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Russian MPs consider an armed society like in the US

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Following the shooting spree in a Colorado cinema, Russian legislators have drafted a bill which would allow public use of firearms. The law’s sponsors hope to curb crime rates, while opponents say legal air-guns already cause enough damage.

­The principle behind the drafted bill allowing the private use of handguns is “my home is my castle,” so any invasion of private space could be met with loaded barrels.

Aleksandr Torshin, who drafted the bill, says pistol owners might get divided into several groups. Some would be sanctioned to use weapons to protect their homes only, while others would be authorized to take handguns in their cars. The most privileged group would be permitted to carry pistols anywhere. This third category could include postmen, ambulance staff and social workers.

To have the right to use handguns, Russians would have to prove they are not mentally ill, have no criminal record, are not addicted to alcohol or drugs and undergo special training.

Torshin and his supporters think more guns would bring down crime rates. It has also been suggested that Russia’s GDP would benefit from a gun sales boom and the industry would become more competitive given the surge in demand. The average cost of a pistol is around $300, while the number of potential pistol buyers is as high as 23 million, according to Torshin’s estimates.

Opponents dispute the logic underpinning the bill. MPs say that air-guns, which are already allowed in Russia, are more than enough for self-defense. A rubber bullet fired from such a weapon can break a skull and inflict a deadly wound.

Experts also doubt the new law would help to discipline the public. Air-guns are quite frequently used in street rows instead of self-defense, so making a stock of firearms available to the public would only criminalize society, they point out.

“I am totally against this initiative,” Veniamin Rodzyansky, a member of the Public Chamber, told RT. “We remember the case of the football fan Egor Sviridov. He was shot dead with a non-lethal gun.”

“This whole debate has a single cause, namely that society feels unsafe. It wants justice and it’s up to the government to provide this protection. To provide it, and not to sell it to people for money,” added Rodzyansky.

A 100-page draft law was released Wednesday, while the upper chamber of Russia’s Parliament listened to Torshin’s report on Tuesday. Russia’s government has already called the bill “unnecessary and ill-timed”, but the legislators are still to pass their judgment. If the initiative is approved, the draft will get a full hearing in one of the autumn sessions.


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  • James

    One thing is certain, a jewish murderer, like the one in Colorado, would have NEVER gotten away with this in Arizona.

    Arizona has the most liberal gun laws in the nation. I’ve seen people walk into stores strapped and ready to roll.

    Funny, we don’t have the problems that the GUN FREE IDIOTS of Aurora Colorado have. Too stupid to live…they’ll probably stick to their NO PRIVATE ARMS BS! I hope MORE mass shooters are in line to take those “too stupid to live” Aurorans OUT!

    Who knows, maybe they will wake up when the population is two.

    If I lived there I’d sue the entire city for taking away my rights and placing me and my family in danger!.

    Failing that, the city council members would simply “disappear”. No bodies. No evidence.

    I would never live in a place that does not respect the right of average citizens to keep and BEAR arms.

    If its good enough for government GOONS then it is good enough for ME…because I am infinitely superior than ANY government welfare GOON and obviously galaxies ahead of the inbred MORONS living in Aurora.

    My wish for the citizens of Aurora is that you have MANY, MANY more mass shootings. Maybe you’ll wake up from your COMMUNIST slumber. And if you don’t…we’re better off without you slimy cunts anyway.

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  • Shadowhand18

    “James” wrote:

    “My wish for the citizens of Aurora is that you have MANY, MANY more mass shootings. Maybe you’ll wake up from your COMMUNIST slumber. And if you don’t…we’re better off without you slimy cunts anyway.”

    Your entire post is filled with idiocy so I only have but a few questions to ask you.

    1. What are you (as well as others) so afraid of here in America that you need semi-automatic weapons, kevlar body armor, hand grenades, shotguns, and a few bottles of red bull?

    2. When will you (as well as others) understand that using violence to stop violence is only going to create chaos and cause even more danger for your loved ones?

    3. When will you (as well as others) understand that those “GUN FREE IDIOTS” as you have mentioned are the ones fighting for a bigger and brighter future so that YOUR family and the rest of mankind can still exist after you’re dead and buried with maggots eating your flesh?

    4. When will you (as well as others) understand that America is still slightly considered by many around the world “Role Models”? We should act more civilized, and more evolved past hate, war, killing and enslavement to the citiens as well as the world.

    5. When will you (as well as others) lose all the racial hate, stereotypes, violence, and idiocy towards your fellow brothers and sisters of humanity?

    in closing, your mentality is the reason why others around the world frown down on those who wish for peace, love and wisdom here in America. I say this to all who read this post, if you want to change the world for a better future, create a loving environment for your loved ones, and see the world change without violence, corruption, and war being the dominant factor, you must first educate yourselves and understand that the only way to achieve happiness and a guaranteed future is through peace, love, and wisdom. Learn to think for yourselves, learn to own up to your own responsibilities and mistakes, learn to choose your own destiny without a imaginary deity choosing for you, and learn to understand the heart aches and pains your fellow brethren of mankind are going through only then can we end the chains of misery we have created for ourselves. Goodluck guys! :-D

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  • clem

    We as humans have the right and responsibility to protect ourselves and our loved ones in a free society. Criminals will be with us also. If you were confronted by a criminal in your home, would you greet the intruder with a speech praising peace or welcome them with a .45 ? I’ll keep the 45. They don’t make a 46!
    I prey that the legislation for the good citizens of Russia goes through.

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