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Sweden to give illegal immigrants healthcare

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Here’s another news brief from the backlog that accumulated while I was in Brussels. It’s from our Swedish correspondent PMP, and concerns a recent decision by the Swedish government to extend “free” healthcare to all illegal immigrants.

As with similar decisions by the American government concerning “undocumented” migrants from Latin America, the ruling renders the distinction between legal and illegal immigration all but meaningless.

This summary was drawn from Swedish media outlets, and thus has no links to any Internet sources:

Free health care in Sweden to illegal immigrants

In a recent press conference, the Swedish government announced that they had reached an internal agreement regarding health care and the situation of illegal immigrants. Quoting the report from the government, the following was reached:

Individuals who hide to avoid being expelled, and those who hide without having applied for citizenship, shall acquire the right to health care. Included is the following:

Individuals under 18 years who are illegally living in Sweden shall be given:

  • Right to full healthcare
  • Full dental care
  • Medicine and drugs

Adults who are illegally living in Sweden shall be given:

  • Relevant healthcare
  • Health examinations and appointments
  • Relevant dental care
  • Medicine and drugs which are deemed necessary in relation to the first point

Maria Ferm, responsible for questions of migration within the Environmental Party, stated: “Fair and just healthcare is a human right, so we are very pleased to have reached this agreement.”

Decision taken and signed on the 28th of June, 2012.


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