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Thousands of Israelis protest rising cost of living, social inequalities

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Israelis hold banners as they protest in Tel Aviv city on June 30, 2012.

Thousands of Israelis have staged rallies in several cities to protest against social inequalities and the rising cost of living.

The demonstrations were held in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the northern city of Haifa on Saturday in an attempt to revive last summer’s cost-of-living protest movement.

The protesters shouted, “The only solution to privatization is revolution” and “Power from money is the underworld.”

Uri Metouki, one of the organizers, said the protesters wanted “an economy that serves the people, not just a minority.”

The protests came about a week after the Israeli police arrested almost 100 demonstrators in Tel Aviv following the detention of Dafni Leef, one of the leaders of the 2011 movement.

Leef and 11 other protesters were arrested on June 23 as they tried to put up tents in Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard in a bid to revive the social justice protests.

In July 2011, Leef, along with a group of young people, set up several tents on the boulevard to demand social justice and protest the high cost of living in Israel.

The protest action sparked a massive movement, which swept Israel for several months.


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