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Communists and Migrants in Greece protest against nationalists

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Immigrant shopkeepers from the suburb of Nikaia, near Piraeus, held a demonstration in the central Aghiou Nikolaou Square on Thursday evening to protest a wave of threats by extreme rightwing protesters against them and a recent spike in racist attacks.

According to the migrants, members of the extreme-right Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) have told them to close their shops and leave the country.

The demonstration was attended by members of the Pakistani community and representatives of leftist and anti-racist groups. The rally was followed by a march to the Nikaia police precint with demonstrators claiming that the Greek Police are cooperating with the Golden Dawn to cover up attacks on immigrants.

While the demonstration was underway, members of Golden Dawn gathered at their offices in Nikaia but did not confront participants in the rally despite rumors on blogs that they would.


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