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Most Americans can't name Obama's religion

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U.S. President Barack Obama

Just 34% of Americans correctly say U.S. President Barack Obama is a Christian, while 44% say they don’t know Obama’s religion and 11% say he is a Muslim.

Obama is a Christian and has labeled himself as such as in his writings and interviews, and while living in Chicago he attended the Trinity United Church of Christ. Since moving into the White House, Obama has attended several different Christian churches.

Americans are more likely to know Mitt Romney’s religion than Obama’s religion, with most Americans correctly saying Romney is a Mormon and a smaller 33% saying they don’t know.

Democrats are more likely than Republicans to be able to name a religious faith for Obama, and are more likely to say Obama is a Christian. Just 3% of Democrats say Obama is a Muslim.

Republicans are less likely than Democrats to say what Obama’s faith is and are more likely to say Obama is a Muslim. It is unclear whether the 18% of Republicans who say Obama is a Muslim do so because they truly believe this is his religion, or because it is a politically charged idea. Gallup


In addition to the Americans who name a specific religion or don’t offer a guess, 8% say he does not have a religious affiliation. Gallup

Both President Obama’s religion and his birthplace have been points of controversy in his public career. Christianity Today,

President Obama has been very open about his Christian faith since moving into the public spotlight. Obama’s past attendance at the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, with its controversial minister, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, itself became a heated point of political discussion during the 2008 presidential campaign. Time


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3 Responses to " Most Americans can't name Obama's religion "

  1. Shadowhand18 says:

    The first amendment of the U.S constitution states that it:

    addresses the rights of freedom of religion(prohibiting Congress from making a law “respecting an establishment” of religion and protecting the right to free exercise of religion), freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and freedom of petition.

    For those that do not understand, this constitutional right is saying that YOU have freedom of speech, freedom to protest wherever you like, freedom to question and petition your government on issues that concerns you, and freedom to choose whatever and how many religions you want to AS LONG AS THERE IS A SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. A government official’s ability to govern should not be influenced by his religious belief, because not everyone shares the same beliefs so therefore many issues will be created without any possible solutions. The constitution also tells you that you can set up your own religion, or build a place of worship anywhere you choose AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT INTERFERE IN STATES, GOVERNMENT LAW, OR BUSINESS AFFAIRS (if you run your church as a business YOU will have to pay taxes).

    Here in America many churches open and are being ran like a business (remember if you want to sell items to gain money and have employees in your churches YOU will have to pay taxes like a business) but they do not want to pay taxes. This creates a huge problem because the ones responsible for running the churches are the ones breaking their own constitutional rights to freedom of religion as long as it does not interfere with state or government matters.

    President Obama’s religion, Mitt Romney’s religion, or anyone else’s religious choices does not concern me AS LONG as their belief does not FORCE rights on me that’s against my best interest, try to FORCE me to believe in what they believe based on innaccurate religious teachings, or try to take away my constitutional freedoms by FORCE based on an imaginary deity’s mental issues of love you one minute, kill you the next I don’t see a problem nor should anyone else.

    In closing, this article is irrelevant. Some people agree with religion some people don’t. Until we can all put politics, racial hate, gender sexuality hate, war, violence, greed, materialism, and RELIGION behind us, we will always have the issues we have today and our world will never know peace, love, and wisdom. Goodluck guys :-D

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  2. bowlan says:

    see this goes to show you how many sheep there are out there.
    he is a Muslim.
    and they wonder why this country is fucked.
    with dumb basterd voters out there dident lear a thing from 08

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  3. Rob says:

    The reason why people don’t know Obama’s religion is because he is always kissing up to everybody but the Jews and Christians, except when it is politically expedient. Since most Americans define themselves as Christian, populist lip service is used in order to offer “assurance” to those who see that particular trait as an important one, and a vital component to having a peace of mind about their moral character. With Obama, his populism is so scattered around, his actions send all sorts of contradicting signals. But listening and knowing liberals, what they do is divide people into groups, tell those groups what they want to hear, and from there, those groups are expected to unite to elect that candidate. No principles, no grounded truths…. just riding the moment and hope nobody thinks beyond what they’re told.

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