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Eurozone crisis to worsen with Greek bailout package

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A majority of people in four European countries believe that the eurozone crisis will worsen after giving Greece the 130-billion-euro financing package.

The respondents to the phone survey that was carried out by the French opinion poll institute Ifop from June 18 to 21 were asked if they thought the eurozone economic crisis will worsen or improve after giving Greece the loan.

The results of the survey published on June 29 showed that 90 percent of the Spanish respondents, 88 percent of Italians, 84 percent of French, and 76 percent of Germans are pessimistic about the Greek bailout.

Should Greece be unable to reduce its debt, the French and German people are clearly in favor of Greece’s exclusion from the eurozone with 65 and 78 percent respectively, the same poll showed.

However, 51 percent of Spanish and 49 percent of Italians have a more divided judgment because they fear facing the same situation if the economic position of their countries does not improve.

Greece has the highest debt burden in proportion to the size of its economy in the 17-nation eurozone. Despite austerity cuts and the bailout funds, the country has been in recession since 2009.

Some 4,120 adults from Spain, Italy, France and Germany took part in the poll.


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  1. TRACER says:

    According to Greek history, Greece has never paid back a single dime in the last 140 years.
    What does Euro zone expect to SEE the money again, forget it and write it OFF

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