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Zombie Apocalypse Training Drills Ensue as Zombie-Like Attacks on the Rise

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The world is a strange place as zombie preparation drills have now been carried out due to a recent wave of zombie-like attacks throughout the country.

Most recently of which was a man high on an unknown substance biting a human bicep in a “zombie-like” attack.

An ABC excerpt reads;

PALMETTO, Fla. – When Jeffrey Blake woke up in his Palmetto home Thursday morning, he had no idea the bizarre scuffle with his son-in-law the night before would thrust him into worldwide headlines about another “zombie” attack.

“It didn’t occur to me, to tell you the truth,” Blake said. The 48-year old was attacked and was bitten on the arm by the man who had stripped naked. When the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office described the bite as a “chunk of meat” out of Blake’s arm, the story quickly appeared throughout the internet.

In reality, Blake ended up with a bruised bicep with a minor puncture wound.

Still, the incident has similarities to the world-famous assault in Miami in which a man chewed off the face of a homeless man along a busy highway. Blake described 25-year old Charles Baker as “wild,” throwing furniture and tearing off his clothes.

“I don’t know what was in his body but whatever it was, it was mighty powerful,” Blake said.

And to top it all off, zombie disaster drills are now being practiced.

WLBZ2 did a piece on a Zombie Apocalypse Drill, it reads;

First responders and emergency agencies converged in Bangor to fend off the devastation of a zombie apocalypse.

While there wasn’t a real outbreak plaguing people, the gathering served as a training session on how to respond to an epidemic if one spread through Maine.

In the mock situation, disease, chaos and the walking dead took over. While the zombie apocalypse wasn’t real pandemics like the H1N1 virus in 2009 and the SARS outbreak in 2002 have proven to authorities they need to be prepared for anything.

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3 Responses to " Zombie Apocalypse Training Drills Ensue as Zombie-Like Attacks on the Rise "

  1. Rich says:

    And you thought all those zombie movies were JUST for entertainment??

    Movies are part of predictive programming and they very often TELL you what’s coming for real. Hard as it is for the average blind, dumbed down naive person to accept, it’s true. A great many things that are in movies are what the psycopaths in control have been ACTIVELY planning to unleash on the public for over 60 years now. They’re giving you warnings via movies.

    Of course most people THINK that they’re JUST for entertainment, and right now that’s true. But they’re also subtle and not so subtle warning about what’s really planned AND what’s really coming as well.

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    • kristin says:

      That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard

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    • mike says:

      i agree they have been working on it for years now. It might not be exactly like the movies as far as it being the living dead but its just a matter of time before they let it go, and when that happens you have to be prepared for it just like any other desaster, and to all those “naive” people out there your gonna be zombie fodder.

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