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American Rebel Forces Attack Gas Pipelines, Explode Trains As US Civil War Nears

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A disturbing new report prepared by the Federal Security Service (FSB) states that in the past 3 weeks American rebel forces battling against the US government have “retaliated in force” after the massacre of at least 380 men, women and children attending a clandestine Michigan meeting held earlier last month who were targeted for annihilation by the Obama regime.

According to this report, the first attack was carried out on 17 June by Anson Chi [first photo left] who was badly injured when his bomb failed to properly detonate a major gas pipeline in Plano, Texas. US expert Don Deaver stated to Texas media sources that if Chi had been successful in detonating his bomb this attack would have been “catastrophic.”

The Washington Post News Service further reports that Chi has been lashing out for years online against what he sees as governmental oppression. His Facebook page includes postings in which he criticizes the Federal Reserve, calling it a private bank. “What does this mean? It means your life is under control by greedy private bankers, especially since they print YOUR money based on nothing but thin air! Slavery never ended…” he wrote.

The second attack of this “rebel rampage” against the Obama regime occurred two days later on 19 June, this report says, when another bomb attempt against a gas pipeline was made against hotel in Nashville, Tennessee where nearly 5,000 local US Sheriffs and their guests were holding a convention. Though this bomb did detonate, the FSB says, it was placed on the wrong side of the regulator and no one was injured in this attack.

The third, and deadliest, attack occurred on 24 June when two trains crashed in a fiery head-on collision [photo bottom left] in the Oklahoma Panhandle killing 3 crew members. According to this report, this rebel attack against the Obama regime was the most ominous in that the level of computer sophistication used to put these two trains on the same track going at high rates of speed prove the American rebel forces skills at causing “massive destruction events.”

According to the Infowars.Com News Service, the Obama regime was quick to lash out against these rebel forces with a new study funded by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that characterizes Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority” and “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing” terrorists.

This FSB report also notes that tensions between American rebel forces and the Obama regime are bound to escalate after the US Supreme Court made a recent ruling severely limiting the Federal Governments right to interfere with its individual States.

Though this ruling appeared to support what is called “Obamacare” after the US Supreme Court turned its mandate into a tax, the New York Times News Service states that, in fact, the federal government may have won the battle but lost the war as its powers over the States was severely curtailed for the first time in decades.

As the Obama regime is reportedly hiring nearly 17,000 Internal Revenue Service agents to begin compelling Americans to accept the provisions of Obamacare, this report continues, the curtailing of federal government powers by the US Supreme Court leaves the individual States to opt out of this controversial healthcare law and which many of them have already stated they will do.

The greatest danger to the United States now, this report warns, is that in 1869, following the American Civil War, the US Supreme Court ruled that even though the unilateral secession of the individual States was unconstitutional, they further noted that revolution or consent of the States could lead to a successful secession.

The practical effect of these US Supreme Court rulings, FSB legal experts note in this report, is that an Obama regime faced with a growing rebellion among its populace would be defenseless against a group of States deciding to secede and throw off the yoke of federal government tyranny.

Interesting to note, and confirming the growing tension in the US, is a new Pew Research Center report released early last month stating that America is more divided than ever along partisan lines, and that the differences between Democrats and Republicans outstrip differences between Americans of different races, genders, ages and incomes, a situation not seen since the Civil War years of the late 1850’s and 1860’s.

Important to note, too, and as we’ve seen in Egypt, Syria, Libya, etc., the Obama regime, like all tyrannical dictatorships, is maintaining a stringent news blackout on their growing battle with American rebel forces and which, shamefully, the “mainstream” US media is supporting.

To what will be the “final spark” that ignites a full scale civil war in America this report does not say, other than to note they expect it to occur “much sooner than later.”


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  • bowlan

    who is the stuped basterd who posted this bull sht story.
    it never happened.
    get your story straight you dumb bunch of basterds.



      • Ser_Korz_53

        FSB does not report to this organization. and would keep this kind of reports privet if it was true ; so it is not.

    • Ser_Korz_53

      there is a lot of fiction and exaggeration on this news organization page. mostly entertainment . “This FSB report also notes that tensions between American rebel forces and the Obama regime are bound to escalate after the US Supreme Court made a recent ruling “. :roll: FSB does not report to this organization. and would keep this kind of reports privet if it was true ; so it is not.

  • Jack Longchamp

    Rebel Forces ? Annihilation ? What a Joke.

    “It means your life is under control by greedy private bankers, especially since they print YOUR money based on nothing but thin air! Slavery never ended”

    is of course true but that has never been different, humans deserve nothing else ;)

    Nice entertaining story, need to read something like this once in a while…

  • dfgdfg

    Rebel Forces play Nintendo and fart and poop with Obama Forces in private room all day with nasty smelly orgies that Supreme Court allow :-o

  • Pro Justice

    What a disgraceful thing to say in the article on America’s birthday, especially to black list righ-twing victims of the 1% – The SUPER RICH!. Btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!

