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Moscow bans gay pride for century ahead

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Moscow city court has upheld a decision to turn down the LGBT activists’ request for permission to hold gay pride parades for the next 100 years.

Earlier, Tverskoy district court ruled lawful the decision of the Moscow municipal government to ban public events that can be qualified as gay parades from March 2012 till May 2112.

Nikolay Alekseyev, one of the leaders of the Russian LGBT community and organizer of gay pride events, told reporters that he intended to appeal the decision in the Moscow City Court Presidium, and that if the highest Russian instance also rules against him, to address the European Court of Human Rights.

Alekseyev explained to the reporters that in 2011, the activists found a loophole in Russian legislation and submitted requests for 102 gay pride parades to the Moscow Mayor’s office. According to the activist, all they got in return was a letter with a quote from regulations, although the law obliges the city authorities to either allow or ban the planned event within 15 days.

At the same time, Alekseyev admitted that he and his comrades never hoped to actually receive a license for the parade but simply needed a formal excuse to turn to the European Human Rights Court.

“They refuse our requests every time, but in Strasbourg they recognize these rulings as unlawful. But time does not stand still, we ask for a new event and again they refuse us,” the activist noted.

On one occasion, though, Muscovite gay rights activists found a way to the streets – after they quibbled the authorities to get access. About 70 people marched on one of Moscow’s quays under rainbow banners in early June and managed to hold a two-hour rally calling for freedom of assembly and organization for sexual minorities.

The rally was not officially announced as a gay pride event, as the organizers initially applied for a permit to hold “a rally against all types of discrimination.”

This year the Russian government started an active campaign against so-called gay propaganda – a special law was approved and signed into force in St. Petersburg, prompting a group of parliamentarians to suggest approving a similar law on a nationwide scale. Two people have already been brought to justice in St. Petersburg for displaying a poster reading “Being gay is normal” in the street near a kindergarten.

The bill has been widely criticized by Russia’s LGBT and human rights activists as well as international human rights groups. Protest rallies by Russian consulates took place in many countries throughout the world.

After the first reading of the legislation Amnesty International urged St. Petersburg’s lawmakers to stop the adoption of the “inhumane” bill. The US State Department has also criticized the document.

Many legal experts have declared that the legislation is so vague that it is impossible to distinguish where one’s private life ends and propaganda begins, so anyone can be brought to trial for breaking the law.

American show business legend Madonna revealed herself as an outspoken critic of the controversial bill. On her Facebook page the singer announced that during her concert scheduled for this summer in St. Petersburg she will “speak up for the gay community, to support the gay community and to give strength and inspiration to anyone who is or feels oppressed.”


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7 Responses to " Moscow bans gay pride for century ahead "

  1. Pro Justice says:

    – ADDICTION TO VICES … (DRUGS, ALCOHOL, SEX, or GAMBLING, etc..) can bring down individuals and destroy the fabric of society, and anyone it touches. See how crowded the jails are, imagine if you let the people do whatever they want.

    – TO LEGALIZE drugs, alcohol, sex, or gambling, only makes them easier to get and does NOT CURE the problems. Once someone gets addicted:

    A) People just want to get high all day because of easy access
    B) The entire generation does not want to go to school, or go to work, or be productive.

    VICES will only destroy society faster, create more crimes and turn people into Zombies. And at the same time, they are a burden to society (rehab, expensive treatments, police, judges, lawyers, jails, etc…)

    ****** :roll: :roll: ******

    We know why GREAT leaders do not advocate the GAY LIFE STYLE. Because they consider it as non-productive to society and more of national security risk. We’ve seen liberals, conservative shills and the media strongly support it. Sometime the media give you different poll results, trying to convince you and to promote their agenda. So ppl will vote for their agenda or would not go against them. However,

    A) When your govt is not there to help you when you retire – Old, poor, and sick – And you don’t produce any children or the children end up going to gay bars. Who should you blame?

    B) When other countries invade your country, and you don’t produce any children or they are all on drugs or at the gay bar.

    Well who should you blame? Yourself and your leaders, of course. Therefore, FAMILY is very important. IT IS A BASIC FOUNDATION TO BUILD A STRONG and LONG LASTING SOCIETY. And I hope you agree with me.

    :roll: – In ancient times, they sought out the male children to kill them when they invaded a country in order to prevent them from throwing the invaders/barbarians out in the future.

    *** As we read in the news, China has always has a large MALE population, they especially value male children more than female ones – With such a large country with such a large population (1.4 billion), China was still unable to prevent invasions from warring nations. That’s why the “Great Wall of China” was built thousands of years ago.

    :( – In some countries, their soldiers were not able to defend against Insurgents (foreigners) or even its own rebels.

    Morality is used as a tool to measure for what is good for the masses, that means for everyone.
    Morality is the determination between right & wrong and is always used as a guideline for everything.

    Any country without soldiers is lost forever to the invaders.
    A strong and healthy society is for everyone and not just for small groups.

