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French nationalist Marine Le Pen to sue Madonna

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Stage slide show during Madoona show in Tel Aviv

Madonna seems to have crossed the line and may now face a court battle with France’s top far right-wing politician, Marine Le Pen. She claims the singer depicted her as a Nazi, placing a swastika on her forehead during a stage slide show.

The face of Marine Le Pen, the head of France’s Front National, appeared on a large screen with a swastika symbol between her eyes, alongside pictures of Sarah Palin and Chinese President Hu Jintao while Madonna sang her hit Nobody Knows Me hit during a performance in Tel Aviv, Israel on Thursday, the Hollywood Reporter says.

The right-wing Le Pen is now threatening to go to court to defend her honor. The infuriated politician blamed Madonna’s controversial act on her age. “We understand how old singers who need to get people talking about them go to such extremes,” the Daily Mail quotes Le Pen as saying.

Madonna, 53, is set to perform in Paris and Nice in July. “If she does that in France, we will be waiting,” Le Pen warned the singer.

“We are not a Nazi party, and object to being depicted as such,” a source in the National Front party is quoted by Daily Mail as saying. “If you accuse the National Front of being anti-Semitic and racist then you accuse a fifth of the French people of being anti-Semitic and racist.”

Despite the objections of party members, the National Front is often depicted as an anti-Semitic and nationalist institution. Party founder and Marine’s father Jean-Marie Le Pen was convicted several times in France and abroad of racism and anti-Semitism.


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4 Responses to " French nationalist Marine Le Pen to sue Madonna "

  1. Spectator says:

    But the Jews make any unflattering observations about their activities and motivations into “anti-semitism”, which cowardly governments make into laws restricting freedom to state unflattering truths. Try to take this into account.

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  2. Bonsai Guy says:

    It’s a failing career,selling Naziness to the Jews.

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  3. Pro Justice says:

    Really, why does Marine Le Pen want to do such a thing? Someone has given her some very bad advice. Make sure that this advisor does not work for somebody else. It takes her time away from her job and her campaign.

    :roll: – We even see the mainstream media who promotes their candidates based on just that, Anti-Semitism, so people will vote for that candidate.

    :roll: – Or certain special groups, politicians, or entities with BAD reputations that come out
    a) to endorse the candidate whom they want to destroy.
    b) to promote a candidate, they do the opposite – Saying they reject the candidate for that job. We’ve seen Socialist candidates when they endorse or go against a candidate or certain platform, which will often make people do just the opposite.

    – MARINE LE PEN should choose her battle. This is a loosing battle for her regardless of the outcome. Making a statement to denounce the attacks and sending it to the media would be more than sufficient.

    – MARINE LE PEN should not go against an aging singer, Madonna, is a waste of time and money. Because Madonna has done so many outrageous acts in the past that nobody takes her seriously.

    – MARINE LE PEN needs to put her time into fixing the problems that her people have endured which she and her father have been fighting for, for decades and against the most powerful group in the world.

    :-D MARINE LE PEN, her focus should be on:
    – Make sure ALL HER VOTES COUNT.
    – Her messages can be heard and acted upon.


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  4. James says:

    Madonna is a spent up old whore. Of course few know this because Madonna was raised catholic, but there are many jews in the catholic church from the time of the forced conversions. Madonna is the viperous offspring of one such conversion.

    Jews always give themselves away. They have a “nazi” fixation, even though there wasn’t a jewish holocaust. At the same time THEY NEVER BROACH THE JEWISH BOLSHEVIKS OF RUSSIA WHO WERE MASS MURDERING OVER 100 MILLION WHITE CHRISTIANS AT THE TIME!

    Jews are also FILTHY and PERVERTED. They can’t help it. It is part of their genetic makeup. The only solution left IS complete elimination.

    Only the jews are allowed to kick out all non-jews you see. Only the jews are allowed to murder others with reckless abandon. Madonna has proven that she is a hypocritical wicked little slut. JUST LIKE A JEW.

    Let the French (or ANY WHITE CITIZEN OF THE WEST) talk out against the influx of brown mud into our nations and suddenly we are the racists and antisemitics.


    I hope that old hag dies soon and horribly! She is a putrid old jew hag.

    I AM PROUDLY A RACIST! CALL ME ONE! I AM! And any white who isn’t a racist is a fool.

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