    Conservatives should be worried and be very careful. As we have seen repeatedly in the past, BEFORE the oppression happens, victims are being ridiculed in the press :( – And conservatives are the ones in this case.

    :-x Liberals own and run the media, and regardless of what happened or who did it, they (Liberals) still blamed Conservatives.

    And why liberal propagandists (so-called journalists or conservative shills) can make all kind of statements but no one else can cay a word?
    Hmmm, what A DOUBLE STANDARD.

    • Pro Justice


      :-D They know what’s best for them and for their countries.

      :-D Their NATURAL INSTINCT (NATURAL RIGHT) is what helps them to SURVIVE and to know how to DEALT with any TIRANT or INVADER.

      — Liberals encourage Argentina’s president to fight for her country’s independence, but America is not allowed to protect their own country – A double standard?


      • Pro Justice

        Sorry, I meant the Amendment, #15.
        The #14th has more to do with the national debt.

        @ TYRONE JINKINNS — :-x You have a system that is so fine. You jump on every little comment someone makes against one of YOUR OWN. You behave like a BOOGEYMAN when someone disagrees with the author.

        :roll: Democrats control the White House and the upper house (the Senate) you need to demand them to work for the people; and the SENATE HOUSE CAN NULLIFY any existing bill they want.

        :roll: You must use your fear mongering tactics on citizens, bc citizens are not the ones who make the laws and since you stated the laws are illegal anyway. And your bogus postings did not show common sense or logic and are untrue and just your own statements.

        Or maybe after Obama and Hillary win the next election, they will impeach Obama. And make HILLARY Clinton the NEW president.

        :-x You are wrong again, bc you said the UN owns land.
        The United Nation (UN) does not own land, they are not businessmen.

        The UN: is an international organization comprising most of the countries of the world, formed in 1945 to promote peace, security, etc.. Each of the representative, he/she is represents their country. Their goals are preventing war, to solve world conflict, land disputes among countries and to feed the hungry and many other things.

        Mainly they are a peace keeping force, and they try their best to do just that if they have resources.

        TYRONE JINKINNS, don’t feed me any of your crap that you don’t believe and have the intent to mislead people. That’s a very dishonest and immoral thing to do.


      they ride together dont you see. they already sold us out. who owns half of our closed down military bases china. who owns our nationa park. the un. common do u think the un would let us violate all the rules of the guneva convention with war crimes crimes against humanity violatios and treason in the highest places. weve already been taken over..

      • Pro Justice

        @ Tyrone — I missed the word “NOT”, my bad, It should read, ……… “You must NOT use your fear mongering tactics on the citizens, bc they are not the ones who make the laws, and besides you stated the laws are illegal anyway.”

        Just because people don’t respond to your lies, because they’re ignoring you or they can’t for whatever other reasons. You’re very rude. You continue spamming and lecturing people with more garbage any way, which even you do not believe in.

        You liberals are currently in charge of the White House and the Senate, why don’t you just have your congressmen fix the messes that you mentioned? Don’t waste your time spamming other people’s postings.

        You’re a hypocrite, it’s okay for you to say
        1. “killing us they are here flouride in the water.”
        2. “treason in the highest places.”
        3. “we have a radical muslim terrist president.hes turned against us alis sudden.” ..

        However, it’s not okay for Bowlan to say he does not agree with the author, Sorcha Faal.

        Hmmm, a double standard!


      they are riding the same train. cfr bankers rokefellers elite globalist they are running the show. this election is already fixxed i know it..
      americi love my home here in america. b day is meaningless now..were on borrowed freedom know that.. keep thinking theres a future .no i dont think so with secret prisons population control. no one even talking bout the fukishima leaking and radiation in america. really we r dieing in the west already melt down the radiation levels in california have been 30 times over the safe limit for over a year,we r being decieved by obama in many directions.

    • Christine

      Thank you Pro for an insightful post and you can spell too!
      All joking aside, America is in trouble and that is the way the liar in chief wants it.
      I don’t know if this story is true or not but it wouldn’t surprise me if it is.
      This country can’t survive another four years of Barry and the Libtards.

  • John

    I haven’t heard anything or seen anything. There is no civil war going to happen. I don’t think anyone is even protesting right now. So this article is a joke. America is business as usual nothing going on but who is going to run for president this year.

    • Phil

      John what planet are you on? People are not even protesting? All over the net they are protesting. people are terrified about what the government is doing. Do you know they have banded political protests in washington DC? People are hoarding food and stocking up. The sale of guns in this country has gone through the roof.

  • freewill

    when the courts are stacked against us, what is the final option? innocent lives must always be preserved.

  • James

    More Sorcha Faal BS.

    It is a Zionist/Bolshevik front that calls ANYONE who disagrees with them “anti-Semitic”.

