the United States with an “economic Armageddon” the likes of which has never been seen and would force upon the Pentagon massive cuts beginning on 1 January 2013.

Important to note is that just hours ago US lawmakers passed a sweeping $606 billion defense bill that exceeds a budget cap and faces a veto threat from Obama for failing to sufficiently rein in spending, and puts the Republican Party squarely on the side of those US Military forces seeking the Presidents ouster.

When asked by Russian commanders what parts of the American Constitution Obama had violated, this report continues, their US Military counterparts listed a number of serious charges that include:

1.) Obama’s authorizing the assassination of US citizens without their having charges made against them or being able to defend themselves at trials.

2.) Allowing the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to conduct murders on US soil.

3.) Allowing the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to tap the phones, intercept the emails, and in other ways spy upon the American public;

4.) Allowing the National Security Agency (NSA) to conduct against the American people the largest spy operation ever undertaken.

5.) Conduct an illegal and un-Constitutional war against Libya.

6.) Obama’s overturning of US laws by executive power without Congressional approval.

Of the gravest concerns about Obama these US Military commanders have, this report says, was his 6 July 2012 Executive Order giving him total power over all communication systems in the United States, and his 16 May 2012 Executive Order wherein he outlawed any American citizen from writing or saying Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi was elected to office because he ran unopposed.

Both of these Executive Orders, US Military commanders said, “Strike at the heart” of the very essence of what it is be an American and which without the United States would cease to exist.

Most ominously for the American people are new reports being leaked by the US Military about Obama stating that his “mentors”, who include those of his inner circle, have long advocated the overthrowing of the Constitution and have openly discussed the “eliminating” of the estimated 25 million US civilians they believe would oppose them and not be able to be “reconditioned” in their planned reeducation camps.

To how Obama would “eliminate” such a staggering number of armed Americans, this report continues, would be by his unilaterally imposing on his nation the United Nations Small Arms Treaty many experts are warning will be the largest gun grab in US history.

Interestingly, this grave report notes that what the US Military is planning for Obama they have done before when they planned for the overthrow of President Franklin Roosevelt in 1933 in what is referred to as “The Business Plot”.

The Business Plot (also known as the Plot against FDR and the White House Putsch) was a political conspiracy in 1933. Retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler warned that wealthy businessmen and bankers were plotting to create a fascist veterans’ organization and use it in a coup d’état to overthrow United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt, with Butler as leader of that organization.

In 1934, Butler testified to the Special Committee on Un-American Activities Congressional committee (the “McCormack-Dickstein Committee”) on these claims. In the opinion of the committee, these allegations were credible, but no one was ever prosecuted.

And, in what can only be described as history making a full circle, the JP Morgan banking empire that financed the attempted coup against Roosevelt in 1933 appears to be behind the US Military plan to oust Obama too.

According to this report, the $5.8 billion trading loss JP Morgan reported this past week has been traced by Russian finance experts to a “great number” of shell companies under the control of former US Military officers designed to destabilize the Obama regime creating the pretext for the overthrow of the American President.

To who will win this titanic struggle this report doesn’t say. But, it does grimly note that where the coup against Roosevelt in 1933 failed, these plotters have had a long time to learn the lessons of their failure making them less likely to fail again.


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  • Dori

    Seriously, Why in God’s name would the American Military confide with the Russians..NOT !!! What? we’ve all of a sudden become buddies?!

    • Norma Auge Dowling

      We aren’t buddies. But if it is considered by the think tanks to be in the best interests of the military and the Nation to leak information or share information to prevent possible interference, they would do so, and have done so in the past. Putin has no love for Obama, and probably has him pegged. Now Putin also doesn’t underestimate our military or our patriotism. Sharing this information could help prepare American’s for the military intervention. And it could prepare the world by giving an explanation for the military intervention. So that it will not look like a military coup, but the rescue that it truly would be. The leak would also serve notice to the U.N. and the Obama Administration, that despite the economy, the United States isn’t going down easy. So,they just might think twice about using U.N. troops to try to stop it. Obama is not a world favorite. Many citizens of the U.S., thanks to the lying media, are in the dark about that. There are enough nations who don’t want to see Obama take over who will advise against U.N. troop intervention. Basically it is totally to the benefit of the military to warn about what they intend to do. It may prevent a lot of unnecessary bloodshed. They are smart enough to know it.

    • Fox

      So what the hell happened….nothing…this site must be all about getting donations and in-sighting hope or fear which ever you perceive in this stupid article!

    • jon

      Why? Because there might be someone who understands Obamas plan to attack Russia and does not wish to die for this stupid warmonger which plans to overpower the world ( look, he wants to run for presidency for the third time, he is trying to change another part of your Constitution which he has already made a toilet paper of by his Executive orders! I browse internet discussions and clearly see that majority of people is against Obama, so the question is, who voted for him! I believe the voting machines did only ( IT IS NOT DIFFICULT TO PROGRAM THEM). Maybe you would understand, if you watch this video. Democraticly elected president was arested by thieves and liars ( financed by USA, BTW hundreds of millions dollars taken away from US taxpayers) and without any elections they declared a new president within hours! So think of it. Who would elect such a liar (Obama) again upon seeing he has broken all his promises when he was ilected the first time?!?!
      Here is the video ( if you do not have prejudice to watch it, please do, to see what real democratic people behavior is about ).

  • bill

    the military and all contracters are mad scared the money is gonna get shut off and would probly do something like this. either way their are dark days ahead for america and the world. but you would already know that if you read the bible matthew chapter 24 and revelation chapter 13 it is all happening just as the bible says it will which should lead you to prayer, confession, and a drawing closer to GOD and his son Jesus for this book the bible was written long ago and it’s prophecy’s coming true befor our eyes only confirms GOD’S legitimacy

    • jstuxx

      Dark days are ahead for America that means lighter days are ahead for the rest of the world as USA has done absolutely nothing for the world but destroy any country which is run by people who are not corrupt and who want the best for their people and then say it was for their own good in the name of democracy. The world will certainly be a better place without USA in it, the darker the days become for the USA the lighter the days become for the rest of the world.

      • jd

        You’re a moron, most the technological advancements we see today happened within the United States since it’s conception. Tell me one technological advancement to come out of Africa in the last 200 years that everybody in the world uses? Yeah, that’s what I thought

        • jon

          @ jstuxx: The person has the right to tell the true here. And he is not moron. Who cares about your technological advancements? The true is, that is all and has zero value comparable to the evil the USA is spreading all around the world and you american citizens do not mind to pay for killing innocent people in other countries, that is why ( logically ) the shit will come back to you. So if you continue to be so conceited, you will never understand what the person from Africa says. By the way, american troops are now in 35 countries of African continent. It speaks for itself!!! Obama is a war criminal and is someone gets him, many people in the world will be happy!

