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Russia Shocked After Thousands Of Americans Beg Obama Not To Kill Them

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A new report by the Security Council of the Russian Federation (SCRF) expressed “extreme shock” after evidence was presented that thousands of Americans are now begging President Obama not to kill them as the United States accelerates it push towards becoming the most powerful police state modern history has ever seen.

The evidence presented to the SCRF for this finding was a new petition to Obama from terrified American citizens on the official White House website posted this past week titled “Create a Do Not Kill List” which says:

“The New York Times reports that President Obama has created an official “kill list” that he uses to personally order the assassination of American citizens. Considering that the government already has a “Do Not Call” list and a “No Fly” list, we hereby request that the White House create a “Do Not Kill” list in which American citizens can sign up to avoid being put on the president’s “kill list” and therefore avoid being executed without indictment, judge, jury, trial or due process of law.”

The New York Times editorial cited by those Americans in their petition begging Obama not to kill them was titled “Too Much Power for a President” and began by stating:

“It has been clear for years that the Obama administration believes the shadow war on terrorism gives it the power to choose targets for assassination, including Americans, without any oversight. On Tuesday, The New York Times revealed who was actually making the final decision on the biggest killings and drone strikes: President Obama himself. And that is very troubling.”

According to the WSWS News Service, however, about this New York Times editorial it is stated:

“The article in America’s “newspaper of record” was not meant as an exposé of these war crimes or the president’s assertion of unchecked power to kill anyone he chooses. On the contrary, it was a sympathetic portrait written in close collaboration with administration officials. For the administration and the ruling class that it serves, such a demonstration of illegality is considered to be a political strength.

In regards to Anwar al-Awlaki—the New Mexican-born cleric incinerated along with another US-born man in a September 2011 drone attack in Yemen—the Times noted that Obama virtually boasted that his decision to order the execution of US citizens was “an easy one.”

Knowing full well that the president has no legal power to assassinate US citizens who are not charged, let alone convicted, of a crime, the administration has concocted a pseudo-legal cover for its violation of the US Constitution. The Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel provided the president with a memo—which the administration has kept secret—justifying such an attack on the grounds that, as the Times reports, “while the Fifth Amendment’s guarantee of due process applied, it could be satisfied by internal deliberations in the executive branch.”

Glen Greenwald, one of the most highly respected of America’s constitutional lawyers, further warns that Obama, in an effort to limit the reporting of thousands of innocent civilians being killed by US drone strikes, has re-defined “militant” to mean “all military-age males in a strike zone.” And if that were frightening enough, Obama has further named the United States itself as a “strike/battle zone” allowing him to kill any American citizen in their own home he so chooses.

Making this situation even more dire for Americans, this report continues, are new reports emerging last week that the Obama regime is preparing to equip over 18,000 local US police departments with spy drones that can be fitted with weapons “at a moments notice” for use in domestic operations creating for these once free people a future of “robot assassins” and “spy aircraft.”

To the American people living under Obama, who London’s Daily Telegraph described this past week as a “ruthless slayer of terrorist suspects five months before he faces re-election,” their appears to be no respite as these beleaguered citizens are further being told to brace themselves for more warrantless FBI searches and are further being warned that their once free highway systems are now being turned into a “high tech prison grid.”

To how the Obama regime will justify itself when it begins assassinating American citizens in their own homes a further chilling clue was given this past week, and as we can, in part, read as reported by the PakAlert News Service in their article titled New Bill Would Make It Legal To Target Propaganda And “Psychological Operations” Directly At U.S. Citizens:

“An amendment that has been added to a new defense bill in Congress would make it legal to target propaganda and “psychological operations” directly at U.S. citizens. The latest version of the National Defense Authorization Act would overturn the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 and the Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1987. Those two laws essentially make it illegal for propaganda that is used to influence public opinion overseas to be targeted at U.S. citizens back here at home. If those two laws are struck down, there will be essentially very few limits to what the U.S. government can do to shape our opinions. The government would be able to bombard us with propaganda messages on television, on the radio, in our newspapers and on the Internet and there would not even be a requirement that those messages be true.”

To what has caused the once great United States to spiral into such a wicked and dangerous state where its citizens today cower in fear can, perhaps, be best summed up by one of their Founding Fathers, and second President, John Adams who warned all future generations of Americans: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”


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  • Jman

    9/11 was the biggest example of this. The illuminati have been killing people for years.

