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Bomb explosion destroys 22 NATO trucks in Afghanistan

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Firefighters try to extinguish a burning NATO supply oil tanker following an attack by gunmen on the outskirts of Quetta, June 19, 2011.

A bomb explosion has destroyed 22 US-led NATO trucks carrying supplies for US-led forces in Afghanistan’s Samangan Province, an Afghan official says.

The incident took place on Wednesday after a magnetic bomb placed in a parking lot exploded, setting the supply trucks ablaze.

The trucks were parked for a rest-stop in a parking lot in Rabatak area. The vehicles were transporting equipments and fuel to Afghanistan from neighboring Uzbekistan.

Last week, one truck driver was killed and four security guards were injured after Taliban militants set 12 NATO tankers on fire in Sayed-Abad district in Wardak Province.

The attacks came after Pakistan agreed to reopen NATO supply routes into Afghanistan after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she regretted the death of 24 Pakistani soldiers in a US-led air strike in November 2011.

The move, however, has provoked criticism from Pakistani people who poured into the streets across the country to ask the government to close the routes again.


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