      • madmemere

        Did you just crawl out from under a rock? Are you even a US citizen? If you are, you must have been educated by radical progressive commies, because not a word that you have written, has even an iota of “truth” in it!
        If you’re NOT a US citizen, I suggest you keep your exploited (exploded) opinions to yourself!

        • jon

          @ Madmemere: who gave you the right to say anybody to keep their mouth shut??? Your american conceitness? You are a child of Matrix, enjoy, before you are eliminated by your own government.

      • rpander

        Your an idiot. Coming from someone who’s government that whores their military out like some private mercenary service. Not to mention every European country that has had anything to do with the early colonization of Africa is responsible for that place being the shit hole it is (especially Great Britain). The fact of the matter is if America goes down, Africa will still be considered the taint between the balls and asswhole of the world.

      • You are truly a sick pice of crap!!

        So you sick pice of crap why is it you think that people of so many country’s around the world are willing to die just to get a chance to live here?

        • jon

          @ You are truly a sick pice …
          Dear, I will tell you why. Because the USA media are liars and very good liars about freedom and good life in the USA. They are so goood, that all the stupid americans believe it as well, regardles they are slaves and last few yeas also prisoners.
          That is the true and I am sure you do not like to hear it.
          By the way, USA have stolen from Mexico land, do you remember?

      • Wabbit

        8-O tell that to France, Germany, hell even Japan! Most of the nations around the world who were murdering and horrifically abusing it’s people, were overturned by the USA. Your comment was ridiculous and retarded.

        • Jack Longchamp

          Cut the crap rabbit – they did it then, you assholes are doing it now.
          climb down cowboy or you will have to be shot down.
          And so you will be.

      • Jack Longchamp

        Basically thumbs up but it ain´t that simple…
        without a “working” US we the people of the 1st west world
        just cannot hack it, so we of course hope them to stay around
        and just get a touch less psychopathic maybe ?
        That is at least what my Chinese friends are thinking.

      • Scott

        I totally agree – the world is sick and tired of USA’s neverending terrorism!!! enough is enough!

      • AnAmericanNCO

        Must be a illegal coon commie type. best thing to happen would be to have you “politically nualified” along with hussein obama

      • James Whitman

        jstuxx You backward African just go hunt a lion or two. You spearchucker!

      • big john

        you sound like an ignorant bastard arab,..go back to your sand asshole, and shutup

    • Evelyn Johnson


  • We all wish, but-Come on.. I grew up in a highly decorated family of major military.. If they were going to do something, we would not hear about it on a website. Men dont kiss and tell.

    • mankrt

      straight the Fckup

  • Norma Auge Dowling

    Actually with all the leaks that have been proven to be real, I think sometimes, if it looks as if leaking will benefit the entire situation, “some men do kiss and tell”. Think about it…You have multitudes of grassroots groups preparing everything from independent moves against the government to organized secession of states. To leak information like this would give people hope, would perhaps prevent mavericks from starting the ball rolling before they are ready to act. And it just might scare the U.N. and the Obama team enough to back off and maybe even turn tail and run. I think the leaks of the U.S. Army instruction document on the arrest and detention of U.S. citizens, was supposed to be leaked and was probably authorized by someone pretty high up in the military. They want the word out so that they don’t look like a military coup to the world, but so that they look like what they are. The good guys!!!!! They also would not want Putin to rush to the defense of Obama in the hopes of a U.S. takeover. They are giving notice to “We the People” and to Obama as well. I mean wouldn’t it be better if the American Public was prepared. And if the Obama team looked at the odds against them and gave up without a fight. Leaking would be the smartest thing they could do to prevent loss of life… I also agree with Bill. I am a Christian and the prophecies in the book of Revelation are starting to play out. I think we might be in the first Seal. Never in all of history has there been as many turnovers of leaders of nations into the hands of new and more dangerous ones. Within the last year so many nations have gotten new leaders. The second Seal that will be opened says that peace will leave the earth. Certainly we are on the verge of war with Iran, and there is intense unrest all over the world. I fear that the pre-trib rapture folks are going to be freaked out by it all. wWith the weather patterns changing so radically, the drought is going to bring starvation. And when it does and when the economies fail the third Seal will reveal itself. I don’t believe there is any way to prevent it, since it is God’s plan. But there are ways to prepare for it and weather it out by the grace of God and some common sense preparations. I’ve never been known as an optomist by family and friends, I am usually the one who looks at the situations and pridicts the worst case scenarios as being a possibility. This gives me hope that I won’t find myself at the mercy of Obama in some FEMA concentration camp, since Obama’s preparitory steps have put him in the position to take total control just like Hitler did in 1933 by declaring a State of Emergency and Marshall Law.

    • I pray that we are all awake,and ready for the very difficult days ahead…I have read about the camps. I have always hoped that the pre-trib theory was correct but am not totally sure with all I see going on,even in the skies daily!!! 8-O

    • James

      Dark days are here. And there are many signs that full fill Bible prophesy. Those who know the Bible will know what I am relating to in Mtt. 24 Mk.13 and Lu.21 and 17.
      The Bible has always been truth and never diss-proven.
      But as far as the 7 yrs of tribulations is concerned I believe we are on the edge of it. Lets call it the birthing period and the pains are on the increase and getting stronger. Keep your eyes open as the UN socialistic NWO seek greater influence in the affairs of the US. Obama and RINO Romney are both UN puppets and will move towards the NWO. Main point is this. A global socialistic system or 10 nations unified would match Dan.2 the last empire. Everything is set in place now for a one world government, one world monetary system with the dollar going broke and a global currency is one step away from Obama’s demand that the citizens of the US take the RFID chip which will lead to the mark of the Beast. That is globalism and the anti christ empire ready to be birthed.
      The only thing left after that is a one world religious system, (universalism)which will lead to the worship of the anti christ. Jews and Christians will not be welcome as they will not worship the anti christ and will follow the true Jesus Christ. John 14:6. (My sheep know my voice.) Jesus Christ is Lord and savior. Grow in faith and do not depend on Pre. trib. rapture.
      Blessed is the servant whom the Lord finds doing when He returns.
      Jesus Christ is Lord.

