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Feminist charged with hate crime for helping Muslim woman with groceries

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Want an example of how a liberal society is set up to eventually commit suicide? A feminist journalist from England, Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury, got involved in a case that serves as just such an example.

Heathcote-Drury got her world turned upside down over the last few months, and the liberalism of her own self-defeating British culture is what did her in. One has to feel for her, if only a little bit, but her case most certainly shines a spotlight on the failings of progressivism.

So, imagine the scene. A British, feminist journalist sees a woman in a hijab loading a large number of groceries onto the store conveyor belt at check out. She begins fuming with feminist ire because this Muslim woman’s husband stands idly by doing nothing to help the overworked woman load the groceries.

The journo can take it no more and just has to say something. She brusquely confronts the man telling him that his wife needs help loading the merchandise. She pushes past the man and starts helping the hijab-clad woman herself because, “This is what feminism’s about – women helping women.”

As it happened, neither the Muslim man nor his wife much appreciated the “social lesson” the journalist thought to teach them. And, as so many Muslims in Britain do, they proceeded to play the Brit’s liberalism against them. The couple cried racism and had the journalist arrested for a “hate crime.”

Like most journalists, this woman thought herself to be following the prescriptions of liberal principles. She thought she was being the queen of feminism, all-knowing and caring about the plight of minorities as she was taught to be. Yet, here she is accused of racism — of a hate crime, even!

How can it be?

We must realize, of course, that this Muslim man’s indifference to his wife’s toils is typical in many Muslim cultures. The groceries would be “women’s work,” after all. Women are often second-class citizens. And in the male-dominated Muslim world, women do all the work for the home and children. Everything.

Keeping with her ideology, this feminist journalist thought she was going to bully the Muslim man into following her ideas of how he should comport himself. Yet, even as she thought she was giving this male chauvinist a lesson in the niceties of western liberalism, her own ideology is the one responsible for allowing countless undocumented immigrants into her country, allowing them to bring their backwards, chauvinist ways to her local grocery store while telling them that this same culture is just as good as the west’s.

Her liberal ideology is responsible for giving this Muslim couple no reason at all to adopt her cultural ways. So, why should this Muslim man help his wife, anyway? His culture doesn’t allow for that, and this journalist’s culture is telling him that his culture is a-okay.

The fact that the Muslim couple then used the weakness in the journalist’s own culture to attack her by perverting her so-called “hate crime” laws — well, that is just too funny.

In the end, this journalist was lucky. Her court system returned a not guilty verdict for her. She was let off the hook. But the next pushy journalist — or other citizen — might not be so lucky. The next one may be thrown in jail because of liberalism gone wild.


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  • TaN00Ki

    That’s the only way those sheep will learn. At least I hope she learns.

  • kasdjkfopasd

    She should do that again so that she can get arrested and that hate crime can finally stick to her record. Now THAT would be funny :-D

  • Bonsai Guy

    If only the Huris was punishable by death,Lords and Commons reforms would then be enshrined in law.

  • James

    THIS STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN OF A SETUP…not that I care about muslims…and I care even less about feminist-bolsheviks…wonder is the b*tch was a jew?

    I mean the feminist bolshevik; not the “muslim” co-conspirators.

    The feminist THING certainly looks “jewish”…not quite human and all that…

  • Jeri

    This is very professionally done. This is a government or group “play”.

    The question is, what emotion where they trying to incite? What is their desired outcome?

  • DanW

    THAT WILL TEACH YOU! Her first problem was going against her own feminist ideals, what happened to “I am woman hear me roar”, and I don’t need a stinking man to help me. Second problem is that she expected chivalry from a muslim man, Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury is not very sharp. Can’t have it both ways darlin’.

  • sirjefferson180

    Hate-crime what? Pushing the muslim man aside? Well that should be sufficiently small-scale to be dismissed, also no hate-crime. Imho treating crimes differently because of motivation is bullshit anyway.

    The article is wrong with saying that such bullshit (like putting that woman on trial for hate-crime) is a correct (in the sense of the system) and standard element of a liberal society.

    Also, I find that woman’s feminism exaggerated, like feminism often is (putting groceries onto belt when buying them is not really hard work, also it can well be considered and held as a standard that that is a woman’s job without opressing/degrading women (the whole standard housewife principle is not actually anti-woman at all, it is just a standard which derived from tradition and partially also what they like to do (women are usually more interested in spending time with their family at home and servig them and doing the necessary work for that, while men are more interested in doing work outside, aren’they) – it’s of course different if the women are forced to adhere to this against their will, which they often are; if the muslim man were actively forcing his woman to do the work, the woman would have been right to intervene)

    you guys talking about jews and bolsheviks here are nuts, also this is a very small case

    • sirjefferson180

      (also, of course, helping her put the groceries can not considered be a crime at all)

  • sky

    Good bye England. What a shame.

  • She looks like a feminist doesn’t she? But I have very little sympathy for her. :-D

  • Ian

    Stupid socialist moron country. Silly woman reaps what she and her bleeding heart liberals have sewn. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka has dropped halal labelling on food because it is expensive and impractical! Which nation is more progressive?

  • Anna

    Perhaps the Muslim woman wanted to pack her groceries. Perhaps her husband stuffs all the heavy stuff into one thin bag and it bursts on the way to the car. That’s what mine does. Every time. He is totally banned from packing groceries.

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