  • gromyko

    illuminati, bilderberg mafias, etc… these gangsters control america and europe as well. chemtrails, monsanto, gmo foods, chemicals in foods, teflon…and 1000 more killing tools

  • bowlan

    what kind of bull shit is this story.
    its not true and a complete properganda lie.
    people are concerned about drones being used to spy on people but no body is warried about being killed by them.
    get your story straight fool before posting it.
    i live in america and i know that story is bull shit.

    • David

      Thats the problem, America is filled with people like you who are too afraid of realizing the cold truth. And will refuse to believe whats really happening. Our government trys to distort are perception of reality by censoring the media, and telling lies through propaganda, do you know that Japan is still struggling to advert a nuclear catastrophe that is capable of rendering the planet into a radioactive wast land, or did you buy all that bullshit they told you on the news and believe that everything is alright.

    • Rizzles

      I suppose you believe everything they spoon feed you on the news too, and if it’s not on CNN or Fox News then it didn’t happen, right? I’m a US citizen born and raised there and I’m so glad I got the F out a few years ago. You’d be wise to do the same if you cherish your freedom.

    • Pro Justice

      BOWLAN “what kind of bull shit is this story.
      its not true and a complete properganda lie.”

      SORCHA FALL is nothing more than a propaganda outlet and their info. can never be trusted.

      Not a single Congressman mentions DRONE was used to target their city or civilian population.

      – It has to be authorized by the Senate, which is currently controlled by the democrats. They can supercede Obama or any of the president’s Executive Branch. The Senate is responsible for Obama’s action, although it actually is Obama’s action, bc regardless of what their reasoning is, they are the ones who give him all their power.

      – It has to be approved by a general. Often he/she is not willing to risk their career or the possibility of facing a military court martial. But then again, the media might make up stories to justify any wrongful action. The media as we know are worse than any enemy standing army, through their spreading of lies and attacking their targets nonstop.

      – US Defense Secretary who is Democrat Leon Panetta, is the HEAD OF THE MILITARY -Panetta HAS TO APPROVE ALL MILTITARY ACTIONS(including using drones) as well as all the generals who are working under him.

      Leon Panetta who is a civilian and was formerly head of the CIA. He was promoted to the head of the military in May 2011.

      :roll: That’s why BIRTHER is still a big issue for the Republican party. Donald Trump vs Jeff Greenfield, Wolf Blitzer (CNN)+ George Stephanopoulos, Emily Friedman (ABC) + Chis Matthews (NBC)+ foreigners.

      :roll: The CIA is now under the State department, which is run by Hillary Clinton, and the budget is controlled by the head of military, Leon Panetta’s department.


      • Pro Justice

        My statement was not clear please accept my apology. If the citizens DO NOT KNOW, they are being target on the “kill list” as in SORCHA FAAL’s article, how do people know to BEG Obama or anyone else not to kill them?

        – It has to be approved by the Senate, which is currently controlled by the Democrat Party. With 2/3 of the Senate’s votes, our senators can cancel any bill and override Obama’s decision (the Executive Branch.)

        – Although it actually is Obama’s decision, all senators will be responsible for all of his action — Regardless if they know or do not know the consequences. That’s why the U.S. gov’t has “check and balance system.”

        :roll: Often the global media MISLEAD other people around the world. In reality, the US has three branches with equal power:

        :-D 1.The EXECUTIVE Branch: The president executes the bills

        :-D 2.LEGISLATIVE Branch: Has power to to make laws … with exclusive authority to raise or lower taxes. The legislative branch has the upper house (Senators) and lower house (the house of Representatives.) Sometime they are called congressmen (Legislator) in a general term.

        :-D 3. JUDICIARY Branch: System of courts that interprets and applies law in the name of the states.


        • Shadowhand18

          Thank you as well “Pro Justice” for providing information about the drone issue. As I mention before on this article there is so much propaganda lies going around here in America that sometimes it is hard to differentiate between the truth and made up stories. I also appreciated “Ross” for helping me understand that I should not have judge so hastily about how serious the drones can be if mishandled in the wrong hands. I still think the media is overexagerrating just a little about this, but it should be in the public seeing that they can also be used for invading the privacy of the American citizens or can create more chaos.