      • Clint Eastwood

        From which mental care institution do you write this?
        Somebody should warn them to check whether you’re flushing your pills down the drain.

        • Jack Longchamp

          He is in a highly secret Albanian CIA prison but don´t tell anyone,
          this being a No. 1 patriotic homeland secret –
          and it does not mean he is mad, he is in fact highly intelligent and he uses good, pointed sarcasm where you think
          he is talking in tongues.

          “The RFID chip which will lead to the mark of the Beast” makes profound sense to me, he is just mixing it a bit with biblical stuff but do not take him for one of the herd…

          Basically, this planet is a mental institution and James is one of the few who found a way outta the fix.

        • jon

          Clint: Smart person attacks what other says with argument, stupid one attacks the author ( person).

      • Tj

        You people been preaching religion for thousands of years’ words written by men interpreted by millions and you believe that crap! Religion is the biggest scam of all
        Your all idiots!!

    • wondersnevercease

      well think of this what if this is a leak so the american people think they are being rescued by the military and they dont resist? off to the fema camps sheeple! read the book: brotherhood of darkeness by stanley monteith then keep reading the bible and start praying yahweh yahweh.

  • Mark

    Every generation or so, has their own destructive and abusive leader who maliciously proves their irrational and backwards agenda. The only difference this time around is that we can now take advantage of the worlds first type 1 communication system. THE INTERNET. This system will help with the shift unlike before. We will enter the era of proactive and positive change.

  • You’re All Fruitcakes


    • victor

      these Camps are real, I have seen some of them when I was living In Alasks, and there are a lot more around america, ready for occupants…this artical may sounds false, but more likly is true. the camps in alaska can hold close to a million people, out in the middle of no where….If the military takes out obama, he will be killed, fact. then what happens after that is anyones guess.

  • Rehmat

    In 2010, Newsmax published an article but pulled it quickly after it was sent to every senior member of Americas military. I got it from a former military intelligence officer. It has done the circuit there. The call I received, from a retired senior intelligence officer and former Defense Attache to Israel went like this, “Gordie, What do you think of this thing? There is only one way to read it, they are calling for the assassination of the president Obama.”

    The publisher-editor of Atlanta Jewish Times, Andrew B. Alder, in his January 13, 2012 Op-Ed, entitled What would you do? – called for assassination of US President Barack Obama by Israeli Mossad – as one of three options to stop Islamic Republic achieving nuclear capability. Andrew Alder’s three options, were; “Strike Hizbullah and Hamas, strike Iran or “order a hit” on Barack Obama. Either way, problem solved!”



    The ruskies need obama as he is their stooge. This is an attempt to scare him into consolodating his power early so he can hand over the US nukes to Putin. like he promised under an open microphone. Hopefully, a US operative will get to Obama first and restrain him to a cell in Guantanamo. Eric Holder needs to be his cellmate

    • gary

      you are a disinformationist deluxe.

      The last name Bauer is the giveaway. we are not all stooges ready to lie down before your ‘greatness’.
      The curtin is being pulled open as we speak, OZ

  • Quay

    The articles and many of the comments on this website are so oppressive, they’re sickening to read.
    No matter what President Obama does or doesn’t do, most oppressors want him out because his position threatens their ideology of white supremacy (the ideology this country is based on). President Obama is a brilliant black man who runs circles around most white folks. But how could that be if blacks are inferior, subhuman, 3/5 of a man. No comparison to Bush, the babbling idiot, who couldn’t string 3 sentences together and make sense without several “duhs” or “uhs”. The notion of white supremacy, male dominance, and oppression at the hands of men must cease and desist if there is any chance for our continued survival as a species.

    • skyofthestars

      I agree. The things cited in the article as reasons for the coup are the same things done under the Bush administration. This is fear-based biased thinking on raw display.


        Not only that, these are the things Myth would not just double down on but triple down on.

    • Huffer

      I think you are off on a racial tangent here. Race has absolutely nothing to do with whether a man does the right things, has intelligence, trust in his Creator, etc. It seems that men with the lowest morals are elected to power because innocent, and some not so innocent, people believe the lies told them in a campaign for office.
      God fearing people are welcome in my home anytime be they of any color or race! Remember this, all wisdom comes from God.
      Mr Obama has no wisdom, he runs on ‘street smarts’ which have no moral compass. That is his problem, not his race.
      The people, who believe in freedom in our Republic, do not care what color the leader’s are if they govern by our constitution. It was the dishonest freeloader’s who elected the people in our Congress and White House. Drop the race card, it’s not working here. Follow the money and greed for power and you will see it is not monopoly by any particular race.
      There are more crooked white people then there are black, or any other American voter! It always goes back to whether a man knows who his Creator is and if he abides by the God given rules for freedom and well being.
      Every negative thing you mentioned came from some heathen’s lips, not from God. Do not believe what a heathen tells you. You are worth just as much as the man standing next to you. These are your Creator’s words, believe them…!


        Oh, please race has everything to do with supremacists, & many Americans are supremacists who long for the old days of the WH only being available to whites.

    • Waclaw Borken-Hagen

      Brilliance and intelligence of our President ?
      What are you morons talking about? Evil street
      wisdom? The guy is a compulsive, unapologetic
      liar who uses your naivete since you wouldn’t
      suspect him to have the goal to be this bad !
      Wake up,you too are being sold down the river.
      It has nothing to do with race other than his
      and your concept of white supremacy.


        There goes your supremacist, Obama couldn’t possibly be intelligent because he’s black, yet gives Myth the worst pathological liar ever, a pass why? Well, he’s white.

    • Richard Wagener

      Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

    • madmemere

      Seriously, you have to look “beyond” the lies that fall out of the impostor’s mouth! Just spend five minutes and remember all the “big promises” he’s made and connect that to what he has actually done- – there is NO connection! His own “ideology” is pure nazi-fascist communism and if that’s the way you want to live your life, I suggest you move to Red China, or North Korea; you’ll really like it there!

  • Rowdyjoe

    This article could be anything from total BS to a heads-up for patriots to a scare tactic meant for Odumbo.
    BTW …he’s no genius, he’s following Alinsky’s road map.
    Don’t drop your guard. Be prepared. No matter the meaning of this article there are far too many “indicators” that we’re in deep trouble.


  • We don’t have a President – We have an undocumented, unconstitutional usurper that is deficating all over the constitution and the bill of rights. This criminal felon just needs to be arrested and tried for treason


      Typical bigot ramblings, that was dubya you fool.

