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Latin American nations refuse to recognize Paraguay’s new leader

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Ousted Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo

Cries of outrage have been made across several Latin American nations who have refused to recognize Paraguay’s new leader, following the ouster of the country’s President Fernando Lugo.

On Friday, cabinet ministers from eight Latin American countries gathered in Paraguay’s capital Asuncion.

Thousands of supporters of the former ruler have gathered outside Congress in protest against his impeachment trial.

After Lugo was ousted in a 39-4 vote in Congress, 49-year-old vice president Federico Franco was sworn in.

Lugo, 61, was accused of mishandling an armed clash over a land dispute in which seven police officers and ten landless farmers were killed on June 15.

The next presidential election will be in April 2013. Lugo, who was under cancer treatment, earlier said that he would not seek another term.

Lugo, took power on pledges to champion the poor in 2008, accused his rivals of planning to “rob the people of their supreme decision” when they elected him to put an end to six decades of ruling by the right-wing Colorado Party.


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