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Mystery disease kills more than 60 Cambodian children

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Cambodian children

A searching has been underway in Cambodia over the cause of a mystery disease that has left more than 60 children killed over the past three months, the World Health Organization says.

WHO spokeswoman Aphaluck Bhatiasevi said Thursday the “undiagnosed syndrome” has killed 61 of the 62 children admitted to hospitals since April, but there’s no indication that is it spreading from person to person.

She said health efforts have been continuing in the southeastern Asian country to determine whether the cases were all the same disease or a collection of various illnesses.

The disease affected children under 10 years old and it comes first with a high fever, follows by neurological symptoms and severe respiratory problems that quickly progress.

The cases have been reported in hospitals in 14 provinces, with most occurring in southern Cambodia.

Health Minister Man Bung Heng said identification of the cause may take some time.

The neighboring countries were also alerted.


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