    • James Hill

      Spell defecating.

    • hardrock

      obama is americas worst nightmare as a president come true bar none,he is the lying s.o.b. i have ever seen, needs to be impeached in 2014 after the mid-term elections

  • Mary

    We need to demand that Congress impeach Mr. Obama for treason and restore the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. http://www.petition2congress.com/6519/impeach-mr-obama/

    • madmemere

      Mary-Since it’s doubtful that obama-soetoro is a US citizen, we wouldn’t be able to charge him with treason. However, he can be charged with espionage-(as in spy) -upon conviction, the sentence is the same and does not include jail time, nor deportation.

    • Evelyn Johnson

      OH PLEASE!!!! Wake up ive called my senators many times ive called John Boenher to i was told JOHN WILL NOT DO THAT ! :roll:

  • Albert Thomas

    I think being an retired military man that we should overthrow the government and get rid of the tirds that are supposed to be working for us (we the people)if we don;t there will be hell to pay between now and the elections. Look at what this moran has done in the last 3.5 years, he has almost distroyed the us as we know it and if he is elected again we are in a world of shit.


      Yeah, he destroyed the US alright. How darea black man be president & a better one than the white ones you had by creating jobs in spite of obstruction. When bush was destroying jobs, blowing Clinton’s trillion dollar surplus to add 11 trillion dollars to the deficit, not a peep out of you bigots but now that Obama had to had 4 trillion to circumvent Bush’s deficit he’s the one who destroyed the country. morons.

      • madmemere

        You are entitled to your own opinion, but NOT your own facts! If you had bothered to check, our “big fall” did not begin until Jan. 2007, when the “dimwits” took control of both houses of Congress and proceeded with the destruction you mentioned.
        “Slick Willy” created his administration’s “bogus surplus”, by completely decimating our military personnel, equipment, et. al., by MORE THAN 2/3rds! “Shortly after” Slick left office, we were hit with 9/11, or have you forgotten so quickly? We had very little to “fight back with”, hence a lot of money was spent “rebuilding our military defenses”- -so, YES, that ate up “Slick’s pseudo-surplus” in a hurry!

      • russiandiva

        God, and you left wing hacks call the right racist? No one has said anything derogatory about the POTUS in relationship to his “color” only to his leadership and actions, or lack thereof I should say. Typical race baiting from the left.

        • russiandiva

          Lest we forget what his true agenda: “I will stand with the muslims should the winds of politics shift in an ugly direction.”

      • bearwidnezz

        supremacists hate america, please keep educating these sheeps, I know its a hard job, but you are their only hope here.


      Yeah, he destroyed the US alright. How darea black man be president & a better one than the white ones you had by creating jobs in spite of obstruction. When bush was destroying jobs, blowing Clinton’s trillion dollar surplus to add 11 trillion dollars to the deficit, not a peep out of you bigots but now that Obama had to had 4 trillion to circumvent Bush’s deficit he’s the one who destroyed the country. bigot morons.

      • Tom Bain


        Fuck You NIGGER LOVER

    • JamesHill

      Albert, why don’t you learn to spell 4th grade words?
      Your ignorance shames you. What’s the effing problem, boy? How hard is 4th grade grammar?

      You can’t even spell moron,and you’re the biggest one I have ever seen.

    • Queen Esther

      Why can’t we wait until after the election? Perhaps he will be defeated by the vote.

  • Mike

    Smells like a false flag op to me. This excuse would allow barry to implement martial law and impose the things that are listed above. He does not care if everyone knows. Now he can guilt soldiers into “not” being on the side of a coup by bringing it up.
    And no. A real threat group would not backdoor inform the russians. They know that would be leaked.

  • Ragfish

    There is a lawful means to remove a sitting President. Our Congress first must pass a Resolution of Impeachment, which then compels a trial held before the US Senate. Better than Seven Days in May and consistent with our republic.

    • Huffer

      Ho Ho Ho! Let’s ask the Devil if he is evil! When the majority of our Congress, and now our courts, are operating outside the laws of our Constitution, how then can we apply those same (un-followed) laws to cure the problem? It’s the same as with gun control, they pass laws that are meant for the lawless, who pay no attention to them, yet they believe it will fix a problem.
      It’s the evil hearts of men that need the law applied to them. The law is there for the good but, if not followed, it will be used to mete out the consequences of disobedience. No one will escape it but men’s souls are tested by the evil that surrounds us.
      God uses men to accomplish His goals. Maybe this time He’s sending in the military to do it!

  • leaking is common everywhere….stupid but still here! I wonder…when? I am ready!

  • James

    No matter what President Obama does or doesn’t do, most oppressors want him out because his position threatens their ideology of white supremacy



    If the powers to be wanted Obamanation to win, he will win. ObamaBOON is half jewish anyway. He NOT black.

    You black people with your PUTRID JEW OPPRESSION RACKET! Gawd you people are stupid – the perfect jew tool. Stupid to the point of retarded and EASILY led exactly because you are stupid.



      Thanks for that, wherever Obama hate is virulent you will find some trailer trash anti-America supremacist on the giving end. A Jew hater too, what else, Gays, women, poor kids? Idiot.
      supremacists like you are all the evil wrong with this beautiful world. your kind will soon be extinct & not a moment too soon. Buh bye, ugly & stupid race haters.


      It has everything to do with white supremacy, you hateful supremacist bigot. the problem with you supremacist the more you deny your racist supremacy the worse you look. What you bigots are ashamed to admit you’re bigots, then think about it there must be something wrong with being a bigot, if you’re ashamed of admitting it? you’re still bigots. your inability to own your bigotry is a referendum from you on your own bigotry. the problem is you: You can’t even admit your bigotry freely, so your bigotry’s the problem.

      • madmemere

        Lordy, you don’t have a “civil thought” in your head- -you’re the one spouting racism, supremacy, bigotry, name calling, blady, blady, blah, blah, blah! So, exactly “who” is the “racist bigot” in this discussion??

  • Waclaw Borken-Hagen

    Brilliance and intelligence of our President ?
    What are you morons talking about? Evil street
    wisdom? The guy is a compulsive, unapologetic
    liar who uses your naivete since you wouldn’t
    suspect him to have the goal to be this bad !
    Wake up,you too are being sold down the river.

  • James

    And do a little research on the African slave trade.

    The jews owned the slave ship.

    They brought slaves from other BLACKS in Africa.

    They brought them to the New World.

