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Obama Pleads For Russian Help As US Drought Apocalypse Grows

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A startling report prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture that is circulating in the Kremlin today states that the Obama regime has begun making “strident overtures” for Russia to expand it grain exports this year as the United States faces its worst agricultural disaster in over a quarter century, and perhaps its greatest since the Dust Bowl era of the Great Depression.

Fears of another Russian grain export ban were raised this past week after the catastrophic floods that hit Russia’s Black Sea coast and wrought chaos on major road and rail links to the main grain export outlet at the port of Novorossiisk.

Further fears were raised after Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan announced their combined wheat crop would fall 22 percent to 78.9 million tonnes this year from 2011, with the biggest impact on yields from winterkill and spring drought in Russia and Ukraine.

Barely 2 years ago then Prime Minister Putin ordered a total ban on grain exports after more than a third of cultivable land in Russia was destroyed due to an historic drought and wildfires.

The concerns raising alarms among Obama regime officials, this report says, is that the US President will be faced with unprecedented rises in food prices during the exact same time Americans will be voting for a new leader in November that could very well lead to his defeat, and possibly mass civil unrest.

To how fearful the Obama regime has become as its ability to feed its own people comes into question was revealed this past week with new reports showing the US Army has begun training its soldiers to use deadly force against American civilians and be their jailers in mass concentration camps in the event civil uprisings occur.

Even more frightening are new reports coming from the US that the Obama regime has ordered cell phone companies to begin surveillance on nearly 1.5 million American civilians and on 6 July the US President signed an Executive Order giving his government the power over all communications during a time of national crisis.

The worst US drought since Ronald Reagan was President is withering the world’s largest corn crop, and the speed of the damage said may spur the Obama regime to make a record cut in its July estimate for domestic inventories. Talk among the main global grain experts faced with historic corn prices further state that up to one million tonnes of Brazilian corn would be imported into the US East Coast in the last quarter of the year, an unprecedented action never seen before.

Since 75% of US grocery store products use corn as a key ingredient, food prices are expected to skyrocket dooming Obama’s chances at reelection thus putting his regime in danger, this report says.

Even worse, this report continues, is the toll being exacted upon the State of Texas which since last year has seen massive dust storms blow away billions of tonnes of its most fertile farm land reminiscent of the Dust Bowl years of the 1930’s and has, also, seen the destruction of over 500 million trees in that State alone.

Historic drought conditions and soaring grain prices have, also, forced US ranchers from Wyoming to Arkansas to sell their cattle herds in record numbers meaning that price rises could very well push beef off of the dinner tables of tens of millions of average Americans.

Not to be overlooked regarding this agricultural apocalypse are that world food prices are likely to rise in the coming months in the wake of record-breaking temperatures and drought in the corn and soybean producing regions of the United States, economists say. It would be the third spike in food prices in the past five years.

Previous hikes – during 2007 and 2008, and again in 2010 and 2011 – triggered riots and social instability in dozens of countries around the world.

While rising prices may threaten food security for the poor, experts note they can create unrest among consumers whose standard of living had been rising. Iowa State University’s Dermot Hayes says it could be an irritant in China, a country with a growing middle class but significant social inequality. “It’s a tinderbox over there, it’s not a real homogenous or pleasant society the way it’s structured right now. So there could be some issues.”

To what “issues” will be faced by the American people as many of them will near the point of starvation because they can’t afford food is not known.

What is known, however, is that during the last American agricultural apocalypse during the 1930’s over 7 million of these people died in what is now termed one of the greatest mass deaths in human history.

The research revealing this shocking genocide was conducted by Russian researcher Boris Borisov who in his 2008 article titled “The American Famine” used only official US documents and historical records to reveal the shocking truth, but nevertheless was ordered censored in the United States causing Wikipedia, the world’s largest free Internet encyclopedia to delete it in its entirety.

To how much worse it will be for the Americans of today was revealed in a 2008 report titled “Famine in America? Why 99% of the U.S. Is in Danger of Starvation” that, in part, says:

“At the turn of the 20th century, more than fifty percent of the American labor force earned a living through direct involvement in agriculture, but this number decreased to just 2% by the year 2000. Even more frighteningly, only .8% of Americans are involved in the industry full-time.

During the Great Depression, formerly wealthy executives stood in line for hours waiting in ragged clothes for a hand-out of hot soup, while the rural “poor” went about life as usual, barely noticing the Depression. Survivors of the Depression who lived in agrarian regions often joked that they were “too poor to notice the stock market crash”, but they were, in fact, better off than the majority of inner-city workers in that they never went hungry. As a result of this, the one-half of Americans with access to their own home-grown foods were exempt from the horrors of the Great Depression.

