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Poll shows Americans believe Obama changed US for worse

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The majority of Americans say Obama has made things worse.

A majority of Americans have become highly critical of US President Barack Obama’s campaign promise to change America as they believe his changes have left the country worse off, a new survey says.

According to a survey carried out by the American poll institute Pulse Opinion Research for The Hill, a Washington, D.C. newspaper, 56 percent of Americans believe Obama has changed America for the worse during his 3 and a half years in office.

This comes while 35 percent of voters think Obama’s changes were good for the country.

According to the poll, 91 percent of Republicans have expressed opposition to the US president’s changes, in comparison with 71 percent of Democrats who have expressed support for changes.

“The results signal broad voter unease with the direction the nation has taken under Obama’s leadership and present a major challenge for the incumbent Democrat as he seeks reelection this fall,”The Hill reported.

The poll also found that half of the voters pay more attention to the US 2012 presidential elections than the 2008 vote.

The paper said that the poll was conducted among 1,000 likely voters on July 5 and has a margin of error of 3 percentage points.


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3 Responses to " Poll shows Americans believe Obama changed US for worse "

  1. bowlan says:

    trust me there are still enough dumb basterds here to vote for him.

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  2. andrew says:

    I left America years ago, when I saw it becoming a place of corporate culture, a place of strip malls and 24 hour stores. A place where gigantic, ostentatious shopping malls became the new Cathedrals.

    I could see through Obama from the start, particularly when he prostrated himself before the Jewish lobby. Even so, I thought there might have been some backbone in this man who duped so many millions, in particular, his young supporters who ate and digested all of his rhetoric of “substantial change”. Well, the proof is in the pudding and it all turned out to be a colossal pack of lies. I feel bad for those that pinned their hopes on him only to find that he changed nothing, but vigorously followed the lead of his predecessor and actually made things worse.

    In essence, he betrayed all of those good-hearted, but naive people who followed him. He has set the stage for an even more brutal and hegemonic America.

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    • Joe says:

      Unfortunately there are millions of good-hearted,but naive and extremely stubborn loyal democratic voters that will vote for him no matter what he has done to make things worse for the country like using the EPA to shut down coal fired plants and coal mines resulting in tens of thousands of unemployed coal miners.When did you leave the U.S.A. Andrew and how do you like living in Sweden?I am an African-American man and I did not voted for Obama and will not vote for him in November.I hope he loses,I don’t care if the election is close so long as he loses.

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