    They sold them in JEWISH OWNED trading houses.

    The largest slave owners BY FAR were jewish. Read up on the jew family Monsanto! They have been nothing but DEMONS in this country since the first jewish CUNT spit one of those vipers out of her diseased womb.

    The White Europeans in New Amsterdam, (Manhattan) tried to keep the jews OUT. They had just been kicked out of Portugal for their evil trading and selling in the “souls of men”.

    For cry’n out loud, even Jesus condemned those vipers and called them children of the DEVIL who murdered every righteous prophet from Abel. WHO MURDERED ABEL?

    When you figure it all out, then maybe, JUST MAYBE, blacks will finally grown a brain and stop attacking whites and go after their SLAVE MASTERS!

    That viper race has done everything they can to murder the White race. WELL, IT ISN’T POSSIBLE. WE HAVE ALWAYS COME OUT VICTORIOUS AND WE WILL AGAIN. THROUGHOUT HISTORY IT IS THE SAME.

    This time it will be different though. This time, instead of kicking the jews out, there will not NO PLACE on this planet where we will not hunt them down and slaughter them like dogs.

    Then…blacks will NEVER have to worry about slavery or oppression again and the WORLD will live in peace. But evil MUST be destroyed or we are DOOMED to repeat this hell over and over again.

    There are no “good jews”. They are GENETICALLY evil.

  • James

    There is a lawful means to remove a sitting President.

    Yes, it is called REVOLUTION, which our Founding Father KNEW would be needed to keep the vermin out of government.

    You are foolish to think that a corrupt government will impeach Obama. They’re all in on it.


      You’re the anti-American bigot vermin here. true Americans are tolerant and accept all people not just whites. You’re disgusting, sham eon your inbreed kind.

      • madmemere

        You’ve made your point- -“supremacists hate America”, so why don’t you leave? You’re free to go anywhere else you choose! We’re NOT going to make the USA over just to suit you and, believe me when I say, “We’re NOT going to make it over to suit barry either”!

  • U need tinfoil hats

    Oh my God I never thought I would see something nuttier than the 9-11 truther arguments, but I was wrong.


      So, this is where the inbred uneducated, stupid hater bigots congregate to spew their venom. Quick now, you hateful inbreeds, soon your kind will be extinct and all races will get along so enjoy spreading your hateful bile a few years more, while you’re still here. Your time is coming to a quick end and very quickly. Buh bye ugly supremacist haters. Yea, you want to feel you’re superior to other people base on things they can’t help like outer looks, but you don’t have the decency or morality to know that that attitude’s wrong, YOU’RE wrong. you’re what’s wrong with the world not Obama, your hate is a pestilence and a deep evil to the world. soon you’ll be gone along with your stupid hate.


      Well, don’t worry the tin foil hat users, KKKool aid drinkers are here.

  • Jeri Lynn

    30/07/2012 at 5:37 am

    Well, don’t worry the tin foil hat users, KKKool aid drinkers are here.

    You really are a simpleton aren’t you?

    It would serve all blacks right, if they had a nation of their own. Blacks only. None other need apply. Oh wait, they already do. Several in fact.

    They may engage in fair commerce. All businesses to be black owned and SELF FUNDED FROM BLACK SOURCES. (Don’t worry. Lots of mineral wealth…just ask the jews who own South Africa.)

    Now all you PC Zio-Bolshevik Wankers, may not like certain FACTS, but FACTS do not change because you do not like them….unless you are a jew and then you simply buy up the press and rewrite history.

    What I really love…is the WHITE HATE…oh yes, nothing beats white hate. Non-whites LOVE to hate Whites. Loathsome. Oh, and the “KKKool-aid”, oh darling…where did you get that one? Haven’t heard it since kindergarten and I’m 54 years old! roflol!

    I really love it when the Nobel and Mighty Negro, speaks of the evil WHITE slave-owning massa…”Da man…be keep’n me daw…”, and so on and so forth…

    The jews could tell you all about it.

    Jews buy blacks from blacks in Africa.

    Transports blacks to New World on jew-owned ships.

    Sells blacks to MAINLY LARGE JEWISH OWNERS like Monsanto in jew-owned trading houses.

    Once usefulness is done.

    Start war as diversion to install jewish bank.

    Fund North and South so that whichever wins, they both loose, but the jew-bankster wins.

    JEWS INSTIGATE BLACK RIOTS. MARCH WITH BLACKS IN THE STREET SAYING, “We feeeeeeeeel your pain. We were once slaves too…..one hundred and fifty two thousand, eight hundred and twenty one years ago. OY VEY! it vas as it vas yezterday! i am zoooooo farklempt!

    Pay me….you MUST pay me for my sufferink you little fool goy.

    Gawd you creatures are soooooooo predicable.

    • Glenn

      Excellent. Indeed–review the web page of Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael for the link which details the Atlantic Slave Trade, with respect to Jews and Africans. His information is culled from both the U.S. National Archives and the Carnegie Institute of Technology, dated 1930 and 1935, respectively.

  • James

    U need tinfoil hats United States says:
    28/07/2012 at 4:40 pm

    Oh my God I never thought I would see something nuttier than the 9-11 truther arguments, but I was wrong.

    Of course not jew-boy. A bunch of muslim radicals in caves conducted the largest terrorist act within the US. Tin foil? You’re brain is on METH. You use the tin foil to smoke crank.

    Forget the FACT that Larry Silverstein had the lease and total access to the building.


    Forget the FACT that all the airports from which the so-called terrorists departed (on video we still have not seen) were controlled by ITS-A-REAL-LIE security firms. (Same with the London explosions…jew hands ALL OVER IT!)

    This has the Edomite/Khazarian jew-STINK all over it and only TRAITORS guilty of HIGH TREASON, would state otherwise.

    You know what we do with traitors?

    You and your ILK have but a shirt season and THAT SEASON IS ABOUT TO END.

    And I don’t care one bit what you freaks of nature call me. I AM A RACIST. Get over it fucker.

    You hate truth because it convicts your putrid race of parasites, WHO HAVE, EVEN THROUGHOUT ANCIENT HISTORY, BEEN NOTHING BUT PARASITES.

  • c comp

    please place on newletter list

  • you


  • It’s amazing how many people CANNOT or WILL NOT see pre-planned propaganda even when it slaps them in the face! This ‘news release’ (duly note my contempt) is one of many prepared, pre-written and ‘released’ to be duly ‘printed’ that a few of the PERPETRATORS can hide behind it as evidence of their ‘patriotism’ should things go sour.