          I dont always agree on everything that president Obama has spoke about, and that both the democratic party and republican party are one in the same, but in truth President Obama is the better choice and the lesser of the two evils if you will say that. Lately, all I have been seeing is how Obama is doing everything wrong, but not many people are actually focusing on his accomplishments. He is trying to provide some sort of healthcare for everyone, his administration took out a known terrorist in under 3 years that a previous administration could not accomplish in 8, he tried to dismember all nuclear weapons, he supports woman rights over their own bodies and he is the first president in U.S history to support same sex marriages that can possibly end civil war once and for all.

          I am sorry but to me this is the right steps towards evolution and peace, if this makes me an idiot or naive I will fully accept this with open arms. Thanks again guys, it has been a pleasure to view everyone’s post about this issue. I hope to see more of your post in more articles in the future. :-D

          • Pro Justice

            @ Shadowhand18 – Your NAME says it all. It explains who you are and what your PLATFORMS are all about; and your postings speak for themselves as well.

            People have recognized you as a TROLL. I don’t feel the need to explain further. You don’t need to read your message, so you can sell your agenda girl.

            You and your group are doing just fine amongst yourselves, and you don’t need me.

            You, accolade your writers (s/a Sorcha Faal) to pump them up in order to sell your agenda, it’s a childs play. People are not stupid you know.

            When it comes to choosing candidates, SMART VOTERS will choose:

            :-D Someone who will walk the walk, not just talk the talk.
            :-x And America can not afford is any Liberal or Republican Career politician who turns into a BOOGEYMAN who scares the citizens in order to silence them – Has NOT PASSED a GOOD bill and has NOT STOP a BAD bill or any disaster…. REAL conservatives are not for Ron Paul and Rand Paul either.

            Obama is your idol politician. So? and we all know why.
            :( ooooh, what about Obama’s kill list, Obama and Joe Lieberman’s internet kill switch, expand the Patriot Act, chemtrail?

            :( And what about an army of liberal propagandists spending hours and hours defending Obama’s birth certificate instead of just showing it — Instead of spending time to fix the economy and the massive unemployment problems. 000h. how about bailing out? Or only helping friends/usurers???

            As Congressman Jindal said “Obama ‘Most Liberal, Most Incompetent’ President Since Carter.”

            :evil: Using gays to promote civil war as you said, by now no one should under estimate what your groups are capable of doing. God Bless America!!!!


          • Shadowhand18

            To “Pro Justice” for the POST BELOW:

            Let me clear some things up first before fully leaving this article

            1. I do not belong to any group or associations. I am an American citizen who is also concerned about whats going on here in America, and who is also trying to share information with the world, and post to issues that we are having here while telling the truth while also understand issues that I do not not from other citizens in America and around the world.

            2. I don’t have any writers nor do I have any intentions on pumping the crowd as you put it for an imaginary agenda. I’m not trolling anyone into arguements or anything if you or anyone else feel that way I would permenantly leave this entire website if you or anyone else feels that strongly about it. I admitted when I’m wrong and I am admitting that I also donot agree with all of president Obama’s decisions.

            3. If you actually read my post that I replied, I am actually given you a compliment on helping me understand certain knowledge that I did not know, as well as “Ross” for helping me understand certain issues that I should have paid more attention to, but if I had a choice, yes I would choose Obama over Romney and that is my personal choice. Nowhere in my post that I tried to force anyone to vote for any president, I only said that people should try and look at what was accomplished instead of saying that nothing has gotten done under the Obama administration

            4. I never said Obama is starting civil war using the homosexual community so do not try to twist my wordinngs. I said that Obama is the only president in U.S history to support gay marriage and it could Possibly END civil wars. That means that there could possibly be no more wars started here in America based on not everyone is being treated equal, and this is a very good thing.

            5. People are constantly throwing up the worlds “Liberal” or “Socialism” as if its a bad thing here in America! You do know what a Liberal is right?

            Liberal – An individual who shares a political ideaology or worldview funded on the ideas of LIBERTY and EQUALITY. Also an indiviual who supports ideas such as CONSTITUTIONALISM, LIBERAL DEMOCRACY, FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS, HUMAN RIGHTS, AND FREEDOM OF RELIGIONS. As for socialism just look it up yourself. By looking at your “God Bless America” comment at the end I can tell that you are a religious indvidual, that is perfectly fine. But you do know Jmmanuel (Jesus Christ) by actually understanding his teachings that he would be cosidered by today’s standards as a “Liberal” and “Socialist” right? So why do people constantly scream that being a liberal, or socialism is evil when the same prophet whos teachings included equal rights, and freedom to choose is the same ideaology that liberals share? That is another issue that people cannot understand even if it is staring them right in the face.