Now imagine that, instead of 50% of the population suffering from the woes of an economic collapse, it was the 99.2% who are not involved in agriculture full-time. The comparison makes 1929 look like a walk in the park. Worse still, our food transportation services are now fully dependent on massive amounts of petroleum for transport, and the distances of food transportation have increased from tens of miles to thousands, which makes the modern grocery network look even more fragile by comparison.

Lost in our false sense of security, America has now forgotten the fine arts of gardening, canning, tending livestock, and cooking from scratch, and people who continue to do so are considered to be old-fashioned or out-dated. Anyone who tries to prepare and begins stockpiling food or raising hens is called an alarmist, and the vast majority of urban and suburban Americans make no attempt to prepare for the impending collapse.”


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9 Responses to " Obama Pleads For Russian Help As US Drought Apocalypse Grows "

  1. bowlan says:

    this is another story that is completely wrong.
    a huge crock of bull shit.
    the farmers havent even harvested yet.
    they do expect corn prices to jump by 40 percent but obama is not begging russia for help.
    get your story right retard ass face.

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    • Rob says:

      Why not stick your head where the sun doesn’t shine and hope for the best! People like you seem to just EXPECT everything to fall into place, without any effort on your part. Maybe you should stay asleep and keep dreaming!

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  2. James says:

    I have worked in almost every area of agriculture for many years (22). There is nothing currently wrong with our food supply. IN FACT, WE PRODUCE MORE THAN ANY OTHER NATION. The top 10 worldwide food producers are American.

    If we stopped all exports right now, we would not have the total storage capacity to hold it all and it would have to be left in the field to rot.



    The bit*h is actually located in ITS-A-REAL-LIE and claims that anyone who says anything bad; no matter how true, about some g-ds chosen nuts, its an enemy of the world and an “OH-SO-HORRIBLE” anti-Semite….oh noooooooooo! ROFLOL!

    Just another jew with delusions of grandeur; desirous to destroy yet another Western nation OF TRUE ISRAEL!

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    • JJ Cambell says:

      Control Food and water and natural resources and bring americans down to their knees.
      The Renewable Fuels Association reported 204 ethanol distilleries in operation and another 9 under construction or expansion as of December 2010, that upon completion, would bring U.S. total installed capacity to 14.6 billion US gallons. 14.6 BILLION. That’s a lot of corn. Not only has the cost for raising cattle skyrocketed due to feed cost, but in addition, many beef farmers have gone to raising corn for ethanol rather than staying in the cattle market. So enjoy your ultra-corrosive E10 gas America. You voted for it, so don’t complain about farmers or the price of beef with your mouth full.

      We are burnning our food for fuel.
      Look at companies like Monsanto who placed cockroach DNA in corn to make it survive its own Ready Round Up pesticide. They were a chemical warfare company back in the day, and caused cancer around the globe that will be felt in soils for hundreds of years. This corn fiasco was allowed to be patented, and Monsanto’s own employees now run the FDA. Their corn has blown across fields poisoning us all. You very food has been screwed by government. You may say, well I don’t eat corn. Corn syrup is in everything, and you need to read the labels. Corn syrup manufacturers wanted to change the name so just sugar, and you should fight this.

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  3. Ser_Korz_53 says:

    yellow news

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  4. Klim says:

    :) nice news!

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    • James says:

      It’s FALSE. You understand what false is right? Now before you think you have any bragging rights to stand over starving Americans and say “YIPPEE” you had better understand one thing:


      I personally love my RUSSIAN Kinspeople. What other race can take a cold and unforgiving land and turn it into a treasure? Only the White race can do this.

      If you think I’m going to hate you because a bunch of fucking inbred jewish BOLSHEVIKS tell me that you’re my enemy, you are mistaken.


      Long live the White people of Russia! Descendents of Vikings (Tribe of Benjamin) and heirs to the promises of YHWH ALMIGHTY.

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  5. Jean-Francois Morf says:

    Stop misusing food for ethanol C2H5OH production for cars!
    Use cellulose waste for methanol CH3-OH production for cars!
    Ecologists and banksters are killing peoples!

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  6. James says:


    When did WE vote for ethanol? I don’t recall that appearing on the ballot.

    If you’re talking about voting for SCUMMY SUBHUMAN candidate one over SCUMMY SUBHUMAN candidate number two, then I still think it is a stretch to try and put this off on the American people.

    Personally, I think voting itself is a scam and anyone who still practices that ancient art of skillfully wasting time, then that’s their choice – not that their vote will make one bit of difference as to who is SELECTED by the International DEMON jew.

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