    And when it comes to the REAL American Patriots, before we throw up our hands and whine our ‘surrender’ there’s going to be a LOT of sour!

    Take note, Obastard & Kommrades, open and clandestine, there’s a better use for walls than holding up the paint …

    Colonel Robert F. Cunningham,

    • James

      Take note, Obastard & Kommrades, open and clandestine, there’s a better use for walls than holding up the paint …

      Oh I like that. I think everyone should read about the jewish BOLSHEVIK revolution.

      The jews found many inventive ways of murdering the White people of Russia.

      We should study their techniques.

      We should then employ them as means of JUSTICE.

      Prior to each public slaughter of the BOLSHEVIKS, we should use it as an opportunity to educate our people with the history of the looming practice as it was used against innocent White people.


      We will run out of jews and their goy supporters before we run out of “techniques”.

      The jews, afterall, murdered over 100 MILLION White Christians in Russia. I believe there are only 27 million jews in all the world.

      Not to worry, there are plenty of SUBVERSION SATAN WORSHIPERS, who give aid and comfort to the BOLSHEVIKS jews.

      They call themselves JUDEO christians, but they are really JEWdeo ANTI-CHRISTians, in league with the devil; hiding behind “freedom of religion”.

      • chuck

        This history should be required learning

  • Cesare Bonventre

    This is silly because everyone knows Obama is merely a puppet for the ruling classes. Deposing him solves nothing at all!

    The power is always behind the thrown. And to know those that actually hold that power you need not look much further than the bankers & corporate sociopaths that paid for all Presidents campaigns!

    Exposure of who really runs things would be the list of people who control these puppets called Presidents with money from tax exempt foundations

    Some clues: George Schultz, George Soros, Paul Volcker, the Bilderberg group, Rhodes-Milner group (several presidents including Bill Clinton were Rhodes-Milner scholars), Council on Foreign Relations, Euro-American banking families (those legally permitted to create all the money they wish out of thin air – Baring, Lazard, Erlanger, Warburg, Schroder, Seligman, the Speyers, Mirabaud, Mallet, Fould, Rothschild, Morgan), etc

    See Obama’s banking payoff’s here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zt3vwWfP-EA&feature=player_embedded

    Some of the Wall Street alums now in Obama’s upper ranks include:

    Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s deputy and his chief of staff;

    Obama’s own chief of staff and chief economic adviser;

    The head of TARP;

    And the managing executive of the SEC’s enforcement division.

    Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse. Check out the list of names here:


    In other words, Obama is the pick for the ruling classes AND Romney is willingly part of that charade – Just as John Kerry was before him. If Romney planned to win, all he need to is simply point out Obama’s innumerable broken campaign promises!

    But no! Romney is not in it to win! Romney – the consummate picture boy for the elite ruling classes – is the perfect man to run against Obama. This charade will have the ignorant voters think that voting for Obama is like a vote AGAINST the ruling classes!

    I love it! It reminds me of the time Rockefeller and Dewey created an education system to dumb down & socially condition the working classes!

    Brilliant boys! Just brilliant!

    While people think their vote against Romney is like voting against the rich ruling classes, they will actually be voting for a President that will continue the agenda of the rich ruling classes!

  • Rehmat

    Is spook-terrorist Netanyahu planning another false flag operation to get rid of US President Barack Obama and blame it on US Armed Forces?

    There are other reports of possible assassination before the above article.

    In May 2010 – Newsmax magazine published a column, entitled Obama Risks A Domestic Military Intervention, advocating a military coup and the end of the United States as a free democratic republic.

    On January 13, 2012 – the publisher-editor of Atlanta Jewish Times, Andrew B. Alder, in his Op-Ed called for the assassination of Obama by Israeli Mossad.


  • Min

    I have not seen such racist, hate mongering in a long time before I read those  comments attached to the story!  Good Lord, I know that there is a lot of racism coming from all the different walks of life still, but people  GET THE F*** over it!  It doesn’t matter what color anyone’s skin is!  It only matters what they do!  As it stands I think a lot more people need to take a clear look at what BOTH parties have done to our country!  Not just one man.  Although this story does sound a lot like what Benjamin Fulford has been saying, I’ll believe it when I see the arrests start to happen.  But he is calling for a lot more arrests than just the president’s.  Finally, We all have to live on this planet together, think about it!  Oh and 1 more thing.  There has been slavery against EVERY race of this world since mankind began to rule each other!  There is still a very large slave ring in this day and age that abducts adults and CHILDREN of every race and puts them in lives of hell!  Instead of living in the past (and YES it was horrible for everyone enslaved) why can’t we work together to ensure that NO one else is ever enslaved again, instead of bashing each other for things we had no control over?

  • Randy

    I still don’t understand exactly what is going on here but I will believe they are taking Obama out of the white house when I see the US troops move in on on Washington DC and they physically remove Obama from office. If the military doesn’t do it, I’m afraid a lot of other people are going do it..

    • bearwidnezz

      let em try

  • The following is for those who have an ear to hear, Or a mind that has wisdom.
    For the rest this will be a TORMENT


    20 “He will be replaced shortly by a real loser (OBAMA), his rule, reputation, and authority already in shreds (Not qualified), And he won’t last long. He’ll slip out of history quietly, without even a fight.
    DANIEL 11:20 (Contemporary English Version)
    20 “The next king of the North will TRY to collect taxes for the glory of his kingdom. However, he will come to a sudden end in some mysterious way, instead of battle or because of someone’s anger.
    DANIEL 11:20 (New King James Version)
    20 “There shall arise in his place one who imposes taxes on the glorious kingdom; but within a few days he shall be destroyed, but not in anger, or in battle.
    DANIEL 11:20 (Holman Christian Standard Bible)
    20 “In his place one will arise who will send out a tax collector for the glory of the kingdom; but within a few days he will be shattered, though not in anger or in battle.
    DANIEL 11:20 (Henderickson Septuagint)
    20 “And there shall arise out of his root one that shall cause a plant (lie, trick, swindle, plunder, NOT AMERICAN) of the kingdom to pass over his place, earning kingly glory: and yet in those days shall he be broken, yet not openly, nor in war.
    DANIEL 11:20-22 (New American Bible)
    20 In his stead one shall arise (OBAMA) who will send a tax collector through the glorious kingdom, but he shall soon be destroyed, though not in conflict or in battle.
    21 “There shall rise in his place a despicable person (666), to whom the royal insignia shall not be given (PRO-TEM). By stealth and fraud (FAKED DEATH) he shall seize the kingdom.
    22 Armed might (OBAMA’S Praetorian Guard) shall be completely overwhelmed by him (666/REAGAN) and crushed, and even the prince of the covenant (OBAMA/NO HARM).