            6. Obama is not my Idol politician as you put it. Both parties are one in the same as I said before, but when I see progression, and a attempt to fix things by that individual, or an individual who has inherited an 8 year mess and is trying to put forth some effort to fix it, I can atleast notice it. As for your statement “Obama is your Idol Politican. So? and we all know why” actually tell me why! because I am only looking at things that he has talked about and tried to establish that I myself has talked about and wished to be changed. I do not agree on every policy or idea that he has, but when I see some kind of effort, again I can atleast notice it and appreciate it and I dont care who it is.

            7. Just so you know a President CANNOT just make bills and pass them all by himself/herself. The supreme court also has a role in this, so in a matter of speaking the President is just a figure head whether he/she is republican or democrat. The president have the ability to appoint supreme court memmbers, but then the courts have to pretty much coexist with the president on making, the bills and the president can give the Ok or not. If the supreme court says no to every bill it can create an issue even if the president has an idea of which ones to pass to help the country.

            8. You say there is an army of people spending hours to defend obamas birth certificate, this is old news that has been proven that he is an American citizen. How about the million and billionares that has spent tons of money to actually alter voting decisions to endorse a single candidate instead of spending that money to help develop technology to help better our world? Or the billions of corporate business backing Mitt Romney in political campaigns instead of fixing the economy. Again, both parties are one in the same so it is irrelevant to argue.

            With that being said, I will leave this article alone before it turns into a slugfest of both people spewing nothing but propaganda or arguing over issues that we all wish to change but both lack certain knowledge that could be used to actually help each other.

          • Shadowhand18


            I am sorry I meant the above post. Please excuse all “Typos”

    • It’s the thin edge of the wedge is it not?

      • Shadowhand18

        Yes it is “Rae Merrill! yes it is LOL :-D

      • Shadowhand18

        Yes it is “Rae Merrill”! yes it is LOL :-D

    • jon

      When I came to the USA I was shocked about american people, because they are slaves that believe to be free! Homes on loans ( overpriced, double paid for 30 years with horrible interest), buying everything on credit cards ( some of them have 5 of them ) and listening to tv lies all the time! Believing the crap to Bush when he said: God sent me to Iran! For over a decade they can see the USA is plundering other countries and americans pay for it and doing nothing against it. Now you are concenrned about drones above your homes? If you woud read Patriot ACT and the execute orders from Obama, you would understand who is the real terrorist!!!!

      • Len

        Bush said: “God sent me to Iran!”???!!
        PROVE IT!

    • James Hill

      Spell propaganda.

      And you think it’s a lie that the government is spying on people? That our highways and intersections are under surveillance? That our government can arrest citizens without a trial?

      The United States Government now has full power of search and seizure, and to confiscate private property. Each president’s administration contributes to this.

      WAKE UP

  • Ross

    It is a sad day when any nation practices war against another, when God called all mankind to live in peace. I am one of those American that is awake and a watchman if you will that freely sounds the alarm to all I can about the NWO, the Global Elite, and the United Nations Agenda 21, which all are against the whole of mankind. But there is something greater here then being in fear of what men shall do. For daily end times prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes. I fear not what any man can do to me because I know these times had to come and the end of them will come soon as well. Mankind has 4 years left and that is a fact. Biblical facts prove it out and the corrupt shall face the same God as we all shall. So whom shall I fear the man that can only destroy my body or fear him that can destroy both body and soul. According to Obama Care if not repealed a mandate within it shall be in effect March of 2013 to start chipping all American Citizen with the RFID CHIP. The important thing for all to know is this is the mark spoken of in the book of revelations. We are already in what Christ called the beginning of birth pains or beginning of sorrows which are the warning signs to all mankind that great tribulation is about to come upon all mankind. According to Jesus, Daniel, and the other prophets his return is coming soon very soon. The fact is mankind has become lovers of self more then lovers of God. Daniel and Christ both confirmed that the generation that sees the commandment go forth for Israel to become a nation state shall be the last generation. The Commandment went forth on November 30th, 1947 and a generation being 70 years gives mankind till 2016 to put an end to send and the Lords return in 2017. Obama did say one thing correct and that is that people are not reading their bibles! It is time that all mankind needs to repent because the days of great tribulation are coming and then the lords return. Where will you be standing when he comes.

