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Europe's Immigration and Identity

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Much has been said about the advantages of immigration and not much said about the disadvantges of it. At this particular time, Britain and Europe are, and have been, experiencing a surge of immigration that is unparalleled in their respective histories.

Never in history have such a diverse and sometimes alien cultures migrated into other civilizations in such a way and this without the consent or even sometimes knowledge of the peoples of those benighted nations.

In this short article I intend to dispel the Multicultural myth that immigration brings benefits to the peoples of various nations and instead intend to concentrate on the facts around immigration in the UK, though the overall analysis could well apply to any European nation experiencing high levels of immigration – this means all of them.

The Office for Budget Responsibility has recently announced that “Higher levels of immigration over the next 50 years would spare taxpayers from the need to endure much greater austerity”

They base this on the fact that we have an ageing population, and that old canard that these immigrants will pay for our pensions due to their supposed productivity and the fact they are younger.

The government has promised to cut immigration to the tens of thousands whilst the OBR wants immigration of around 140,000 per year, net cut of 110,000 from the present figure of 250,000 that we know about.

The OBR projects that the population of the UK would rise to 85.5 million by 2060 if present trends continue but would be only 77.6 million by 2060 if immigration could be cut to 140,000.

Figures published by the Office for National Statistics show that the population of England and Wales grew by 7.1 per cent to 56.1 million, twice the rate recorded in the previous decade.
When the census results for Northern Ireland and an estimate for Scotland are taken into account the UK population stands at around 63.1 million, up four million in the past decade; almost equivalent to adding the entire city of Manchester each year.

This does not include illegal immigration that according to Migration Watch is put between 500,000 and 900,000.
More than half the population growth has been driven by immigration, with two thirds of immigrants coming from non-EU countries.
The official figures also show: England is now the third most densely populated country in the EU, behind only Malta and the Netherlands.

In London, population density levels are 16 times higher than in the rest of the country.
In 20 years the population of our Island will be 70 million.
Now what is wrong with this picture?

The OBR is equating higher immigration with higher growth and productivity, but is this true?
Let us look briefly at one example that of Muslim immigration though I am not claiming this is representative of all immigrants.

The ‘total lifetime’ cost of a 25 year old immigrant who works for the minimum wage, marries, has two children, does not have a pension and therefore in retirement receives Pension Credit, and lives throughout in private rented housing.

The evaluations in this paper take the costs from the date of marriage at aged 25 through 40 years of work to retirement at 65 years of age and then 15 years of retirement.

The cost of this would be between £900,000 and £1.1 million. (Migration Watch)
“For example, compared with the UK average of 22% of the working age population being economically inactive, Somali, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Iranian immigrants are likely to be 81%, 56%, 55% and 48% economically inactive respectively”

In the UK only 47% of Muslim men and 24% of Muslim women are employed.
A Wikileaks cable also contained some interesting revelations about the levels of “disability” among Muslims in Britain.

Muslims were also found to have the highest disability rates – with 24 per cent of men and 21 per cent of women claiming a disability – while the cable also cited statistics claiming Muslims were also the most likely group to be unavailable for work or not actively seeking employment due to illness, their studies or family commitments. And a part of this tendency towards Disability is the fact of genetic malformations due to Cousin Marriage.

Finally: OBR also overlooks the fact that Muslims get old as well and will require the same benefits as anyone else.
Then of course we have the very real problem that not all immigrants are willing to integrate into society, this results in the following;
All over Europe, Islamic parallel societies are developing.

Many of them seem to move towards becoming Gaza-like areas, characterized by overpopulation, a low level of education, high crime rates, racism against Jews and other non-Muslim groups, an Islamic political and economic infrastructure, and a general hateful and often violent attitude against non-Islamic authorities and the surrounding non-Islamic areas.

This is the five-step evolution model of how European areas develop into violent areas violently fighting for autonomy and secession. Each step naturally leads to and supports the next.

1) Social housing areas. Low income and the natural wish to live with people of same faith and culture lead Muslims to move together into areas with cheap apartments. Social housing areas thus develop into Muslim areas.