    Revelation 17:10 (King James Version)
    10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he (OBAMA) cometh, he must continue a SHORT SPACE.


    1. His rule, reputation, and authority already in shreds. (NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN, NOT QUALIFIED) And he won’t last long. He’ll slip OUT OF HISTORY (Not into history) quietly, without even a fight.

    2.He will come to a sudden end in some MYSTERIOUS way (military coup)

    3.He shall be destroyed

    4.He will be shattered

    5.Yet in those days shall he be broken, yet not openly, nor in war. (NO HARM)

    6.He will TRY to collect taxes, imposes taxes, extract taxes, a raiser of taxes

    7. Within a few days (THREE YEARS) he shall be destroyed

    8. He must continue a SHORT SPACE. (THREE YEARS)


    DANIEL 11:21 (New International Version)
    21 “He (OBAMA) will be succeeded by a contemptible person (666) who has not been given the honor of royalty (pro-tem). He will invade the kingdom when the people feel secure, and he will seize it through intrigue (military coup).
    DANIEL 11:21 (New American Standard Bible)
    21 “In his place a despicable person will arise (666), on whom the honor of kingship has not been conferred
    (pro-tem), but he will come in a time of tranquility and seize the kingdom by intrigue (military coup).
    DANIEL 11:21 (Amplified Bible)
    21 “And in his place or office shall arise a contemptuous and contemptible person (666), to whom royal majesty and honor of the kingdom have not been given (pro-tem). But he shall come in without warning in time of security and shall obtain the kingdom by flatteries, intrigues, and cunning hypocritical conduct. (great communicator/faked death/military coup)
    DANIEL 11:21 (New Living Translation)
    21 “The next to come to power will be a despicable man (666) who is not in line for royal sucession (pro-tem). He will slip in when least expected and take over the kingdom by flattery and intrigue (great communicator/military coup)
    DANIEL 11:21 (King James Version)
    21 “And in his estate shall stand up a vile person (666), to whom they shall not give the
    honor of the kingdom (pro-tem): but he shall come in peaceably, and otain the kingdom by flatteries (great communicator).
    DANIEL 11:21 (English Standard Version)
    21 “In his place shall araise a contemptible person (666) to whom
    royal majesty has not been given (pro-tem). He shall come in without warning and obtain the kingdom by flatteries (great communicator).
    DANIEL 11:21 (New King James Version)
    21 “And in his place shall arise a vile person (666), to whom they shall not give the
    honor of royalty (pro-tem); but he shall come in peaceably, and seize the kingdom by intrigue (military coup).
    DANIEL 11:21 (21st Century King James Version)
    21 “And in his place shall stand up a vile person (666) to whom they shall not give the honor of the kingdom (pro-tem): but
    he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries (great communicator).
    DANIEL 11:21 (American Standard Version)
    21 “And in his place shall stand up a contemptible person (666), to whom they had not given the honor of the kingdom (pro-tem): but he shall come in time of security, and shall obtain the kingdom by flatteries (great communicator).
    DANIEL 11:21 (Holman Christian Standard Bible)
    21 “In his place a despised person (666) will arise; royal honors will not be given to him (pro-tem), but he will come in
    during a time of peace and seize the kingdom by intrigue (military coup).
    DANIEL 11:21 (Henderickson Septuagint)
    21 “One shall stand on his place, that has been set at nought (was president and now is not) and they have not put
    upon him the honor of the kingdom (pro-tem): but he shall come in prosperously (well being and whole) and obtain the kingdom by decietful ways (faked death).
    DANIEL 11:21 (The Catholic Bible, Personal Edition: New American Bible)
    20 In his stead one shall arise who will send a tax collector through the glorious kingdom, but he shall soon be destroyed, though not in conflict or in battle.
    21 “And there rise in his place a despicable person (666), to whom the royal insigna shall not been given (pro-tem). By stealth and fraud he shall seize the kingdom (faked death/military coup).
    22 Armed might (OBAMA’S PRAETORIAN GUARD) shall be completely overwhelmed by him (666) and crushed, and even the prince of the covenant (OBAMA WITH NO HARM).


    1. He will invade the kingdom when its people feel secure

    2. He will come in a time of tranquility

    3. He shall come in without warning in time of security

    4. He will slip in when least expected

    5. He shall come in peaceably

    6. He shall come in time of security

    7. He will come in during a time of peace

    8. He shall come in prosperously (well being, healed, whole)

    9. He will use flatteries (great communicator)

    10. Seize

    11. Invade

    12. Intrigue

    13. Stealth/Fraud

    14. Cunning hypocritical conduct

    17:10-11 (King JamesVersion)
    10 “And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is (6), and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh (#7OBAMA) he must continue a short space (DOES NOT FINISH TERM).
    11 “And the (RONALD WILSON REAGAN 666) beast that was, and is not (set at nought), even he is the eight, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.
    REVELATION 13:3 (King James Version)
    3 “And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound (ALZH) was healed (prosperously): and all the world wondered after the beast (RONALD WILSON REAGAN The number of his name counted 666).

    were possible, by all accounts he looks dead, decietful ways, stealth, fraud.


  • A military coup at this time? I don’t think we are there — yet. But if we see America becoming another Venezuela, with Hugo Chavez Obama as El Presidente, then a military coup or better yet some kind of popular uprising might be necessary to restore sanity. In its ugliest form this could very well involve ethnic war and ethnic cleansing to rid America of its excess alien population. This is a nightmare scenario and God help us if it comes to that. But if the famous “47%” mentioned by Romney don’t wake up and drink Barry’s koolaid once more, all bets are off. Anything may happen. Our republic has worked in the past because of the kind of people who lived here. That people is changing and you can’t have a good American republic composed of people who aren’t advanced enough for it.

    • 1000ydstare

      That pretty much sums it up. Sucks to have to lower our standards to make 47% happy.