    • Mary

      i agree with you Ross for you have spoken the truth.

    • James Hill

      Dearest Ross, next time you get your brain washed, try rinsing it out a few times. Mankind has 4 years left on earth? Your kind condemn the world because you can’t cope with it.
      Revelation was a first century prophesy. Some came to pass, some didn’t. Christians were being hunted down and killed when that book was written. John expected Christians to have to take a mark, for extermination, and it never happened because more moderate people were elected to power in Rome.
      666 was Nero, and other tyrants who were persecuting and killing Christians.
      Nice try, Ross. Man will be here in 4 years, 40 years, 40 years, and 4,000 years. So you and I will make a bet, Ross. Let’s both come to this website in 4 years and compare stories, shall we?
      Get a real education. You might like it.

  • Shadowhand18

    I live in America and no one here is begging not to be killed by Obama or anyone. This article is nothing more but complete idiocy by those who wrote it, and those who wish to believe in it. The major issues we are having here in America (and all over the world) is a shortage of employment, people who lack knowledge in voting for whats in their best interest, corrupt government officials who want to control woman’s rights, racial hate, lack of an education system, overpopulation, and people who cannot and will not stop worshipping man made fantasies that they are controlled by a deity who claims to love them, show love for others and teach them not to kill, but will kill them if they try to show love to someone of the same sex, or someone or thing that this deity does not agree with.

    In America, we are concerned about the drones seeing that they can be used to invade our privacy, and could start even more unprovoked wars in other countries, but NO ONE HERE IS BEGGING TO NOT BE KILLED BY PRESIDENT OBAMA’S POWERFUL, SUPERNATURAL, ULTIMATE, ARMAGEDDON SUPER DRONES as this article is insinuating. President Obama has done a good job at trying to clean an 8 year mess left behind by the Bush administration, but the people here are so manipulated by mainstream media (and articles such as this) that they vote for corrupt officials who are trying to take more money, and even more freedoms away, that is one of the most serious issues we have here in America not begging for our lives from robot drones.

    Here in America, many of the people are controlled by fear that is created from lack of knowledge, idiocy, and corrupt government officials and corporations who has to create a nonexistent “BoogeyMan” in order to manipulate the citizens in voting for whats against their freedoms. During the Reagan administration it was an alien threat to weaponize space, in the Bush Sr. administration it was the gulf war, in the Bush jr. administration it was a war on terrorist, now it seems like the new boogeman is obama’s drones but here is the catch NONE OF THEM EXISTED UNTIL THEY WERE CREATED BY OUR VERY OWN CORRUPT GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS.

    All in all, America is still a very nice place to live once you get over the issues that are plauging the entire planet so don’t be so quick to single out just America. Please educate yourself and understand there is nothing to fear but your own ignorance. Goodluck guys! :-D

    • Ross

      I am far from ignorant and as well am educated in the worlds events going on at the present time. We all can have opinions but that does not negate the facts. You tell others to educate themselves and that is cool everyone should know the what where when and why the things that are happening are happening. so for that I applaud you but, to say Obama is doing a good job is foolish, true Bush did leave a mess and Obama has only added to it. Both Obama and Romney are puppets of the Elite that truly are bringing about a New World Order. So in light of you telling others to get educated maybe just maybe you too should dig deeper into the truth of where this world is going and as your freedoms continue to disappear it was not because you had knowledge but it is because of your lack of knowledge that you will become enslaved. One thing Obama has said correctly is this; People haven’t been reading their bibles! That is a true fact because had they then they would understand the times we are in. To me it isn’t about creating fear but rather awareness of the things going on and Obamas Drone Policies as long as they don’t personally effect you they do effect others that have done nothing wrong, such as women and children being killed by them. So maybe you should take your head out of the sand and formulate a proper understanding that drones kill people and they don’t always kill the boogieman.
      Good luck to you!

  • FreddyQ

    Umm is it just me or you guys are really noobs and ignorants?

    This article is 100% FACT, its even on the White House’s website: https://wwws.whitehouse.gov/petitions#!/petition/create-do-not-kill-list/HwqFwRtG

    The New York Times has written about it: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/29/world/obamas-leadership-in-war-on-al-qaeda.html?pagewanted=all

    RT, Huffington Post, Politico and just about EVERYONE reported on this but you guys never heard of it and call it “fabricated story”?? Where the fuck do you all live? In the desert or something?

