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Supreme Court upholds Arizona immigration law

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The US Supreme Court finally ruled on the constitutionality of Arizona’s controversial immigration law Monday, striking down three provisions of the legislation while upholding the scandalous “show me your papers” section.

The Court has struck down most of Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration legislation, which was enacted two years earlier.

The high court ruled that Arizona’s policy of imprisoning undocumented immigrants for not possessing federal registration cards was unconstitutional. It also declared that the state could not make it a crime for illegal immigrants to seek work, while it prohibited state and local law enforcement agenciesfrom arresting immigrants without a warrant.

But the court decided that one highly contentious part of the law could go forward — a provision requiring police to check the status of someone they suspect is in the United States illegally.

However, the court’s ruling takes the sting out of the law by prohibiting police officers from arresting people on minor immigration charges.

“By authorizing state and local officers to make warrantless arrests of certain aliens suspected of being removable, [Section 6 of SB 1070] too creates an obstacle to federal law. As a general rule, it is not a crime for a removable alien to remain in the United States,” writes the court.

“Show me your papers” is a power granted to the police of many European nations. It is not granted to any American police as of yet. They can ask for ID, but anybody can ask anybody to see their ID, but you do not have to show it to them. In Russia for example, anyone who does not show ID and proper address registration when randomly asked, is carted off to jail.

The law simply requires police to check legal status when they have detained someone for another, legitimate reason.

This is a substantial victory for the Latino pro Atzlan/La Raza colonists and their ZOG sponsors. Not only did SCOTUS say it is legal for illegal aliens to look for work, but that it’s illegal for a state to deport them.

The sovereignty and independence of Latin American nations is as important as any other nations. President Obama should protect its nation just like Rafael Correa and Evo Morales protect their nations from cultural and physical annihilation.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, meanwhile, declared the ruling a victory for her state, saying the “heart” of the law can now be implemented “in accordance with the US Constitution.”

An estimated 11 million people live in the United States illegally, most of them are Latinos and roughly half are visa overstays.

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