    Young men (soldiers) are the foundation of our country, without them no country will survive. And yes we know, in some countries, their soldiers were not able to defend against Insurgents (foreigners) or even its own rebels.

    :roll: Either we realize the facts or some day there will be nothing to wake up to.


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  2. Damien says:

    Stop spamming this site with your meaningless gibberish. You don’t know nothing!!

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  3. Pro Justice says:

    @Damien – Spamming, don’t lecture people when you are the one spamming others with insults.

    In every issue, Democrats put them on the ballot and the voters are the ones who decide, and you should know I’m not the one who would make the decision.

    If you were truly a human being, especially an American, you would not be attacking people who are only commenting on the article with propaganda when they choose to. Without the article with propaganda/lies, there is nothing to comment on – figure that out!

    What about your endless liberals’ postings, you guys have more postings than everyone combined such as Shadowhand18, …. The Insurgent (who said he currently lives in eastern Europe, but has Vietnam logo … strange!) well, I didn’t see you complaining.

    What about when democrats fill the internet with just your endless articles every day to push your agenda and attack your rivals? Hmmm, didn’t see you liberals complain about that either?

    :roll: This is more important:

    Obama Plans For War – Calls Americans For Draft To Fight For Israel: In remarks that clearly pointed toward the restoration of the military draft under an Obama adm, the Democratic candidate said Thursday night that his job as president would include demanding that the American people recognize an “obligation” for military service. “If we are going into war, then all of us go, not just some,” Obama declared.


    “The individual is handy capped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he can not believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.” — J Edgar Hoover (Republican), 1956 – Elks Magazine.

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    • Shadowhand18 says:

      To “Pro Justice”

      In regards to your statement:

      “What about your endless liberals’ postings, you guys have more postings than everyone combined such as Shadowhand18, …. The Insurgent (who said he currently lives in eastern Europe, but has Vietnam logo … strange!)”

      I would like for you to post the link or article to where I have said I live in europe but I have a vietnam logo. Maybe you are confusing me with another who shares my name, but I can assure you It was not me.
      Just so you wont get confused (again) let me share with you the things I represent and the issues I wish to cease to exist on our planet.

      1. I always post the truth in my posts. Many of them people dont agree with, many of them people do. I do not always have the answers nor do I intentionally pretend that I do. Even if do, if I am proven wrong I admit to my mistakes and I use them as a learning experience to help others.

      2. I do not association with any groups, organizations, gangs, cults, political parties or religions. I only associate with truth, love, wisdom and peace for mankind as well as the original true teachings of spirituality, love for our dear planet and love for creation itself.

      3. If you read any of my post, I try my best to share knowledge that everyone can research, and I also discuss issues that do not condone war, violence, and hate for any life forms in this world. I try my best to understand everyones point of view, because in doing so you can learn more about yourself and also try to help others understand the truth.

      4. I am simply a human being who want to see a future for our world, and future generations without war, greed, deceit, lust for power, and racial hate destroying it. Again, I also make mistakes and in responding to others and having being corrected can I evolve into a better human.

      5. I try to share information based on personal experiences, research, witness testamonies, and issues that are a concern for our world so that everyone can be on the same intellect level, so that we wont be seperated based on whos an idiot and who is more intellectual.

      6. I share the truth of other wordly intelligence, and experiences that I have witnessed, and research so that everyone can know the truth and not be afraid of the unknown.

      7. If it is truly me, every single one of my post you can read and relate to based on issues you yourself have worried about, or issues in which you are afraid to say out loud in fear of ridicule or controversy.

      8. Using propaganda with propaganda is only going to create more confusion, so I try my hardest to sort out as much as I can. Again, I am also human so at times I can get side tracked being that America is running rampant with false information and not enough people to actually tell the truth. The one thing people here in America need to understand is that if our media is saying things are dire, we can take it in advance that it is not as life threatning as it might actually be so I try to promote that understanding.

      Now that you know this, maybe you won’t try to associate me with a group, organization, religious cult, political party, or any other individual. :-D

      Oh and one more little thing I want to throw in so that you have some form of understanding. If you wish for equal rights for everyone, you do not want the government dictating your life, you wish for healthcare for everyone, you accept government assistance such as medicare or food stamps, you do not condone war or violence, you want a better world, you support abortion or woman rights over their own bodies, want education to be better for our children, and you understand Jmmanuel’s true teachings to share and live in love, peace, and wisdom (A.K.A Jesus Christ) THEN YOU ARE A LIBERAL.

      If you are against all of this, then my friend you are in the wrong direction in evolution and understanding in creating a better future for our planet.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    I think that NATO should insist on gay parades in newly liberated Libya and Egypt.

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    • No To NATO says:

      I do almost but not quite agree, it seems fitting for NATO. Rather, lead us not into temptation. Better to have it simply suggested by a high level NATO bureaucrat as a potential possibility.

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  5. “Alekseyev [the depopulation activist] admitted that he and his comrades never hoped to actually receive a license for the parade but simply [wanted] a formal excuse to turn to the European Human Rights Court.”

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