    Furthermore I saw plenty of sources and links given in this article to back it up for you noobs but you guys still can’t see them? WTF wrong with people these days?

    Next time you noobs decide to leave comments just Google it out if you have doubts and try to see if others reported on similar stuff.

    • Ross

      Freddy Q; I was not disputing anything about the article and for you to call me a noob and ignorant only shows me that you did not understand that I was correcting shadowhand 18 who was misrepresenting facts he is unaware of. So having said that, thank you for listing of other places that allow this story to be confirmed.

      Clem, it is the operators behind the seens that push the buttons and give the orders the machine only does what the programmer wants it to.

      • Shadowhand18

        You are correct “Ross” thank you for helping me also understand the error in my previous post about how serious the drone issues are, I too am human and I also make mistakes in which I have to correct. As for the rest of my post I stand correct. America is a nice place to live, but until the corruption, and fear mongers cease to exist, it will always be a place of war, violence and deceit design to take away more of the citizens freedoms.

      • FreddyQ

        Ross, I wasn’t calling you a noob and an ignorant, I was refering to the other people who had doubts.
        As you can see, my comment wasn’t posted as a reply to your comment therefore it was not addressed to you, but it was addressed to anyone who had doubts over this even though this is as official as anyone would want… its even on the White House’s website…. how can people still have doubts??? 8-O

    • It’s certainly true. All the evidence is there if the blind would take their blinkers off.

  • clem

    Drones don’t kill by themselves. Some one is behind the trigger. I live in America too but I don’t trust this government or any other for that matter. All are corrupt and self serving. Don’t like how that sounds, piss off!

  • Ross

    It should be clear to the world that we the American people are awakening to the tyranny of those empowered in the U S… We ask the world to awake as well to the global agenda of the United Nations, which is not to bring world peace but rather to determine who will live and who will die. Agenda 21 is the course of the UN and it is clear that if the world leader truly sought peace then they would not cower down to corporate mandates for humanity by the Elite. We the people of planet earth shall not be slaves, because God created us to be free. With the knowledge and resources upon this planet we have the capability to assure that not one human should go hungry, deceases can be cured if not for the global elite keeping those things from being implemented. It is a sad Day when mankind as a whole feels defenseless against the few that have yield their swords. May God have mercy on our souls for allowing such tragedies to take place. War only begets war and it is not an avenue to reach true peace but rather the road that leads to control and slavery for us all.

    • Shadowhand18

      To “Ross”

      It’s always nice to see people have that same heart felt compassion to help the world and spread the truth. I forget sometimes that I myself can get ahold of information that has been manipulated, so I gotta stay a little more focused at my research but I also reveal the truth in many of my post no matter if people agree with them or not. The world is changing and we all have to remember that we are all in this together. I find your above post similar to something I wrote responding to another article.


      Not directed at anyone:

      As mankind, if we can just learn to keep religions out of politics, stop the racial and gender hate, stop greed and materialism, repect each other’s cultures, and end the wars based on lust for power we can turn this world around within the blink of an eye. Maybe one day we will break the chains of misery that we have created for ourselves and peace, love, and wisdom will again be the dominant factor.

  • herhtrujr

    The Illuminati is the biggest EPIC FAIL ever. Now they resort to take regular Americans out with this threat? This is a global world we live in and everyone should realize the Illuminati only has 100,000+ members because everyone else is not “elite” enough.That means the Illuminati is not our God nor will they ever be, may their souls rot in hell for putting everyone else through all this tribulations.

  • jill


    • Len

      You must be a Demon-Rat and think you will be spared as “useful 1d10ts”?

  • James

    The source of this article is Sorcha Faal. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS JEW-FRONT RED NEWS, which comes from ITS-A-REAL-LIE, by a whoring jew bitch who claims to be a nun (ROFLOL).

    This jew dog is the same cunt who states over and over and over again that EVERYONE MUST LOVE THE DAMNED JEW or you’re an ugly anti-Semite.

    Well, first of all, the damned mamzer jew is not a descendent of SHEM so I could not possibly be an anti-Semite EVEN THOUGH I REALLY DO HATE ALL JEWS AND WANT ALL OF THEM DEAD.

    They are children of the devil. There SPERMA (SEED) is rotten to it satanic core.

    I cannot believe that ANYONE would believe ANYTHING coming out of the cesspit from a street-walking jewess whore in Tel-Aviv.

    • Len

      Where’s his straight jacket? Who let him out ??

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