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Communist takes over European presidency

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Demetris Christofias, the Greek Cypriot President, who is the only communist leader within the European Union, has taken over the EU Presidency for a term of six months.

The EU presidency is a largely ceremonial role, but it is also a role that involves planning the blocs agenda and chairing many of its meetings at this pivotal time, especially with the Euro currency imploding rapidly. Are we to be inspired and impressed by this Russian educated silver haired statesman?Well, I am afraid not!

Since being elected President of Cyprus in 2008, Mr Christofias has replaced the Cypriot Pound and introduced the dreaded Euro to the Country, which has in turn ruined the previously healthy and steady economy.

Cyprus is my second home. One third of the island has already been taken by force in 1974 by Turkey when they killed men, women and children with their Christian ethnic cleansing policy.

The Greek Cypriot people are Christian, warm, friendly and family orientated and I genuinely want what’s best for them together along with the tens of thousands of Brits that live there too, but sadly not only is the economy teetering and building sites now motionless with hotels and whole parades of shops derelict, but Cyprus has just become the fourth European Country to ask for a bailout. Its economy has been completely mismanaged with huge loans being made to Greece, whom in turn cannot afford to repay because they stupidly adopted the doomed Euro too.

Cyprus now looks to Russia and the EU for financial aid. Mr Christofias recently told Brussels reporters “We need money to develop our economy and we need money to recapitalise our banks”.

He added “The Russians, as good friends of Cyprus, want to take care of us” adding that he was prepared to take money from both Moscow and its partners in the Euro zone if it would help put the islands small and vulnerable economy back on track.

I have no doubt in my mind that the EU will bail out Cyprus, especially as the crafty President has been making overtures to the Russians for the bailout money.

The EU won’t let the Russians bail out a European Country, especially as we all know that the Russians have Nationalist leanings and are therefore not in favour, unlike China who are very much in favour and are well known for being the torture capital of the world.

I was very surprised at the timing of Mr Christofias’ EU Presidency appointment. He cannot even run his own economy and balance the books so let’s give him a bigger one instead!

This whole scenario would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic. No prizes for guessing who will be paying for the recapitalizing of Cyprus – yes US the taxpayers!

With just under two years to go before the next Euro Elections, we must work hard to get more MEP’s elected next time to our bloc of European Nationalists who are the only hope for all the indigenous peoples of Europe.


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