2) Muslim areas. Muslim culture and religion become dominant in the areas, which allow Islamic values to take root. Muslim areas develop into Islamic areas.

3) Islamic areas. Homemade Sharia courts, police-like groups of adult men, imams, and Islamic havala banking appear. An unofficial political and economic Islamic infrastructure is in place, and its political identity and influence grows.

4) Political areas. Demands for official recognition of the unofficial religious infrastructure appear. Islamic areas develop into political forces that are steering towards conflict with secular laws.

5) Violent areas. Religious fanatics see it as their religious right to use threats and violence in order to get their demands fulfilled. They are born and raised in the country, they have citizenship, and they feel they have just as much right to live as they wish to as democratic-minded citizens feel.

Besides: According to the Quran, it is a sin to submit to secular law and non-Islamic authorities. Islamic politics has developed into a continuous conflict that often erupts into violence.

Islamic areas in China, Thailand, Russia, the Balkans and Africa already reached step five many years ago.

Dozens of countries surrounding the birthplace of the Muslims’ prophet were once Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist etc. — but have now reached step 6: Severe lack of human rights especially for women, no free speech, no real democracy, no scientific development etc. In short: they have become Islamic countries.

In Europe, thousands of cities already have Muslim areas. Hundreds of European cities have Islamic areas. Islamic organisations already made political demands that a handful of European areas should receive autonomy under Sharia law.

A scenario in which Islamic supremacists will forget about their demands and not use undemocratic methods in order to reach their goal is unlikely.
The fact of the matter is that the OBR is using a social model to make these calculations that is blatantly fictitious; not all people are the same, nor are all cultures.

They have deliberately left out all the component areas that could be used in order to calculate a proper cost/benefit analysis.

They are thoroughly wedded to the Multicultural mode and assumptions and therefore, their analysis – such as it is, is riddled with bias.
The basic question to ask is this “Can our country remain British with so many different people in it?”

Can our national identity survive being submerged under an immigrant tide and can our economy and physical infrastructure cope with so many people who are dependent upon it but contribute nothing towards it ?

Can we avoid a clash of civilisations and possible civil war?


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One Response to " Europe's Immigration and Identity "

  1. Erik says:

    “Can we avoid a clash of civilisations and possible civil war”?

    No. It’s a social time bomb. It’s the importation of revolution. Period. One only needs to live in a high density area in the USA to observe the proof. People don’t integrate. They only trust their small group. The Somalians, and their descendents, in my city are no more my countrymen, on any meaningful level other than legal, than are native Han Chinese in China. We aren’t culturally, physically, emotionally, or behaviorally similar. Literally, there is nothing to bind us and there never will be. This is proven through generations of immigrant populations that don’t integrate in a meaningful way, and the societal riff that they cause here every day. When this starts to matter is when things get tough. In a breakdown of society, people will split into smaller intra-national groups instead of pulling together as a single nation. If I were to join the army, I would feel zero connection with the mulch-cultural soldiers that I am supposed to fight for. To the contrary, I would view them as representatives of the force that divides my country and that my people must sacrifice their rightful meritocracy for. This lack or meaningful connection is a large, large problem for any country. Especially one that is as contentious as the USA in the eyes of much of the world, and one that may be forced to defend itself, on the ground, in the future.

    From a global perspective, look for who isn’t forced into multiculturalism, currently. Israel. China. Russia. East Europe, for now. Those are the countries that are not currently slated for complete degeneration/destruction. Forcing multiculturalism is obviously equivalent to a slow national suicide for anyone who has an ounce of geopolitical/sociopolitical sense and knowledge. Look for the double standard and shout to the rooftops about it, especially with Israel: which is the ethnic homeland of so many who are in charge of pushing multiculturalism on the rest of us. For all of the influence that they have in other countries, Israel should be awash in non-Jewish multi-racial immigrants if it’s people are to be at all consistent with the professed beliefs of their nationals living abroad and the groups that they represent.

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