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Chertoff Suggests Precrime Solution to Mass Shooting Psychos

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Cognizant of the fact grabbing guns from law-abiding citizens will not stop psychos from engaging in mass shootings, former Homeland Security boss Michael Chertoff believes government should hone its ability to spot criminals and terrorists before they inflict damage on society.

“We need to understand more about the signs that show somebody is either becoming deranged or becoming a terrorist, because there’s a commonality we see again and again, which is a sudden change in behavior, usually some element of becoming more isolated and changing the way you relate to people,” Chertoff said over the weekend on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Chertoff tried to link the Aurora shooting to Muslim terrorism by mentioning Major Hasan.

“The question there again was how come Major [Nidal Malik] Hasan was not detected earlier before the horrible shootings in Fort Hood,” he said. “It was, in a sense, a failure of imagination. Here’s somebody who was getting radicalized, who was communicating with a terrorist over the internet and yet the people looking at that somehow they couldn’t get their heads around the assumption that somehow because he was an army officer, he couldn’t be turning in a bad direction. So we need to rethink our approach to this.”

Hasan supposedly connived with Anwar al-Awlaki, the Pentagon dinner guest allegedly killed in Yemen by the CIA and the Joint Special Operations Command.

The Aurora and Fort Hood shootings have absolutely nothing in common – except they are both mass killings – but this is irrelevant for the opportunist Chertoff who is more interested in pushing his neocon agenda of forever war against the enemies of Israel. He also has a financial interest in the war against manufactured enemies – his security consulting agency, Chertoff Group, includes a client that manufactures porno scanners for locked-down airports in the United States.

Chertoff has a vested interest in keeping the lucrative war on terror going for as long as possible and may get the opportunity in November. In 2011, he was invited to join a select number of fellow neocons – including Robert Kagan, Eliot Cohen, Dan Senor and other Bush era leftovers – as candidate Romney’s foreign policy “advisory team.”

Despite Chertoff’s obsession with the completely overblown threat posed by radicalized Muslims, the Department of Homeland Security has moved to incorporate precrime in its modus operandi and the shootings in Colorado may work in its favor.

In October, Declan McCullagh reported that a program designed to predict whether a person will commit a crime was being tested.

Earlier in 2011, we reported on efforts by the DHS to subject Americans to precrime interrogations and physiological scans to detect “malintent” at sports stadiums, malls, airports and other public places.

The precrime schemes are an expansion of the “See Something, Say Something” program rolled out by the mega-agency. The creepy program is ominously akin to efforts by East Germany’s Stasi to turn citizens into stool pigeons.

“At the height of its influence around one in seven of the East German population was an informant for the Stasi. As in Nazi Germany, the creation of an informant system was wholly centered around identifying political dissidents and those with grievances against the state, and had little or nothing to do with genuine security concerns,” Washington’s Blog wrote in February.

Likewise, Chertoff’s suggestion that officialdom somehow ferret out “deranged terrorists” and other malcontents is not a serious effort to put an end to mass murder, but it is part of a political agenda (in Chertoff’s case, keeping the Islamic jihadist threat myth alive).

Beyond the Muslim threat, the state is interested in finding “deranged” political opponents before they exercise their First Amendment right to seek a redress of grievances and other terrorist solutions to tyranny.

Chertoff and the establishment know it is virtually impossible to prevent lunatics from engaging in public mass murder. Instead, they are moving to create a framework of surveillance and a network of “see something, say something” informants that will be used for political purposes under the transparent guise of protecting innocents from terrorists.


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  • James

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    The ONLY solution to the jewish (EDOMTE/KHAZAR) problem is complete and total elimination!

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  • James

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    Those who worship the jew are blind and deaf. Unfortunately these brainless wonders who support the jew, can still run their mouths like whores; even though they are absolutely dumb.

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  • Jamudian

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  • Discover Renewable Energy

    The best solution: Fast and Furious the guns to every American so everyone has an equal chance of being victorious… I am ABSOLUTELY kidding of course. A GOOD solution, however (in my opinion) is to maintain the second amendment, educate the public on how to spot trouble, and encourage them to own defensive weapons so that 1) The purpose of that amendment is still fulfilled, 2) EVERYONE is better protected (Handgun carry permit holders are statistically unlikely to commit crime (with their weapons)), 3) Our economy would get a boost from the weapon and ammo purchases, 4) We can cut defense spending (or the excuse of it anyway) because our citizens are more capable to defend themselves and loved ones. *I support our troops, completely! I do not support the bullshit they have to go through. Come home men and women! The place for heroes is at home. ** Furthermore, if you see someone bad-mouth or spit on a vet… step up and “knock ’em the F*%# out.” 5) Continue the pros of this list. No one deserves to die. The best punishment is a life in seclusion and knowing you will answer to your OWN God. It’s like dealing with a child “You’re in time out, wait til your father gets home!” Lol!

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  • James


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