    This is pure childishness, but it is a common tactic of those lying, murdering jewish Bolsheviks to scream the victim when they are undoubtedly the victimizers of the world.

  • phurba

    i am offended by this garbage. the rich rule the WORLD. get over it. to have a civil war, there has to be an army strong enough to take on the US Army raised up from the civilian population to take on the establishment. show me this army. so what a guy built a bomb. ever hear of timothy mchveigh? so what the government took out some people. ever heard of the branch davidians? whoever you are that wrote this article, shame on you. no in fact i wish for a large blemish that oozes stuff to appear on your face. i dont care if it was a joke. in america we take civil war seriously since there was a thing called the CIVIL WAR. we werent even fully recovered from that waar when we went to fight world war one. have some proffesional integrity.

    • Pro Justice

      What we read from the internet is that some people are preparing for an economic collapse and for self defense against zombie attacks, but not for a Civil War with military weapons as a small group of media and liberal salesmen are trying to convince the world.

      And if there was going to be such a civil war in the near future, with today’s technology there is no way that we would not know about it.

      Civil war I between the Union and the Confederacy lasted from 1861-1865, and as a result many innocent lives were lost – especially for the South.

      :( Many new LAWS and AMENDMENTS were added; the 14th Amendment is more beneficial to the Democrats than the Republican s/a the voting blocs became heavily Democratic and more expensive programs were added.

      America’s political system is a multi-party system [Republican (R), Democrat (D), Libertarian (L), or (I), etc..] Again, today “It’s not who or what you vote for, it’s who counts the votes.” – ??

      — Every issue Democrats want, they put on the ballot in every single election until they pass.

      — Also the battlefields are now in the courtrooms and Democrats often are the winners. Because the lawyers of the super-rich write the laws, and they know where to insert the loopholes and how to use them to their advantage.

      However, in 1991 Dmitry Olov predicted America will be divided into six pieces and during the same year of the Soviet Union would collapse which was in 1991s. You can call it whatever you want, civil war or revolution, but it’s actually gang warfare which has already been planned for us. And the majority is not aware of this takeover plan. Even if knew, we still wouldn’t know what to do about it!!!

      Many industries (including the gun manufactures) in America were shut down in the 90’s, at the same time many gun companies were being sued. Who knows how many guns were sold through the black market.

      In 1991, Dmitry Orlov said, “The collapse of America is unavoidable” and “Reinventing collapse. Collapse of America will lead to worldwide rebellion.”

      :-x Americans disagree — to “Remake America without the Constitution” or “to divide America into pieces” and placed into he hands of the super-rich would be the end of America!

  • ThomasAdams

    I love to see my fellow americans so oblivious to our country falling apart around them. 9/11 should have been the tip of the iceberg. Everyone around me is sooo blissfully ignorant; Spoon fed their own beliefs. Funny how no one from the US hears about these incidents on our own soil. We will all be enslaved if we dont open our minds to the possibility that our government is not in control anymore. They are the long arm that enforces decisions passed on to them. Obama gets way to much credit for he only serves as a false hope, a detrimental set back to the psyche of Americans actually in desperate need of change. Sorry America, but 4th of July should serve as a reminder that we as americans need to stand up for the land our fathers died for. Soon you will wake up pennyless, jobless, and homeless. Im an ARMY brat and our US forces are made up of our families and fathers. All of us will have a choice to make soon, just as the Germans did during Hitlers reign. I pray for the ignorant and weak. You will be the first to go. :oops:
    Thomas Adams

  • EdenMar

    “A disturbing new report prepared by the Federal Security Service (FSB) states …” is the source for the first ‘story’ reported in this article.

    Running the linked page through Google translate shows no articles, on or about that date, even remotely resembling the event being reported. A Russian-speaking friend, asked to confirm this, also sees nothing, presumably after looking a bit deeper. None of the previous posts indicate anyone has tried to verify whether or not the quoted source really exists.

    “Blowback” is the unintended effect of misinformation, including but not limited to government sources. Let us also hope publishing of inflammatory, unsubstantiated ‘news’ items does not also create its own “blowback”, by harming the rights those working for change through legitimate channels.

    • tyrone jinkkins

      :-D :oops: :-x :-o :cry: :oops: :-D :roll: :oops: :( :cry: :-x this is the sad fact.nfact no mainsream news will cover this cus its too exsream for our citizens to take.killing us they are here flouride in the water.our president aint telling us anything bout the high levels of raidiation no ones mentioning.they setting us up for death here.help us .we have a radical muslim terrist president.hes turned against us alis sudden

  • Trout

    So your painting a civil war in the US …. between American rebels and the Obama regime . Don’t you think you should have a few more points of proof before shooting your mouth off about an armed conflict ? Your telling a story of civil warfare. Care to back that up a little more than you have ?

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