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Merkel loses support on handling of debt crisis

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German Chancellor Merkel attends a session of German parliament (Bundestag).

Support has sharply declined for German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decisions regarding the eurozone’s spiraling debt crisis, a survey suggests.

The poll, conducted by YouGov and printed in the Monday edition of Bild newspaper, found only 33 percent in favor of Merkel’s stance, Reuters reported.

The steep erosion in domestic support for Merkel undermines her chance of winning a third term in a 2013 federal election.

A mid-July poll by ZDF-Politbarometer showed 63 percent of Germans favored Merkel’s handling of the debt crisis. Another poll at the start of July by Infratest-ARD put support for Merkel’s crisis policies at 58 percent.

Asked in the YouGov survey whether they feared for their savings, 44 percent of Germans responded affirmatively.

Merkel has been demonized across Europe mainly due to her demands for austerity in return for aid.

A June 29 Emnid poll suggested that Germans think their country’s economic conditions would improve if Europe’s top economy leaves the 17-member debt-stricken eurozone.

Several eurozone member states have been struggling with deep economic stagnancy since the bloc’s financial crisis began roughly five years ago.

The rising unemployment in Germany signals that even Europe’s biggest economy is not immune to the economic crisis in the eurozone and cannot be trusted upon to prop up growth.


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3 Responses to " Merkel loses support on handling of debt crisis "

  1. Alexander Ziggy says:

    I think Angela Merkel is right in demanding austerity measures – and the people demonising her are simply those who would lose entitlements which have been obtained through union thuggery. Italy, Greece and Spain can not go on doing what they are doing and expect to have a future. Let me challenge you with this question.. If you had just $1000 (or Euro) in your savings account and just had to survive – would the best way be to ‘spend’ your way out of it or tighten your belt and hold back on spending till you have more? You know the answer is to hold back. Well, hold back and stop the stupid spending and then things may just turn around.

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  2. Jean-Francois Morf says:

    In Europa, Angela Merkel remember exactly who has invented the self-fulfilling prophecy “PIIGS”:
    The over-indebted anglo-americans! (England has 950% GDP debt, but criticize PIIGS!)
    Anglo-americans banksters won trillions from Europe, speculating against European PIIGS!
    Are the PIIGS thinking that Angela Merkel invented the self-fulfilling prophecy?
    They should fight back, and invent a self-fulfilling prophecy against the Anglo-americans!

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  3. James says:

    Jean-Francois Morf,

    You are pretty ignorant about banking. You think that the Banksters that control Europe do not ALSO control America, AU, NZ, CN and all the other nations of the West?

    You are a fool to think that it is “American” Banksters when they are all the same – its one huge racket.


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