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Italian researcher finds two new human faces on Mars

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The Italian researcher Matteo Ianneo has yet discovered two new human faces on Mars which look as if they were carved on the surface of the Red Planet.

These new discoveries add up to a previous set of past discoveries on Mars which raise new questions of whether Mars was ever a live planet just like Earth and if it was populated with some sort of creatures which were actually human. More than that, it looks like they were highly civilized too and knew how to carve statues.

Anyone can find these two newly discovered faces on Mars by using Google Earth, choosing Mars and navigating to the following coordinates: 47°36’6.66″N 63°20’20.41″E

Here are some images of the new discovery, please leave a comment with your opinion on this:

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Italian researcher finds two new human faces on Mars, 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings


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  • Pro Justice

    In his last theory, he showed in his evidence that he discovered “a great city on Mars”, and it was proven to be a hoax by someone who had a background in engineering. Now he’s saying he found “two new human faces on Mar”. Well, if people look hard enough at their deserts or at the clouds in the sky, you can find many different shapes and objects.

    They’ve been trying to convince us aliens are mankind’s common threat. So we must get together to build a missile defense system to protect earth from the tiny alien’s invasions.

    :roll: This would cost us multi-trillions of $$$$. And you know, it could be easily hijacked and the world would be conquered by a small group.

    Oh sure, signing a contract to prevent the conquering – Right, how delusional you are or unless you want to betray your own people. Whoever has the bigger gun wins the world, not the contract!

    :( Last month in the news, it was reported that there are apprx. 80 stealth super-jets, but now are not being used due to a lack of oxygen for a pilot. This is usually built into the aircraft before it ever gets off the drawing board; this is old technology for aircraft. But if these jets are in use, they operate similar to how an alien aircraft operates at super-sonic speed – which no one has ever seen one.

    :-x These days war strikes are pretty much from outer space; the main reason it will cause more devastation and cover much larger areas.

    The USA and Russia were doing nuclear testing during the 1960s. In about 1962 a nuclear test knocked out the entire electrical grids from New Zealand to Hawaii.

    Italian researcher disovers “great city” on Mars

  • fabio

    Sei un grande MATTEO bravissimo!!!! ma come fai??

  • Elia

    Fvoloso sei un genio sono convinto che qualcuno ti darà ragione. Bravo complimenti

  • Luciano

    Non credo che si stratti di una pareidolia, ei?? ma quale pareidolia, questo sta facendo cose da giganti,e in italia pochi ne parlano!

  • fausto


  • Guardiano

    Se questo è un effetto ottico allora compratevi un paio di occhiali.

  • Maria

    Sembrano 2 statue marito e moglie.

  • Martian

    Credo che questa persona pian piano ci stia regalando momenti bellissimi alla nostra italia.Grazie

  • clem

    There are many wonders that have yet to be disclosed by our publicly funded research. They have been hidden for the benefit of the few. This could truly be a better world to live in.

  • Lucia

    Indipendente a cosa puo essere, è da premiare questa persona perchè mette la sua passione e ci fa immaginare e sognare che non siamo gli unici nell’universo.
    Forse la storia è da rifare.

  • See how some of the secrets of the ancients are being revealed, how the pyramids and coral castle were built and much more. Man is rediscovering what our ancestors knew. Short video and more

  • franco


  • Harold

    Great work Mr. Matteo! I can confirm that I found this with Google Earth, really stunning. One question though, why are the authorities hiding the truth about the life on Mars?

  • Excalibur

    Here in Britain we have our own bloody alien invasion! Someone help us get rid of them! They are taking our jobs and our women, they spread like damn rabbits and they want to replace us in just a couple of years! They are constantly invading us from two different planets: planet Africa and planet Asia!

    HELP! SOS! The aliens are here! :-x


    I do not want to decide, but I believe in my theory that man is already on the planet Mars for a long time.

    • Harold

      WOW! Is this really you Mr Matteo or someone else posing as Mr Matteo? I wanted to congratulate you for this new discovery. Even though some people might not believe this and could think it’s just bull, I think no one on Earth could deny this discovery of yours which looks 100% man made: http://www.eutimes.net/2011/04/human-face-discovered-on-mars/

      Are there humans currently living on Mars? Is there and atmosphere on Mars with oxygen? What about plants?

