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Mexican protesters slam US arms trade policy

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Human rights activists hang a banner on a US Embassy fence after placing a plastic tank in front of the building, demanding an arms trade treaty to control weapons’ commerce between Mexico and the United States, Mexico City, Tuesday.

Mexican activists have staged a protest rally in front of the US Embassy in the capital Mexico City, criticizing the American government for blocking efforts to ban arms exports.

The protesters on Tuesday also called for further efforts to form a binding treaty to control the global weapons market.

“We demand the treaty includes a clause banning the exportation of weapons and sending weapons to countries where they can be used to violate human rights, where there is a serious risk human rights will be violated and however countries like the United States are defending to not include this clause or that it may be included, but weakened,” said Daniel Zapico from Amnesty International in Mexico.

“Obama has to show his commitment to human rights and ensure a rule is introduced to protect human rights without jeopardizing national security, pressure his allies and align himself with the whole of Latin America, Europe and Africa who are asking for a human rights rule within the treaty,” Zapico added.

Activists say one person dies every minute as a result of armed violence in different parts of the world.

Delegates from around the world have gathered in New York to hammer out the first binding treaty to regulate the global weapons market. Most UN member states favor a strong treaty.

The US and Russia are main suppliers of the international weapons market, valued at more than USD 60 billion a year.


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