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Major Earthquake Warning Issued As Massive Solar Storm Pummels Earth

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The International Institute of Earthquake Prediction Theory and Mathematical Geophysics (MITPAN) department of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) is reporting to President Putin today that our world faces the “imminent threat” of a “major” to “catastrophic” earthquake to occur within the fortnight due to an “extreme” solar storm that has begun hitting Earth’s atmosphere.

According to MITPAN scientists, on 12 July the Sun exploded an X1.4-class solar flare from giant Sunspot 1520 [photo 2nd right] hurling it directly towards Earth at a velocity where it began hitting our planets upper atmosphere a few hours ago.

US scientists from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) confirmed the findings of their MITPAN counterparts warning that this geomagnetic storm is “strong to severe”, Earth-orbiting satellites could get disoriented, the electrical grid could experience “widespread voltage control problems” among other issues, and the aurora may be able to be seen as far south as Alabama and northern California.

Of greatest concern to MITPAN scientists, this report says, were the findings released by US scientists this past March, after our planet received a “direct hit” from another solar flare with NASA reporting that the direct interaction with the upper atmosphere from this solar storm, as measured by their SABER (Sounding of the Atmosphere using Broadband Emission Radiometry) instrument orbiting on the TIMED (Thermosphere, Ionosphere, Mesosphere, Energetics and Dynamics) satellite, showed the upper atmosphere heated up and huge spikes occurred in infrared emission from nitric oxide and carbon dioxide.

According to Marty Mlynczak, SABER’s associate-principal investigator at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, about the March 2012 event, “It’s been seven years since we’ve had a storm like that. This is the first major storm event since the deep solar minimum of 2008-2009. We are finally seeing the Sun ‘wake up’ as it proceeds to the next solar maximum.”

MITPAN scientists in their report, however, note that even though Mlynczak’s statement about the March 2012 Solar Storm event is accurate, NASA fails to mention the even more powerful 9 March 2011 X1.5 solar flare fired from our Sun directly at Earth.

The significance of the 9 March 2011 solar storm that hit Earth, this report says, was (and as NASA confirmed in their March 2012 report on SABER’s findings of the effects of solar storms on the upper atmosphere) the “rapid heating” of the atmosphere, called the ionosphere, over Japan [photo bottom].

Within days of this rapid heating of the upper atmosphere over their country, this report continues, Japan suffered its worst natural disaster in modern times when it was hit by the catastrophic Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami on 11 March 2011 that left nearly 30,000 people dead, injured and missing, destroyed over 500,000 homes and businesses, and created the worst nuclear disaster in human history.

Dimitar Ouzounov at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre in Maryland speculated that in the days before the Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami disaster, the stresses on geological faults in the Earth’s crust caused the release of large amounts of radon gas.

According to Ouzounov, this radioactive radon gas ionizes the air, giving it a charge, and since water is polar it is attracted to the charged particles in the air. This then leads to the water molecules in the air condensing (turning into liquid) – a process which releases heat. It was this excess heat, Ouzounov says, which was observed in the form of infrared radiation in recordings taken three days before the deadly magnitude 9 earthquake struck Japan.

MITPAN scientists in their report challenge Ouzounov’s “speculation” noting NASA’s own findings proving that the rapid heating of our Earth’s atmosphere does indeed occur due to solar storms.

What remains to be answered, MITPAN scientists say in their report, is what relation the heating of our Earth’s upper atmosphere has with earthquakes as there remains no scientific evidence to support any theory, and to report any theory as fact is reckless.

As the US has just declared its largest natural disaster ever due to their historic drought, and global food crisis fears rise as US corn soars, MITPAN scientists further warn that this massive solar storm could, indeed, be tied to the feared “Super Event” linked to the ever growing weather chaos pounding Earth.

To whatever the outcome of these events it is not in our knowing, other than to note that if one is not prepared for everything they are prepared for nothing.

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