    • Douglas France

      If a solar system-wide catastrophe did occur in 9,500 BC, and Mars-Earth bonds were severed, then these giant carvings may be our Martian cousins’ way of saying, “Don’t forget about us. Always remember.“



    • Jack Longchamp

      Yes that is a fact and I can prove it : I recently saw the movie “John Carter” and one of the guys can even jump about 500 yards or so !


    from my studies, one can not see the things I discovered. According to many experts are only pareidolie, according to my studies are the remains of several monumental civitò who populated Mars. It is possible that today there is still life, do not exclude that there was vegetation, oxygen and water.


    if anyone who observes these things says that it’s optical effects then it is not prepared to certain news. I am not a man who sees mirages, I see good and one day someone will give me reason.

  • rocco

    Un grande genio. Complimenti

  • giulio

    Non ti fermare Matteo vai avanti prima o poi vedrai che ti daranno ragione. Le tue scoperte sono fantastiche fuori dal normale.Complimenti

  • Harold

    Thank you for replying to my comment. This is really impressive!
    Too bad NASA hides this stuff from us, they probably want us to believe we are the only ones in this universe…

  • You are right, we are waiting for you guys. Come soon!


    • Jack Longchamp

      But we are, ourselves alone. Then again, who cares ;)

  • Riccardo

    Se questo è un altro effetto della natura allora questi ci prendono solo per stupidi. Allora questi ci nascondono qualcosa. Questo è sicuro

  • joe

    :(( very impressive find….much is coming out now and the internet is instrumentally importante in helping with the Awakening….i look forward to more and more disclosure …… about time…don’t expect the gov’t of USA or west to Disclose anything…but u might see it from China…not India…India wants bennies from the UN….good luck

  • Jack Longchamp

    :D He’s ! All ! Rigght !

    Clearly an ancient Martian culture had it’s own version of Mt. Rushmore there…

    Btw I am asking myself if Matteo is earning any money with this or if it is just his pastime fooling idiots.
    I mean he could just walk into a local loony home and harass them there ?

  • fabry

    I am convinced that this person will be the man of the century. I am convinced.
    Very clever.

  • Marzia

    Sono convinta che lei un giorno riceverà un grande premio. Nonostante ho letto molte critiche su quello che lei sta facendo, sono più che convinta che qualcuno premierà questo suo dono, che altri evidentemente non hanno.Qualcuno segue i suoi passi,e per il momento stà lì in silenzio.
    La gente è invidiosa, perchè è solo buona a criticare l’operato di altri , ma di suo non ha nulla. Vada avanti, prima o poi qualcuno le darà ragione. Parola mia.

  • Richard Murao

    critic or supporter,truth or nonsense,the continued evidence in all walks of alien presence by UFO,USO,ancient structuring,Mars photo’s ,they are ,truly intriguing, and always worth a ponder.

  • Franco 32

    Comincio a credere in questa persona. Forse qualcuno ha il timore, per la paura di svelare cose nascoste. vorrei chiederle SIG. Ianneo ma lei è un genio, ma come ha fatto a trovare queste cose, io credo che lei sia un uomo designato nel futuro ad essere citato nei libri di storia. Le cose che lei trova non vengono accettate dalla comunita, sa perchè ? perchè troppo perfette ed evidenti. Grazie per esistere.

  • MARCO34

    Un giorno vedrà il suo nome su tutti i libri di storia. Sono convinto che anche la NASA sia contenta che lei faccia vedere queste cose, non credo che essi non siano con voi. Gli enti forse sono ancora increduli, ma sono convinto che lei un giorno riceverà un grande premio, forse un Nobel, per aver individuato elementi molto evidenti su questa superficie. Per il momento dobbiamo solo aspettare. Questo vuole dire che sono convintissimo che lei sig. Ianneo ci nasconde molte verità, ho visto la sua ricerca e quella degli altri, la sua è di prima scelta, e secondo quello che io ho visto in giro, lei è al primo posto nel mondo.Grazie.

  • Richard

    Premio Nobel a questo ragazzo se lo merita. Io dico.. che un giorno lo vedremo sui libri di storia ne sono convinto, lui ha visto oltre ogni tecnologia. Ha visto.. molto lontano più di quanto potevano vedere strumenti costosissimi.

  • Francy

    Dovrebbe assumerlo la NASA.

  • Marco

    Potrebbe essere che questo signore viaggi nel tempo. Oppure venga dal futuro.

  • Marcello

    Ho visto le ricerche fatte da altri in materia, ma quello che fa questo signore , è sbalorditivo, solo con i suoi occhi e Google Earth trova cose che altri non vedono ma come fa? Forse ci nasconde qualche segrete che sapremo solo con il passare del tempo.

  • Lucia

    Forse è un sensitivo oppure ha dei poteri extrasensoriali che noi noi abbiamo.


    Oppure è un extraterrestre…..

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