  • P.S. just to be clear about this, I am not advocating violence. On the contrary, I am praying every morning and evening to God to deliver us from the nightmare. I fear that if Barry gets back in, this will lead to violence, which is the last thing any sane person wants. Violence could lead to a civil war which would inevitably have a racial dimension. For example, which side would the blacks be on, given that nearly all of whom will drink the koolaid again? Which side would most whites be on? What about Hispanics? Think about it. Maybe this is all part of Barry’s diabolical plan, to instigate such a race war. If it happens, we won’t have the option to stay neutral. We will all be targets based on the color of our skin. Let’s pray this never happens. The best way to prevent it is to vote for Mitt Romney. I saw Romney speak recently and it’s clear he is motivated by love for America, not by hatred and resentment the way Barry is.

  • Len

    Maybe if this did happen, and we have a real election. Ron Paul’s vote might get counted correctly, and We the people could have a real leader.

  • Mike Fredrickson

    Russia, China are not being chemtrailed by the US. Our Gov’t has been poisoning Nato and all of us since 1998. Iraq was a lie, Libya is a lie, 9/11 was a lie. Iran has not started a war or invaded a country for over 210 years. “We Will Not Be Fooled Again!!! The Rothchild’s and Rockerfeller’s own the strings now. Sadly

  • that guy

    aslong as you phycopathic fucks don’t run over to canada once shit hits the fan. the amount of inbreed’s here is pretty low and we would like to keep it that way. thanks.

    • 1000ydstare

      I have always wondered why we didn’t invade Canada and use it as a land fill.

  • Elizabeth

    The U.S. military to overthrow the Obama dictatorship and re-establish the Constitutional Republic — wishful thinking.

  • Glenn

    Search the Amazon.com books section for the 1984 Anatoliy Golitsen book, “New Lies for Old,” subtitled, ‘How Communist Deception Threatens Survival of the West,’ for a prophetic look at the current state of world affairs. He was a KGB Colonel who defected to the West about 1961, and thus possessed a ‘birds eye’ view of the perfidy engaged in by the Soviet communists, in their apparently continuing scheme for global conquest.

  • Skippy

    For those who oppose massive legal and illegal third immigration and, above all else, the changing demographics, you will have to speak out loudly: join an immigration reform group, like FAIR (strength thru numbers); when you get a political fundraising letter, return it, with no money, and state your opposition to the immigration tragedy; call a radio talk show to let thousands of listeners know we exist; write/e-mail your local newspapers to express your opinion (so far, three item were printed in The York Post); and, finally, fax your rep in congress. I am sure they delete e-mails concerning this subject very quickly. More can be done on this front. Do your own gardening; don’t go to restaurants. You would be amazed at how money you save. PLEASE FORWARD THIS!!

  • Skippy

    For those who oppose massive legal and illegal third immigration and, above all else, the changing demographics, you will have to speak out loudly: join an immigration reform group, like FAIR (strength thru numbers); when you get a political fundraising letter, return it, with no money, and state your opposition to the immigration tragedy; call a radio talk show to let thousands of listeners know we exist; write/e-mail your local newspapers to express your opinion (so far, three item were printed in The York Post); and, finally, fax your rep in congress. I am sure they delete e-mails concerning this subject very quickly. More can be done on this front. Do your own gardening; don’t go to restaurants. You would be amazed at how money you save. PLEASE FORWARD THIS – Americans must see this

  • ***US Military establishment are “actively planning” for the overthrow of President Barack Obama prior to the November elections.**

    U.S. military failed us. Didn’t happen. Won’t ever happen. BO is protected by evil, and evil surrounds him. In fact, hundreds of votes from the military were found in a warehouse “after” the BO election. Massive voter fraud got him in the WH again. When numerous counties show 100% of the votes going to BO, when more votes when to BO than there were registered voters, it’s blatantly obvious what the evil BO has done — again! Screwed America.

  • jon

    I think there are not many people here to understand this language :(

  • Tu

    So easy for European countries ti trash the US, until you need us to fight your WARS because you pussies have no HONOR or COURAGE.

  • jon

    For Tu: The US soldier in Japan? What you say is nonsence. US army is paid for killing people, so what the honor or courage are you talking about! Everybody who joins army is a psychopatic degenerated person. Who wanted Libyan gold and oil? The US,not Europe. Who was sent to fight there? Obama sent NATO. You know why? Because the USA is broken! The Europian Union was carring the cost! Now the USrahell want to rob Iran. I saw video where US soldiers are killing innocent people on the street (journalists)or people on weading in Iraq ! Watch this video, this is a reality what the USA is about. Money, money and power of minority to exploitate majority. I wish death to every single american soldier because they are not protecting their own country ( noone is attacking or robbing the USA, except of ziobankers) but robbing and killing people in other countris ( there have been about 50 since 1945)! Just watch this video if you have the patience or sence for true. It is a documentary.

    • jon

      just correction: about 50 countriesis correct

  • Zharkov

    Military soldiers have personal opinions too.

    They may not like Obama but until they organize against him, nothing will happen. What the Russians were probably getting were personal opinions, not operational plans. The election came and went and “Obama From Kenya” is still the president-alleged.

    If he is removed from office by Pentagon officials, it will be a swift covert operation without advance publicity, and it may even appear to be an accident or the outcome of another “terrorist” attack.

    Even within the CIA, there are secret groups within secret divisions whose plans may often be opposite of the official mission.

    The “Bay of Pigs” disaster is one example where CIA worked to overthrow Castro while another secret component of CIA sabotaged the entire operation, leading Kennedy to cancel the promised air support.

    The situation today in the federal government is that agency size and secrecy is nearly out of control, so that almost anything can happen.

    There are dozens of covert intel agencies within the US government, along with innumerable private contractors, any one of which could have plans to purge the White House.

  • Great article. However, only in our dreams!

    *** . . . “various elements” within the US Military establishment are “actively planning” for the overthrow of President Barack Obama prior to the November elections. ***

    Well, I guess THAT didn’t happen! LOL So much for false news! LOL

    Stop teasing us, eutimes.net!

  • Jul 20th, 2012 – still waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. Probably the entire coup corps is mysteriously missing because the coup was broadcast on the web BEFORE it was to happen. So much for a COUP which is supposed to be SUDDEN, not posted for the world to read beforehand. Reeeeeeeally lame! :-@

  • Bill Hickey

    This is bullshit. Any toppling of the Exeutive comes under the purview of Congress
    under the rule of constitutional law. Retired military do not create shell companies to
    sabotage the economy. But… JP Morgan would do that. Note that this article is by Sorcha Faal from 2012. WTF, over?

  • Bettie

    HA HA Looks like you failed. bunch of jokers.

  • Bettie

    What a crap paper

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